LWS V2C8 You’re a Source of Inspiration

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Su Yan didn’t even take the time to think things through. He sat down at the kitchen table, opened his notebook and started writing:
[“Bastard!” Yun Bei Fen kicked the door shut while his shoulders heaved up and down. He was sure he heard that person snicker on the other side before he strode away.
If anyone had been able to see him like that, they would have been appalled. Was this really Yun Bei Fen, the model senior martial brother so many of them looked up to? The person who never got angry regardless of how much you taunted him? The one who had just stood still when a junior martial brother had taken up a sword last year and attacked him?
What could have made that saintly person this angry?
The answer to that could be summarized in just one sentence: A gentleman could be killed but not humiliated! It might even be condensed into three words: Mei Chao Bing.
Just thinking of that person Yun Bei Fen felt like rushing out and challenging him to a duel. In fact, his hand had already wrapped around the hilt of his sword.
How it had come so far? That could also be explained in just a few words.
“Pretending to be friends but maliciously taking advantage of the other’s kind-heartedness! You’re such a sneaky bastard! I’ll stab you if you dare to come here again!”
The usually elegant face of Yun Bei Fen was distorted in anger right now and he was still breathing heavily.]
Su Yan’s fingers stopped moving and he stared at the few paragraphs he had written with pursed lips. “I would also stab him!”
Nie Chang who had just walked over stopped in the doorway and silently turned away. He somehow felt like he shouldn’t disturb this author at work.
Su Yan’s lips had already curled back into a smile, though. He had been miffed when Nie Chang teased him just now but looking at the beginning of his story he suddenly felt like that boyfriend of his wasn’t as offensive anymore.
“I can’t believe he actually inspired me like this. Well, it figures. That character was crafted in his image.” He shook his head and went back to work. He still had to explain what had happened and how it had happened, after all.
[He couldn’t help but think back to how he had met Mei Chao Bing back then and ask himself if he had judged him wrong. At that time, their sect had taken part in a large operation against the heretic practitioners. As the disciple of one of the Elders Yun Bei Fen had naturally gone there as well.
The same could be said for that person. It was just that the two of them were received with attitudes that greatly differed. Those Juniors encircled Yun Bei Fen and asked him for advice while Mei Chao Bing stood at the side with his arms crossed, a distinct clear area around him as if nobody dared to go closer.
Yun Bei Fen had looked over and frowned. He didn’t know him yet but he had heard of him. That person was the disciple of one of the former Elders. The reason people steered clear of him was probably because of his master, too, because that Elder had actually dared to betray the sect.
It’s not right. If a disciple betrayed the sect, the master may be held accountable. After all, he didn’t teach his disciple the right way. But if the master leaves what could the disciple have done? He doesn’t deserve to be ostracized like this.
He turned back to the junior martial brothers and sisters and smiled. “Why don’t you go and ask Senior Martial Brother Mei? I’m sure he can tell you more about this than me.”
The disciples stopped their questions at once and peeked at Mei Chao Bing. The cultivator snorted and left, his robe billowing behind him.
Yun Bei Fen watched him leave with a worried gaze. Why had Mei Chao Bing left? Had he said something wrong? “Please, excuse me.” Yun Bei Fen nodded at his juniors and followed him outside. “Senior Martial Brother Mei, please wait!” He hastened his steps until he reached him. “Did I say something wrong just now?”
Mei Chao Bing stopped walking and turned around. His narrow eyes seemed to become slits while the corners of his mouth hooked up. “No, why would you have said anything wrong?”
Yun Bei Fen examined his face. Even though he smiled, it didn’t seem as if he was happy. “Then … why did you leave?”
Mei Chao Bing stepped closer and looked down on him. He was more than one head taller and his shoulders were broad enough to let Yun Bei Fen feel a little overwhelmed. He had to force himself to calm down or else he might have taken a step back.
Mei Chao Bing leaned forward until his breath tickled Yun Bei Fen’s face. “Maybe I couldn’t take having to hear your voice any longer.” He turned to the side and stalked off, his shoulder brushing against Yun Bei Fen’s.]
Su Yan took his hands from the keyboard and hurried over to the living room. He smiled when he saw Nie Chang sitting well-behaved on the couch. He ran over, jumped onto his lap and kissed him.
Nie Chang lifted his brows but even though he had no idea why he deserved this kiss, he hugged Su Yan back and reciprocated. The sound of their lips meeting and their tongues entwining echoed in the room until Su Yan breathlessly leaned back.
“You’re such a good boyfriend!” he choked out and smiled.
Nie Chang grinned. “So you think I’m good at kissing?”
“That, too.” Su Yan leaned over again and gave him a short peck before getting up and hurrying back to the kitchen. “But foremost you’re a source of inspiration.”
Nie Chang watched his boyfriend disappear with a smile. “I guess that’s not so bad if your other half is an artist? Ah, let’s hope he’ll be done with that story soon. I honestly don’t want to wait until we start with the dating.”

Author’s Note:

Btw, if you haven’t noticed already, I opened a Patreon site. As my Patron you’ll have access to advance chapters and exclusive extras like snippets of the novel “Writing Myself Into Your Heart” that Official Shen Lu is making out of Su Yan’s life.

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