OMF V1C29 Oh No, I Did It Again

Zhong Jing Yi debated for the whole day who had lied and who had told the truth. He didn’t believe Madam Pan but he believed his mother and they had both said the same thing. The old man hadn’t seemed like he lied but how could his mother have been a mud monster once? It was impossible! So it seemed like the friendly old man had lied but Jing Yi couldn’t understand why.
That was why Jing Yi looked at his father the next morning and followed him to the door when he wanted to leave for work. Mister Zhong halted and looked at his son questioningly. What did his son want? He couldn’t understand!
Jing Yi glanced at his mother and then lifted his arms.
Mister Zhong was dumbfounded, then thrilled. My son wants to be hugged! He bent down and hugged his son. A minute later, he let go and stood up again, wanting to go to work. Jing Yi stared at the back of his father who couldn’t understand him. He gripped his robe, not letting go even when Mister Zhong stepped out of the door.
Mister Zhong looked back and then turned to his wife. What does our son want? his gaze seemed to say.
Madam Zhong snorted. “Look at you! Is Jing’er really your son? He obviously wants you to take him with you! Hmph!” She turned away. Why did her son want to go with his father today? What did she do wrong? She couldn’t understand!
Meanwhile, Mister Zhong felt enlightened. His son wanted to accompany him! He squatted down and picked up his son, afraid that Jing Yi would reconsider if he didn’t react fast enough. “We’re off then!” he happily bid his farewell, closed the door and hurried to work.
Ha! Look at this! His son was accompanying him today. And he didn’t need to coax him at all. Maybe it hadn’t been such a bad choice to take him to the forest? Maybe he thought about it really hard after he came back and found out he liked it after all?
Mister Zhong wouldn’t have been that thrilled and Madam Zhong wouldn’t have been that brooding if they knew what their son was thinking. Jing Yi just wanted to look for the sagely old man because after a day of thinking hard he had realized that he must have misunderstood the old man. He didn’t believe the old man would lie to him. There had to be another explanation!
If Qiu Ling knew, he would be happy because Jing Yi trusted him so much and feel endlessly guilty because this trust was misplaced in this case. He had indeed lied.
Even though he didn’t know, Qiu Ling followed gloomily behind the father and son. It wasn’t because Jing Yi trusted his mother more than him. Even though he felt hurt deep down, he knew that his Jing He couldn’t remember his life in the Nine Heavens at the moment and that he had only seen him in the appearance of an old man that he didn’t know for more than an hour. It was already quite good that Jing Yi had trusted him so much. It was just …
He couldn’t help but wonder. Would it have been different if he saw my true appearance? He wanted to believe that that was the case. There had to be some fateful connection between their souls that couldn’t be severed regardless of life and death. What was a mere trial in the human realm for such a connection?
“Ah.” Qiu Ling sighed. “Why am I even thinking about this? He’s merely four years old at the moment. When he’s older … I’ll have more than enough time to try it. Right now, love is something he isn’t even thinking of.” He sighed again. A human life seemed so long if one was in the mortal world. If he hadn’t been so anxious about something happening to Jing He while he was here, he would have waited in the Nine Heavens for his return.
Two months without him seemed long but it wouldn’t feel as long as accompanying him through twenty years of growing up before he could make a move on him. And even more so … What would happen at the end?
Qiu Ling halted his steps and watched the father and son departing further. A human life wasn’t that long. He could wait until it ended. But how would that feel? Seeing Jing He die in this world …
Qiu Ling shook his head. No, this wasn’t something he should be thinking about. He should just … just wait. Everything would sort itself out. He could help Jing He in his time here in the mortal world but he couldn’t do more. Even though he didn’t like it, he couldn’t change that humans died at the end of their lives. He would have to come to terms with that somehow.
“It’s not like I’ll lose him. It just means that he’ll close his eyes here and open them in the Nine Heavens again. Mn. It’s nothing bad.”
He took a deep breath and hurried after them.
Meanwhile, Mister Zhong reached the paddy and put down his son. “Just stay here and watch your father work!” He smiled brightly and couldn’t help but look at the other men, wanting to brag about how his son had accompanied him today.
Mister Mao looked at them and raised his eyebrows. “I hope you didn’t take him without your wife’s approval again.”
Mister Zhong was taken aback. Nobody had said a word about that for the last two weeks! Why was he bringing that up now of all times? Not being in the mood for bragging anymore, Mister Zhong started to work. The other men who arrived slightly later glanced at Zhong Jing Yi but only talked about it between themselves.
Like that nobody but Qiu Ling noticed when the child got up and ran to the forest. Mister Zhong who had worked extra hard to leave a good impression on his son only looked back half an hour later. His face lost all color and only one thought crossed his mind:
Oh no. I lost my son again.

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