LWS V2C24 Something Was Wrong With Their Heads

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Su Yan sat down at the counter but didn’t take out his notebook. After being seen like that with Nie Chang he felt like he should pretend to be a good employee. Otherwise wouldn’t people say he had used a beauty trap to get this job? He certainly didn’t want that!
Nie Chang watched him indulgently, went over and gave him another kiss on the cheek. “Don’t mind the other people, just do your own thing. If you need anything, I’m in the back.”
“Mn. Jiayou!”
Su Yan watched his boyfriend leave and hastily took a look around. Those three women from before had entered the shop and there were a few other customers. He definitely couldn’t take out his notebook and edit the story, regardless of what Nie Chang said.
Thus he just continued to sit at the counter and smiled to look professional. He wasn’t able to hold it up for long, though. He actually felt people sneaking peeks at him. Damn. What was this about? Was his relationship with Nie Chang that strange that everyone had to look at him like he was an animal in the zoo?! He was just gay!
For someone who had doubted the existence of real gay people just a few days ago, Su Yan had accepted his preference astoundingly quickly. Now he felt like everyone who couldn’t accept that he was Nie Chang’s boyfriend should get their heads checked. What was so strange about them being together? They were certainly a super cute couple!
Hmph! If those people couldn’t even accept this, then they had no right to judge his work morale. He took the notebook out that Nie Chang had dutifully taken with him when they left his apartment this morning and opened his text editor.
The first thing he did was saving another copy of the file. He hadn’t done these things in the beginning but after one of his fanfictions had vanished without a trace once he was more careful.
Alright, it was probably an overstatement to say that there had been no traces. He just didn’t know how to navigate that jungle called technology. Thankfully, he had Nie Chang on speed dial. His perfect boyfriend had rushed over and saved his work in less than five minutes. It had still scared him witless. If it hadn’t been for Nie Chang …
Su Yan paused. Wait. Now that he thought about it … he seemed to remember that his boyfriend or, well, he had just been a friend back then, had used the opportunity to stay over just like he had done last week.
Su Yan hid his face behind his hands, his cheeks getting red in embarrassment. Oh god! He had been so dumb! All along it had been painfully obvious that Nie Chang was into him. Why hadn’t he noticed anything? He had actually believed that Nie Chang really thought it was too much of a hassle to return home after that.
Ugh. It wasn’t his fault. That guy just hid his feelings too deep.
Su Yan shook his head and lowered his hands. He shouldn’t be thinking about that. They were already a couple. He’d just make it up to …
Oh. Right!
Su Yan straightened up. He had nearly forgotten about that after everything else but he had wanted to surprise Nie Chang with dressing up. Mn … It wasn’t that easy though. He had asked him to get off work earlier together so he couldn’t go shopping without him. But taking him along would be strange, right?
Or maybe …
Su Yan looked at the door to the back room and pursed his lips. Ah, he needed some advice! Some female advice. But he didn’t want to ask his mother again. Wouldn’t she think he couldn’t decide anything on his own? No, he had to find somebody else!
He took out his phone and scrolled through the contacts. He had never had any really close friends beside Nie Chang even though he got along with other people well and didn’t even need long for that. It was just that for some reason or the other those people never stayed around for long or at least they didn’t want to get too close. Maybe he actually gave off some gay vibes that scared away men and women alike?
Oh! That thought actually sparked an idea. Why hadn’t he thought of her sooner?
Su Yan hurriedly scrolled further down and clicked on the name. The phone didn’t even ring a second time before the other side picked up.
“Zhi Bao Yu! It’s me, Su Yan! Can you talk right now?” He only whispered since he didn’t know if Nie Chang could hear him from the back. He didn’t want to give himself away in case Zhi Bao Yu thought the idea wasn’t good.
“Su Yan?” Zhi Bao Yu was stunned. The boss hadn’t told them what happened and had just informed them that Su Yan had resigned from one day to the other. She could imagine though. “Su Yan! Oh my god, I’m so sorry! You should have told me that you weren’t interested in Li Ming! I really thought … Now you even resigned … How are you doing now? Did you find a new job yet?”
“Uh …” Su Yan smiled wryly. It hadn’t even been a week but he had nearly forgotten about it. Yes, all this had happened because his female co-workers had insisted he was gay. “Well … It’s alright. Actually, you weren’t completely wrong. I don’t like Li Ming but … uh … I’m working at my boyfriend’s shop now.”
There was silence on the other end. Zhi Bao Yu looked at one of her co-workers, her brows twitching. She couldn’t have been right, could she?
“Su Yan …”
“Your boyfriend’s shop … What kind of shop is it?”
“Oh, it’s for repairing notebooks and such things.”
“I see.” So that rumor on Weibo was really about him. Well, the person in the photo had looked a lot like him. She couldn’t argue that.
“Mn, so, I actually called because I wanted to ask your advice. You see it’s like this …”

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