LWS V2C10 A Late Realization

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Su Yan grit his teeth. Damn. He felt like these two characters would also make a good novel. He knew he didn’t have much of a clue in regards to romance but weren’t most romance novels accumulations of miscommunication and misunderstandings? At least, he always felt that way when watching movies with Nie Chang.
Come to think about it … Could it be they had mostly watched romance movies?
Su Yan suddenly sat up straight. Oh god! It couldn’t be that Nie Chang had really tried to send him one hint after the other and he hadn’t noticed?! No! This was impossible! It couldn’t be that he was like these female leads he had always bitched about because he felt they were so dumb!
Su Yan pushed his notebook further away and turned around to stare at the door to the living room. Oh no! That poor guy! He didn’t agree that Nie Chang couldn’t have been more direct but there certainly had been enough hints he could have picked up on. Well, it was always easier to do so when you knew there was something you should pick up.
Before he knew about Nie Chang’s feelings all these things had seemed normal. Why shouldn’t they watch romantic movies? Why shouldn’t they hug? And those kisses had been more of an accident. He wouldn’t count them. Even in hindsight, he knew he would never have been able to figure it out if Nie Chang hadn’t been so obvious yesterday. Ah, he should really go shopping tomorrow and find something nice to wear for him!
Su Yan frowned. Tomorrow was Monday, though. He had to go to work first and if he really went, he wouldn’t have time to write. Mn, it would probably be for the best if he finished writing the story today, then he wouldn’t have anything on his mind.
He had the text editor count the words for him. Just a bit above one thousand. That wasn’t much but still a fifth already. He had to plan well. The system didn’t seem to mind when he didn’t use up all the words but that wasn’t strange. It had only mentioned an upper limit. If he wrote more than that, it might be a problem, though, and he wouldn’t want to miss out on a reward in case the system had prepared one.
Su Yan pulled the notebook closer again and read over the passage he had already written. Mn, the characters were there and showed a bit of their personality, you even got a glimpse at how the misunderstanding had come about. Now, they would need to make up, become friends and then somehow end up at the point where he had started the story.
Considering their personalities, Mei Chao Bing would never approach Yun Bei Fen after this misunderstanding. So it had to be the protagonist who took the initiative. Since he was a good guy through and through he wouldn’t want to bother Mei Chao Bing when he was in a bad mood but he also wouldn’t want to just leave it be. No, he would probably search for an appropriate opportunity.
Su Yan put his fingers to the keys once more.
[Yun Bei Fen also retired to his chambers and did some soul-searching. Even though Mei Chao Bing often looked grim, he didn’t believe that he was a person who would react like that without cause. When he took some time to think about it he didn’t need long to find that reason: His words had been the problem.
“I probably hurt him deeply with that.” He furrowed his brows and wanted to go over right away but then he reconsidered. It hadn’t been that long. Most likely, Mei Chao Bing would also need time to calm down.
Yun Bei Fen sat down and pondered. He had to find a good opportunity to apologize. It would be for the best if there weren’t any other people around so that they could talk it out.
In the end, he went to find his Master instead. Just like Mei Chao Bing, he was the disciple of one of the Elders of the Sect. Their Masters hadn’t had much to do with each other so neither were there any close ties nor any bad blood.
“Fen’er, you’ve come over. Is something the matter?” His Master smiled and motioned at the table.
Yun Bei Fen had more or less grown up in his care. Rather than calling him his Master, he probably regarded him more as a father figure. He sat down next to him and folded his hands in his lap. “Master … I’ve done something wrong.”
His Master smiled and patted his hands. “Tell me about it.”
“There’s that disciple, Mei Chao Bing. When I saw him today he was standing all alone so I wanted to help but … I ended up saying something hurtful.”
“He probably knows that it wasn’t intentional.”
“He seemed mad.”
The Elder stroked his disciple’s head and smiled. “You just said something. Go over and make up. He probably won’t hold it against you.”
Yun Bei Fen nodded. “Then, for the mission … could I team up with him?”
“You think that’s a good idea?”
Yun Bei Fen nodded again. He couldn’t think of any better opportunity.
His Master pursed his lips and thought it through. “Alright. If I remember correctly he’s in the same realm as you. It won’t be a problem if you team up with him. Don’t worry. Your Master will make sure you’ll be able to see him.”
“Thank you, Master.” Yun Bei Fen stood up and bowed.
Thus, the next day when Mei Chao Bing came to the square in the middle of the valley to see who he would have to team up with he found himself in front of the slightly smiling face of Yun Bei Fen.
His heart throbbed. A day ago he would have felt like walking on clouds at having this opportunity. Now, he wasn’t so sure anymore. At least that was what his head told him. His heart … it didn’t want to calm down.]

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