LWS V2C9 Maybe It Was Time for Him To Leave

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Su Yan sat down in front of his notebook again, his fingers itching to just continue the story. He knew he had to take a moment to sort his thoughts, though, or else he’d need double the time to edit everything.
He did like the beginning but it might be a bit hard to make this into a romantic story in just five thousand words. After all, the beginning alone was over five hundred.
“The problem between them is clearly a misunderstanding but it shouldn’t be hard to clear that up. Someone with a saintly character like Yun Bei Fen would certainly continue to try and make friends with Mei Chao Bing, regardless of how he treats him. And Mei Chao Bing probably wouldn’t be that angry if he hadn’t had good feelings for Yun Bei Fen before. I should use that.”
In the room next door, Nie Chang lifted his brows and shook his head. He couldn’t help but listen in on the things Su Yan mumbled while writing and the analysis he had heard just now was a little shocking. It really had to be true what Su Yan always said: Writing really was different from real life. Otherwise, how could this dunce plan a story like that after he himself never figured out his best friend was in love with him?
The typing started again.
[Mei Chao Bing returned to his own chamber and sat down in the lotus position. He tried to meditate but his mind was too agitated.
“So even Yun Bei Fen would say something like that.” He frowned and stood up again, walking over to the window and looking out at the valley.
Seeing the cultivators out there he sighed. All of them had shunned him after his Master betrayed the sect and became a heretic practitioner instead. But he had always believed that at least this person was different. That at least he would have some compassion and might still regard him as a trustworthy person. Instead, he also said something like this.
‘I’m sure he can tell you more about this than me.’ The words echoed in his mind and his heart throbbed in pain. Why should he know more than him about the heretic practitioners they had come to eradicate? It was his Master who had become one of them, not him! And he hadn’t seen that man since the day he left the sect.
In fact, their last encounter hadn’t been a good one. Mei Chao Bing had taken his Master by surprise when he actually showed up just when his Master wanted to flee. There had been nothing to talk about. In front of his Master still lay the body of one of the other Elders who had somehow found out about his relationship with that evil sect.]
Su Yan stopped once more. He felt that he had explained quite well why Mei Chao Bing would react the way he did. But that scene with his master probably didn’t make much sense. If his Master would kill another Elder because he found out, then why wouldn’t he kill Mei Chao Bing?
Su Yan pursed his lips and leaned back. He could delete that bit but he felt that it was actually good to have it. Wouldn’t it make Mei Chao Bing’s character more tangible? In that case, he needed a good explanation.
“Mn …” He actually had the urge to run out and ask Nie Chang. Su Yan hid his face behind his hands. Oh god! It couldn’t be that he was turning into one of these people who had to speak about everything with their respective other half, could it?! But they weren’t even together for a day!
He looked at the door to the living room with a pitiful expression. This was all that hateful Nie Chang’s fault! He shouldn’t have inspired him earlier!
Hmph. He’d figure it out on his own. He had always managed to solve the problems in his stories on his own. And wasn’t there still the Lovely Writing System? If his explanation sucked, then it would certainly give him some hints for improvement.
Thus, Su Yan once again started to type.
[Back then, Mei Chao Bing hadn’t known how to react. He didn’t look like an upright person and a lot of people didn’t dare to get too close since he seemed like he had a grim personality. But at heart, Mei Chao Bing had always upheld the teachings of the sect. He wasn’t a bad person and he never would have thought about betraying the sect.
“Chao Bing. Come with your Master. We’re going to leave the sect and start anew at a better place.”
Mei Chao Bing didn’t acknowledge what his Master said. “What happened?” he questioned instead, still staring at the Elder’s dead body.
“There is no need for you to worry about that. Let’s leave now.”
His Master tried to grab him but Mei Chao Bing sidestepped to evade him. He cupped his fists and bowed. “Master has taught me painstakingly all these years. I’m very thankful for this and will never forget Master’s kindness but I can’t leave the sect.” After all, even not considering what the sect had done for him, there was still that special person there. He might be able to weigh his Master’s help against that of the sect and ignore his morals but he couldn’t ignore what his heart said. “I’m sorry, Master, for not living up to your expectations.”
His Master frowned. “Aren’t you afraid to end up like him?” He nodded to the Elder at his feet that had long taken his last breath.
Mei Chao Bing smiled without humor. “If Master thinks that your disciple deserves death for defying you, then this disciple will gladly give his life.”
His Master nodded and patted his shoulder. “Alright. Stay here. I hope you won’t regret that.” With that, he turned around and left the sect behind forever.
Mei Chao Bing had been sure he would indeed never regret but now after Yun Bei Fen had said that sentence he wasn’t as sure anymore. If even that person thought of him like this, then maybe he really had been wrong not to follow his Master. Maybe … it was time for him to leave the sect, too.]

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