OMF V1C165 A Big Play

One of Li Bo’s lackeys followed suit and smiled at Madam Zhong. “You had quite a bit of time to deal with your loss. I hope you took some of it to think about the offer our Master made.”
Madam Zhong frowned. They had really come again. And they were still as unreasonable as before. Well, why had she expected anything else? Would these three really change their ways just because her husband had lost his life because of them? They were so sure that they wouldn’t be held responsible and without that threat looming over them, they wouldn’t care at all. They just were that type of people.
Ai Hua also furrowed her brows. She didn’t know what had happened but neither did she like the tone of that servant nor the smile of his Master. His Majesty’s beloved was here and the woman that had served them the tea before seemed to be his mother so she was equally important. Could they be treated like this by just anyone? Hmph! These guys deserved a good beating!
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OMF V1C164 A Clandestine Love Affair

In the mortal realm, Ai Hua and Xiao Dong both glanced at Jing Yi and his mother when they tensed at the sight of the man in the door. It seemed this was the person that had been making trouble for the beloved of His Majesty. Well, good that he had come by. Now they wouldn’t need to search for him to teach him a lesson.
Xiao Dong cracked his knuckles and lifted a brow at his mother. Ai Hua considered their possibilities for a moment. Being beaten up by a child would definitely humiliate him but … that wasn’t something a human child could do, was it? If the story spread and people saw him with his head of gold-blond hair, they’d react like that boy His Majesty’s beloved had brought along and say he was a demon. That might bring even more trouble. In the end, she shook her head. No, it was better she did this herself.
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OMF V1C163 The Trials of the Gods

“Mother-in-law, what are you saying? How come I don’t understand a word?” Qiu Ling furrowed his brows and tried to wriggle out of her grip. He definitely hadn’t tried to kill Jing He! This was the last thing he’d ever think of! And his mother-in-law should know!
Bai Fen held onto him even tighter. “You still dare to talk back! Do you really want to claim you don’t know what you’ve done?”
“I really don’t know! But I’ll apologize!” He grabbed her wrist and looked at her pleadingly. If he had angered her, then he definitely had to make amends.
Bai Fen relented under his pitiful gaze. She also didn’t want to punish her son-in-law. Although he had made a grave mistake, he had done everything because he loved her son so much and couldn’t see him suffer. As a mother, could she wish for a better lover for her son? Furthermore, Qiu Ling’s eyes told her that he hadn’t known what his behavior would entail. Well, he wasn’t a god so she should have thought of that possibility. She had thought Jing He would tell him but with how closed off her son was, it wasn’t a wonder he might have kept quiet. Especially since he knew how Qiu Ling was. He might have anticipated that he would make trouble if he knew what this trial was about. Continue reading

OMF V1C157 Three Zhang of No

Guanyu’s gaze zeroed in on Xiao Dong and her heart thumped crazily, even her hands became wet with sweat. This … Who was this godly-looking boy?! What was his name? Who were his parents? Why hadn’t they met before today?!
She … had just fallen in love again! She wanted to get married immediately!
Jing Yi might be cute but this boy … he was beautiful but rough on the edges with a cold, condescending gaze that sent chills down her back while still making her blush. This … If Jing Yi was Prince Charming then this boy was the evil demon king from stories who would make respectable maidens fall head over heels for him just to leave them with a broken heart, endlessly pining for him!
Guanyu smiled her most bashful smile and slowly made her way over to the new goal of her life, trying to show off her best side.
Xiao Dong frowned and looked at his mother. This ugly looking child couldn’t be the one His Majesty wanted him to seduce, could it?
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OMF V1C156 Her World Was Turned Upside Down

Madam Zhong watched Xiao Dong did the same as his mother. There was no way this was a coincidence. Still. She hadn’t seen that person around for a while and she didn’t dare to assume too much. But she wouldn’t find out just because she thought about it. She had to ask if she wanted to know. Madam Zhong cleared her throat. “You wouldn’t happen to know … that person, would you?” She smiled wryly when Ai Hua looked at her in confusion. Ah, he had never told her his name. How was she supposed to explain now?
Ai Hua turned to her son but Xiao Dong shook his head. He also didn’t know what this woman was talking about. Neither of them thought of their king in the slightest. After all, Madam Zhong was merely a mortal. They couldn’t imagine that she would have had the honor to meet the dragon king and know him good enough to even ask about him.
She turned back to Madam Zhong and raised her brows. “Who might you be talking about?”
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OMF V1C154 A Beauty

