OMF V3C70 News of Jing Yi

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As soon as Xiao Li was out of the room, he gave a relieved sigh. He didn’t mind pretending but it was really stressful to pretend to be a nice guy. When pretending to be a demonic sect disciple he could at least show his true personality.
Well, whatever. That part of his life would soon be over. Then he could finally live in the demon realm. Maybe His Majesty would even give him a post if he was satisfied with the information he reported to him.
With a slight smile on his lips, Xiao Li descended the steps. Now that he had finally dealt with that annoying girl, he could go and speak to Madam Zhong. It really was time to find out more.
He reached the lower floor and spotted Madam Zhong at the counter. With a gentle smile on his lips, he went over and cupped his fists. “Might you be Madam Zhong, the mother of Zhong Jing Yi?”
Madam Zhong gave a jolt. She had no idea who this person might be. She had definitely never seen him before. Why did he know her son’s name? And why had he come here? She looked at his white robes and gulped. It couldn’t be that he was from the Yun Zou Sect and had come because something had happened to Jing Yi, right? “Yes …”
“Ah, how great! Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Xiao Li, a disciple of the Yun Zou Sect’s outer sect just like your son. My Master sent me here to bring you news of Jing Yi.”
Madam Zhong nodded. Her heart pounded wildly. Had something indeed happened to her son? But how could that be? Hadn’t Qiu Ling always be with him? And hadn’t they wanted to travel for this year anyway? Why was the Yun Zou Sect involved now? Had they gone back? Or, no, maybe something had happened on that journey and the Yun Zou Sect had found out?
She didn’t want to think like that but seeing a foreign disciple of the same sect in front of her that wanted to bring her news that was still the first thing that came to mind.
“What happened?”
Xiao Li’s smile faded and he lifted his brows as if he had just noticed how much his words had distressed Madam Zhong. “Ah, please don’t misunderstand! Jing Yi is alright. It’s just that … Ah, how should I explain? You know there are an inner and an outer sect, don’t you?”
Madam Zhong shook her head. “But this sounds like it is something you’ll need time to explain. Why don’t you come inside?” She motioned at the door of the preparation room.
Xiao Li seemed to hesitate but finally nodded and followed her inside.
Nie Huang looked up from her place when Madam Zhong came back and wanted to say something. When she saw Xiao Li she stopped talking though. Not only that, she even stood up from her chair and looked at him as if she couldn’t believe her eyes.
“Bai Mu?”
Xiao Li lifted his brows. He had never before seen this woman. Why did she look at him as if she knew him? Well, most likely this was a ploy just like how that girl had fainted. This one was just a bit more mature. Unfortunately, he still had to keep up appearances. “I’m afraid I don’t know who you are, Miss. Might you have mistaken me for someone?”
Nie Huang’s expression fell. Indeed. It couldn’t be him. “Yes, that … seems to be the case.” She lowered her head, her eyes glistening for a moment before she took a deep breath and looked up with a smile. It seemed forced though. “I’m sorry. I’m Nie Huang, I’m the tea master of this teahouse. Maybe you want a cup of tea while you’re talking with Madam Zhong?” She seemed as if nothing had happened but her eyes were still a little wet and her heart hadn’t stopped thumping hurriedly.
Yes, for a moment, she had truly believed he might have come back. But, well, she also knew it was futile hoping for that. Her Bai Mu … he had long died at the hands of those people.
Xiao Li felt a little strange at this reaction. What was this woman trying to accomplish? He looked at Madam Zhong who nodded at him with a smile.
“Nie Huang is a great tea master, you’ll definitely like her tea.”
“Ah … Then, thank you, Miss Nie.” Xiao Li cupped his fists and bowed before sitting down at Madam Zhong’s cue.
“So, what is this about? I thought there was only the Yun Zou Sect.”
“Mn. It is the Yun Zou Sect but the disciples are grouped according to their talent. Those with higher aptitude are part of the inner sect and those with lower aptitude are part of the outer sect.”
“I understand.” Madam Zhong wasn’t sure why this was anything worth coming over for. There had to be more to this.
“Well …” Xiao Li once again procured that troubled look he had already practiced so many times that day. “Jing Yi and I are both of the outer sect. It’s nothing shameful as it is already a great honor to even be an outer sect disciple of the Yun Zou Sect and it doesn’t even have to stay that way. If one just works hard enough, one might become an inner sect disciple someday.”
“And Jing Yi …” Madam Zhong looked at him questioningly. She couldn’t really believe that her son would try to get into that inner sect. It didn’t sound that important.
Xiao Li smiled wryly. “Madam Zhong, do you know … a disciple of our sect called Qiu Ling?”
Madam Zhong nodded. “Yes, Jing Yi brought him over last year.”
“And do you know of the relationship between them?”
Madam Zhong nodded again. “Yes, they wanted to marry as soon as they got back from their travels.”
Xiao Li nodded silently noting that down in his heart. Ah, it really had been the right decision to come here. Just this one sentence told him so much already. “Well, that didn’t happen. I also don’t know what exactly the reason was but I guess it’s tied to the fact that Jing Yi is from the outer sect. Maybe he wanted to become an inner sect disciple like Qiu Ling?” He looked at Madam Zhong questioningly but she just looked back at him. Mn, so she didn’t know anything about that.
“Anyway, Jing Yi was sent on a mission. That on itself isn’t worth mentioning but … The place where he has to accomplish that mission is in the Hei Dian Sect. That’s an evil sect so it’s extremely dangerous for him.”

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