OMF V4C56 Duel … to the Death?

Shen An De smiled wryly. He wasn’t expecting everyone to get stunned when they saw him but what was with this lack of reaction? Shouldn’t that person greet him at least? He was still the Grandmaster of the Hei Dian Sect!

Before he had time to say anything the Elder in charge of the duel stepped forward. Jing Yi turned around, his gaze locking onto Qiu Ling. Even though Qiu Ling himself wasn’t worried Jing Yi couldn’t help but be nervous. He certainly didn’t doubt his fiance’s strength but Nian Hai was a direct disciple and even one of an evil sect. What if he was going to use underhanded tricks against Qiu Ling? Even if he wasn’t mortally wounded he might still get hurt.

Shen An De sneaked a peek at Jing Yi. Seeing how his hands cramped in his lap and how he was biting his lower lip even though the duel hadn’t even started the Grandmaster couldn’t help but raise his brows. This couple of dragon and god … they really were something. Fearing for the other’s well-being this much even if there was no need at all … it showed how much they loved each other.

It really was no wonder his uncle would go after this boy. Even if he hadn’t been the Son of Heaven, Jin Ling would probably find it fun to break such a couple apart.

Shen An De paused and turned around to Jing Yi. One moment … the Son of Heaven? That couldn’t be! This person was obviously human! But why would the dragon king have lied? It would be too easy to find out if it was true or not. So, there had to be another explanation. He really wanted to get behind this but it was already time for the duel.

The Elder in charge cleared his throat. “This is the duel between Nian Hai, official disciple of the blade division, and disciple Long Jun. Both agreed to not hold the other side accountable for any injuries received whether they are lethal or not.” He nodded and stepped aside but his words made the disciples in the audience whisper.

“Wasn’t this supposed to be a duel to the death? Which of them chickened out?”

“Is this really a question? It’s definitely the new guy! He probably just challenged senior martial brother Nian on a whim because he thought he could get famous like that. Now that he found out that he’s a direct disciple, he probably doesn’t dare to really fight him.”

The Elder in charge shot Qiu Ling an irritated look as well. He had no idea who had proposed the duel but the whole sect certainly wouldn’t gather if it wasn’t a duel to the death. To propose a normal duel right before the start … and that now, when even Grandmaster Shen had come to watch!

Yes, indeed, the one who had proposed to make this a normal duel was Qiu Ling. His justification: ‘My fiance is watching. If I kill someone just like that, wouldn’t he think I’m cruel? I can’t risk that!’

The Elder had never heard a worse excuse but unfortunately, Nian Hai had actually accepted it! Since both participants consented there wasn’t anything he could do. There were no rules that forbade them from changing the nature of their duel right before the start.

The Elder’s look seemed to confirm what the disciples thought. The way they looked at Qiu Ling instantly changed. Jing Yi’s heart ached seeing this situation but he was still happy that the duel did not seem to be as serious as he might have feared. And anyway, his fiance didn’t seem to mind.

Qiu Ling indeed couldn’t care less. He was the dragon king. Why would he care what some mortals thought? The only mortal whose opinion was relevant was his beloved’s mortal reincarnation. Everyone else could go and pound sand.

Thus, Qiu Ling just took his spot and smiled at Nian Hai, making sure he made the best possible impression he could. Naturally, that was all for his beloved!

Mn, he had to use this opportunity wisely. It was imperative to gain an overwhelming victory to make sure none of these shameless people would dare to approach his beloved but, on the other hand, he had to make sure he didn’t win too easily either or his beloved wouldn’t have anything to watch. Considering both sides, Qiu Ling finally didn’t take out his sword and instead struck a pose.

Nian Hai pressed his lips together. He somehow felt mocked. Wasn’t this guy looking down on him a bit too much? It was nice of him not to insist on a duel to the death but could he stop doing whatever it was he was currently doing? Well, not like he could ask him. That guy would likely mop the floor with him in a hot minute.

Nian Hai took a deep breath and unsheathed his weapon. There was nothing to fear. This wasn’t a duel to the death anymore and he had taken those pills Yue Lin brought over this morning. They might not be able to make him attain a higher level but they were able to make him stronger and faster than his current level usually allowed for. He had some advantage at least to make sure he didn’t lose too miserably.

Qiu Ling waited calmly and just lightly waved his fingers. A breeze sprang up and his hair and long sleeves swayed in the wind. Qiu Ling turned his face a bit and peeked at Jing Yi. Mn, his beloved was watching him intently. He was certainly cutting quite the figure!

Nian Hai’s eyes gleamed. His opponent was distracted! This was the perfect moment. He leaped forward and brandished his dadao. The blade cut toward Qiu Ling’s shoulder.

Qiu Ling swayed to the side with a profound smile, turning around a bit further to make sure his handsomeness was displayed to its fullest.

Nian Hai gritted his teeth. This bastard! He clearly hadn’t paid attention now! How could he have so much luck to evade his attack? He gripped his weapon tighter and once again struck at Qiu Ling, aiming for his shoulder to immobilize him.

Once more, Qiu Ling sidestepped. This time, he didn’t leave it at that though. His hand shot out and accurately struck his collarbone. There was a crack, Nian Hai tumbled backward, and landed on the ground with a groan.

The disciples watching the duel went crazy. Shit! Had they really just watched the new disciple take out their senior martial brother who was a direct disciple of one of the Elders of the blade division with just one strike?!

Qiu Ling frowned and hurriedly looked back at Jing Yi. He had wanted to take his time with this fight. Why were these guys all this weak?

On the elevated seats, Grandmaster Shen facepalmed. “Is he really a dragon? He seems more like a peacock right now.”

Jing Yi paused and slightly turned to the side. The only one that resembled a peacock here … was his fiance. So … what was this about being a dragon? He turned back to the front and lightly touched his forehead. He hadn’t thought of it for a long time but … he had some relationship with the dragon clan. It couldn’t be that Qiu Ling had approached him because of that, could it? If it was true … it had some interesting implications.

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