LWS V2C26 Dumbest Couple of 2018?

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The two of them looked at the websites of the shops Su Yan had chosen for a while before Su Yan suddenly remembered something. He took his hand from the notebook and turned to face Nie Chang.
“Why did you actually come here?”
Nie Chang gave a start. Shit! He had completely forgotten that he had volunteered to take care of lunch. He gulped and looked at the door to the back room. Old Lao and Gong Gong were probably already asking themselves when their food would come. How long had it been? He looked at his watch and grimaced. It had been three-fourths of an hour.
Nie Chang coughed and looked up at Su Yan. “Uh … I wanted to order lunch. What do you want?”
Su Yan thought about it but couldn’t really decide. “What are you eating? I’ll take the same!”
Nie Chang smiled, forgetting about the dilemma with his other employees completely. “Awr, darling, this is too sweet of you!” He gave Su Yan a kiss on the cheek and took out his phone, hastily calling a small restaurant not far from them. Ah, he’d just tell those two that he had ordered from the other side of the city.
Su Yan had no idea that Old Lao and Gong Gong were waiting for their food already. He was just a little surprised at how much Nie Chang had ordered. Did he really intend to eat that much? He actually regretted his choice a bit. Would he also have to eat this much?
He pressed his lips together and encircled Nie Chang’s neck with both arms, looking seriously at him. “Ah Chang …”
“You … didn’t eat much this morning?”
Nie Chang lifted his brows. “No. I ate alright. Why?”
“You ordered quite a lot so I thought …” He trailed off and started playing with one of the buttons on Nie Chang’s shirt.
Nie Chang nearly laughed out loud but hastily concealed it with a cough. He couldn’t risk that his little fox got angry, right? “Don’t worry. Half of that is for the other two. I won’t force you to eat all that.”
Su Yan blinked. “The other two?” Which other two?
“Lao Lao and Gong Gong? My other two employees? I already introduced them to you Friday, right?” Nie Chang straightened up. “Ah Yan, you saw Gong Gong just when we came here! Did you forget? Let me bring you back to the hospital! Maybe your concussion was worse than we thought!” Nie Chang hastily had him stand up and got to his feet, too, but Su Yan pulled at his sleeve when he wanted to lead him outside and bring him to the hospital again. “What is it? Do you feel pain anywhere?”
“That’s not it.”
“Then what is it? Do you feel uncomfortable? Your face is completely red! Maybe you’re running a fever …” Nie Chang reached out to touch his forehead but Su Yan evaded him.
Of course, his face was red! He was extremely embarrassed right now, alright?! Especially when he saw how worried Nie Chang was about him. “I …”
“I just … forgot for a bit that we were at work.” Su Yan looked away, not daring to meet Nie Chang’s gaze. Oh god! If somebody had filmed that and put it on Youku they’d probably gain notoriety as the dumbest couple of 2018. But he was just too familiar with him. It hadn’t felt like work at all when they sat there and just looked at things on the web! It was more like two friends or, no, like a couple sitting at home on their couch and planning their day off together.
“You …” Nie Chang had no idea how to react. He was quite happy that Su Yan didn’t look at him right now because his expression was probably changing with each second.
First, he was stunned. Then the meaning of Su Yan’s words registered and he felt even more stunned. After that, he felt relieved since it wasn’t anything serious and he wanted to laugh because it really was a bit stupid but he was afraid Su Yan would be angry if he did. He held back and his emotions settled back on relief and a bit of fear because if something had really happened to Su Yan …
He stepped forward and pulled him into his arms, taking a deep breath and sighing. “I’m glad you’re alright.” He rubbed Su Yan’s back until he heard some giggling behind him.
He turned around and actually found one of the women from before peek at them. She hastily turned around though, pretending that nothing had happened. Nie Chang sighed again but this time it wasn’t because of relief but actually in exasperation. He hadn’t really minded before if women came to the shop to hit on him and even posted about it on Weibo. But things were different now.
He didn’t want for Su Yan to experience that. It certainly wouldn’t be a nice feeling to see other people ogling his boyfriend. And knowing Su Yan he would very much care if people watched him. He was a social person but not that outgoing.
Nie Chang frowned a bit. He should have a talk with Old Lao and Gong Gong later today. That thing with their Weibo had to stop. Or, well, he at least wanted to have a look at the things they were going to post as long as they included Su Yan and him.
While Nie Chang started to plan their future together when he saw the woman looking over Su Yan got only more embarrassed. He wriggled out of Nie Chang’s embrace and hurried to the door. “I’ll wait for the delivery guy outside to make sure he finds the right place.” Then he was already outside and walked a few steps away from the door.
Nie Chang sighed. Shouldn’t Su Yan think a bit longer about the excuse he wanted to make? He didn’t even have money with him! Nie Chang had a look into the back room and got Old Lao to take over at the counter before following Su Yan outside. He silently leaned against the wall next to him.
Mn, spending time with his boyfriend like this also wasn’t bad. It only would have been better if it was autumn so that they could share a scarf or a coat or something. Well, then again nobody was around right now so cuddling a bit even though it was warm shouldn’t be a problem.
He moved over and pulled Su Yan into his arms, not letting go even though Su Yan froze at first. Thus, when the delivery guy turned up five minutes later he was confronted with the sight of the repair shop’s owner and his boyfriend hugging in front of the store. For a moment, he couldn’t help but question if he had gotten the address right.
Was that really the ‘friendly smiling but always rigorous in his rejections’ owner Nie?

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