Ai Hua observed the people walking past the teahouse. Nobody looked over. It was as if the teahouse was invisible to them.
“Hm … How strange.” She patted her son’s shoulder. “Let’s ask that man over there.”
“Mn.” Xiao Dong trudged behind her, glancing back at the teahouse. He couldn’t imagine that this was really the place where their king wanted to meet them. Shouldn’t he be at a … better place? He was the king, after all! What was he doing in an empty teahouse? Well, not that he was there right now …
Ai Hua hurried over to the young man that had just wanted to pass by. “Excuse me!” She stopped in front of him and smiled. “Excuse me, kind sir, but may I ask you a short question? I won’t take up much of your time.” She didn’t wait for his answer and motioned at the teahouse on the other side of the street. “That teahouse over there … Would you happen to know if it closed? I heard so many good things about it so I wanted to visit today but now it seems that nobody is there.”
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OMF V1C151 Look, My Son’s a Hero!

Being spurred on by the thought of gaining a daughter-in— er … a son-in-law as nice as Jing Yi, Mister Shao dove into his explanation: “A real hero has to be an incredibly brave man. He would never hesitate to face danger and he would fight for the things he believes in like righteousness or loyalty or friendship. Just like how my Xiao Hai stood up for you when that Guanyu girl was making trouble for you.”
Jing Yi pursed his lips. So, he needed to believe in such things and then fight for them if he wanted to become a hero. He knew about friendship since he had brother Ah Hai now but what about this loyalty and righteousness? “Then how do they do that?”
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OMF V1C149 What Is a Hero?

Back in the mortal world, Li Bo’s dirty scheme had already come to fruition the very next day: Some of the women who normally frequented the teahouse had a guilty conscience because they hadn’t helped when Mister Zhong was attacked and hadn’t stood out either when Madam Zhong asked for help. They didn’t dare to return and face the woman that had buried her husband just yesterday.
As for those who didn’t know her too well … Even though they liked the teahouse, it wasn’t worth risking their well-being and the status of their family. The rumor that Li Bo would deal with everyone who dared to help the Zhongs made them circle around the teahouse with some more meters. After all, they didn’t believe that those were just empty words. If Li Bo didn’t think much about killing a law-abiding citizen in broad daylight, would he be any more merciful to their families? Certainly not!
Thus the teahouse that had been jam-packed with people since the day it opened, had turned into a deserted establishment. Not even a single customer had come this morning and Madam Zhong reckoned that nothing would change about that.
She looked at the empty tables and sighed. Jing Yi who had still followed her to work even though Madam Zhong was afraid he might suffer harm if that man came back, looked up at his mother with a worried gaze.
“Why is there nobody here today, mommy?”
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OMF V1C147 He Could Imagine the Reason

Qiu Ling furrowed his brows but still obediently turned to the Heavenly Emperor and blinked his eyes.
Rong Su’s brows twitched. What was this guy doing? Although he did have to say that it was touching to see how much he cared about Jing He. Just a little though! This definitely didn’t mean that this dandy was good enough for his son! Just look at the robe he was wearing today. Ugh. And he probably thought that he looked good in that. Hmph.
“Rong Su?”
The Heavenly Emperor cleared his throat. “Mn, yes, Jing He is alright. But someone did indeed attempt to hurt him. We’re still investigating what exactly happened.”
Qiu Ling heaved a sigh of relief. So his beloved was alright! Ah, but whoever had tried to hurt him almost succeeded! His beloved was probably very scared right now! “Don’t worry, father-in-law! You find out what happened, I’ll go and comfort him!”
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OMF V1C146 The One Behind Everything

The Heavenly Emperor wanted to ask whether she had really instructed that servant girl but in the end, he didn’t do so. After all, would she really admit to something like that? Probably not. And this wasn’t the most puzzling anything. As much as he didn’t want to believe that she was the one behind this, it was very likely she had indeed told that servant to kill his son if that was what Qiang Yan and Li Yin had found on when they investigated. What he didn’t understand was how his son’s fate had changed even though the Fate’s Scribe had written it down. How could this be? This was what they had to clarify first.
“Fate’s Scribe.”
“Yes, Your Majesty.”
“Did it ever happen before that a fate changed from the way you wrote it?”
Shun Tao nodded. “Yes, but those cases are rare. If it happens, then because of the interference of a god since those normally aren’t included in the fates we prepare. This was why I thought it might be one of the idle gods.”
“But it turned out it wasn’t.”
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