OMF V1C31 Grandfather?!

Qiu Ling pulled his beloved closer, barely resisting the urge to hug him. “Little boy, you know, running into the forest all alone isn’t good. Not even mentioning that your mother would worry about you what would you have done if I wasn’t here anymore?”
Jing Yi drooped his head.
“There, there.” Qiu Ling patted his head, his hands itching to ruffle his hair a bit more. Mn, this felt so good … He never would have dared to do this to Jing He’s meticulously combed hair. Ah, his beloved really had such wonderful hair!
Qiu Ling smiled brightly but still didn’t forget his current mission. “You had luck this time. And for the next time …” He took a jade bracelet out of his spatial ring and handed it to Jing Yi. It was too big for him to wear now, but when he grew up it would be a different matter. Ah, just imagining how his beloved would wear the jade bracelet he had given him …
Qiu Ling coughed. “This is a magical artifact. If you ever want to ask me something or need my help, you just have to hold it between your hands and call for me. Then I’ll immediately hurry to where you are.”
Jing Yi turned the bracelet in his hands and examined it from all sides. He had never seen something this beautiful! With sparkling eyes, he looked up at Qiu Ling. “Thank you, grandfather!”
Qiu Ling grabbed his chest. My love … what did you just call me?!
He masked his hurt with a cough but inwardly tears were streaming down his face. “Well, that’s only natural. We met two times here in the forest by chance. That means there must be fate between us …”
“Fate?” Jing Yi didn’t know what the old man was talking about but he put the shiny bracelet away. He would use it to talk to this friendly grandfather again some time.
Qiu Ling nodded. “You know … In fact, I’m a master of the dao. As a Daoist Master, it’s my duty to help other people.”
“So it’s like that!”
“Mn.” Qiu Ling wanted to spend more time with him but he still motioned to the village. “You should return now. Your mother’s probably worried about you.”
Jing Yi nodded and turned around. He ran some steps, then turned around and lifted his small hand to wave goodbye. At this time, Qiu Ling, who had stood behind him had already hidden his figure. He seemed to have vanished on the spot.
Jing Yi stared at the place where he had last seen him and turned in a circle to look if he could find him somewhere else but he came up with nothing. He thought a bit, then took out the jade bracelet. He placed it between his hands and called out: “Grandfather!”
Qiu Ling had black lines running down his face but he still reappeared in front of Jing Yi. “What happened? Didn’t you want to return to your mother?”
Jing Yi nodded and put the bracelet away again. “Goodbye, Grandfather!” He waved at him, then ran away.
Qiu Ling sighed. “Ah, just grow up a little faster. I don’t know how long my heart can take being called ‘grandfather’ by you.” He shook his head, hid his presence again and followed Jing Yi.
When the boy reached home, he found his father kneeling in front of the doorstep and admitting his fault to his mother.
“My wife … I … I lost our son again!” He had searched everywhere around the paddy and asked the other men but no one had seen Jing Yi and he just couldn’t find him.
Madam Zhong whacked him over the head just like the last time. “What are you talking about? He’s standing right behind you!” She ignored her husband and picked up her son. “Where have you been, Jing’er?”
“I went to look for the friendly grandfather!”
“Oh?” Madam Zhong carried him into the house. “Did you find him?”
“Mn!” Jing Yi took out the jade bracelet and showed it to his mother. “Look, he gave me this! I can call him with that.”
“Call him?” Madam Zhong took the bracelet and turned it around just like her son before in the forest.
The bracelet was made out of white, translucent jade and immaculately carved. Selling off the whole of their family’s property wouldn’t amount to even one finger’s breadth of this bracelet and somebody had just gifted it to her son.
Before she could ask further Jing Yi looked up at his mother curiously. “Mommy, what’s a Daoist Master? Does he really help all people?”
Madam Zhong smiled. She had seen Qiu Ling’s true face the night Jing Yi was born and she had seen his altered face some weeks later when Qiguan Cheng Da came. And now it seemed that the old man from before was him too. She didn’t know much about those deity sects or cultivation but she understood that this man had somehow taken a liking to her son and would help him for the rest of his life.
She patted Jing Yi’s head and nodded. “That’s true! You know on the day you were born, a Daoist Master came to our village too. If not for him, the two of us might not even be here anymore. So, when you see a Daoist Master in the future be sure to be respectful to him!”
“Mn!” Jing Yi nodded earnestly. If a Daoist Master had saved his mommy, of course, he would be respectful! He didn’t want anything to happen to his mommy!
On that day, Zhong Jing Yi heard of Daoist Masters for the first time and he decided that when he grew up he also wanted to help people! Unfortunately, until then a lot of time would be needed and who knew what would be his fate until then?
Anyway, in the village of the Zhongs, a new story soon made it’s way around: Somehow all the girls had fallen into mud holes that magically appeared at the riverbank and near the path to the forest. But nobody else than the girls fell in and when people went to look they never found any holes.
Zhong Jing Yi saw all of them falling in so nobody said anything when he avoided them from this day forth. The women with daughters or nieces his age just hoped that he’d soon forget about it and would still marry one of them when he grew up.
Well, even if he forgot, somebody would make sure he remembered. Though, tricking him would be increasingly difficult with each passing year.

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