OMF V4C55 Biased Indeed

Hong Bao didn’t even notice that Jing Yi had tried to get a word in. Upon mentioning handsomeness and her ideal spouse, she was even more eager to tell Jing Yi everything she knew. “The man I will marry is one of my senior martial brothers from the Chun Feng Sect. He’s called Liu Cheng. He is such a kind-hearted man!”

Jing Yi’s eyes widened when he heard that. Wait a minute … Liu Cheng? He had been told that the information for this mission had come from the Chun Feng Sect but he had regarded that as background information and hadn’t made the connection to the demon hunter he had previously met.

Now though … Liu Cheng was clearly that man that had approached him back when he had been searching for his way back home after he and Qiu Ling had gotten separated. He still vividly remembered that man’s ferocious face and how he had killed Yawen without so much as blinking.

How could this man be described as ‘kind-hearted’? Cold-hearted would be a much better fit! Even now, Jing Yi couldn’t help but wake up at night sometimes, seeing Yawen’s face and Peng Mu’s tears before him in his dreams. He regretted it. Since the moment it had happened, he regretted ever agreeing to help Liu Cheng.

He never should have let it come so far. But now, it was too late. It couldn’t be changed anymore. He couldn’t help but worry for Hong Bao though. If she wanted to marry that man, would she also inevitably come to regret that decision? After all, she would definitely be involved in this kind of thing in the future. But then again, maybe her thoughts on these matters was quite similar to Liu Cheng. After all, she was also a disciple of that demon-hunting sect. They might all be like that.

He gave Hong Bao a complicated look but she only saw that as an invitation to ramble on.

“Really! He is the most kindhearted man I’ve ever met. And he’s also super handsome. You would say the same if you saw him! He has a pair of really expressive eyes and his smile might be rare but it’s also very nice. Not to speak of his muscles. You don’t know but Liu Cheng has some really nice ones, like, everywhere. His chest is especially impressive though.”

Jing Yi’s ears turned red when he heard that description. This … How did Hong Bao know this? Even if these two were engaged … Well, he was also engaged but he wouldn’t be able to tell people how Qiu Ling’s chest-muscles looked. That should be the normal way, shouldn’t it?

Hong Bao noticed his gaze this time but managed to spectacularly misunderstand. She reached over and patted his arm to console him. “You don’t have to feel down though. Your fiance isn’t half-bad either. I mean he can’t compare to Liu Cheng obviously but he’s quite good-looking himself and he seems to care really much about you.”

Jing Yi smiled wryly. Between Liu Cheng and Qiu Ling, he would know whom to choose at a heartbeat but he was probably just as biased as Hong Bao in this regard. In any case, while his experience with Liu Cheng wasn’t a good one, Hong Bao might have gotten to know him differently. Who knew what the story between them was?

Anyway, this at least told him that she hadn’t been seduced by some evil cultivator. He wasn’t sure yet why exactly she had come here — especially if she was so much in love with her fiance who was still at the Chun Feng Sect — but this was yet another piece of information that could be given back to the Yun Zou Sect.

Jing Yi couldn’t help but wonder how exactly they were supposed to contact the Yun Zou Sect when he suddenly realized that it had become awfully quiet next to him. It looked like Hong Bao had finally taken a breather. No, not just that. When he looked up, he realized that she was staring at him intently as if waiting for his input.

He could only continue to smile wryly. He had never seen someone talk this much all at once. It was as if she hadn’t talked for a week and finally gotten an opportunity. It was a bit overwhelming to the point where he didn’t quite know how to react now.

It was good that he had met her though and that she was obviously willing to talk to him. Now, he could start working on the mission the Sect Master had given him. Well, most likely, he should just keep that in mind and try to slowly get some more information out of her. As for how to do that … it was probably best to just follow her lead for now. And thankfully, Hong Bao had already provided him with a topic.

Jing Yi lightly cleared his throat and his expression eased a little. “Yes, he does care very much about me and he’s the best-looking man I know.”

“That’s just because you haven’t seen Liu Cheng yet. Actually, I think among all the people I know your fiance would come in third place if we compare their handsomeness.”

“Oh.” Jing Yi looked over to where Qiu Ling was discussing something with Nian Hai and the Elder that was the referee for their duel. If he knew that someone had said he wasn’t the best-looking man around … would he be mad? He really cared about his appearance.

“One of them is my brother-in-law.” Hong Bao pointed behind her once more and this time, Jing Yi couldn’t help but look over.

His gaze met with Grandmaster Shen’s. The other man smiled, showing off the handsomeness Hong Bao had just talked about but Jing Yi only blinked. After being around Qiu Ling for so long … he surprisingly felt that this man wasn’t looking that good. Ah, he was probably biased indeed.

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