OMF V1C112 Just a Friendly Spar

Qiang Yan smiled when he saw Leng Jin Yu react like this. Sure enough, this person was able to see through matters clearly and could adapt quickly. Not bad. He lowered his own speed a little and turned around, meeting Leng Jin Yu’s attack. Ah, this person truly wasn’t losing any time! Qiang Yan barely held back a smile.
Leng Jin Yu on the other side furrowed his brows slightly. Something felt off. Considering this person’s strength it wouldn’t be strange for him to have concentrated more on developing that instead of his speed. But then again he had dashed forward quickly before. No, this wasn’t right.
He leaped back, leaving Qiang Yan’s attack range. The God of War almost halted. Don’t tell him he had been seen through this easily? Ah, ascended deities really were different! He wouldn’t be able to pretend in front of him this casually.
Qiang Yan dashed forward once again, making sure to put more strength and less speed into his attack. If he kept long enough at it, maybe the other person would let down his guard? Continue reading

OMF V1C111 Sometimes Being Smart Is More Important

The person the two guards had been gossiping about had just arrived in front of a splendid palace with Leng Jin Yu. He nodded at the Heavenly Guards in front of the door and motioned to the inside.
“Is everything alright?”
The two men nodded. “Yes. Nothing has happened.”
“Mn, good. Continue then.” Qiang Yan waved Leng Jin Yu with him and walked around the palace, finally arriving in front of a garden. He motioned at the pavilion overlooking it. “Let’s go sit down.”
Leng Jin Yu nodded and followed him over, taking a seat at the God of War’s cue.
“So … What was it you wanted to talk about? You made it sound quite mysterious.”
Leng Jin Yu smiled noncommittally. “I doubt it’ll be that surprising to the God of War.”
“Meaning this has something to do with what we talked about before?” Qiang Yan looked at the palace next to them and sighed. “I’ve thought about it. The Fate’s Scribe going to monitor the courtyard of the idle gods, pretending he was searching for someone to take into his palace but being so flustered at the same time … Then you getting involved in this, even though you obviously aren’t the type of person that would join the palace of the Fate’s Scribe, and coming to my palace today of your own accord. This shouldn’t be anything simple.” Continue reading

OMF V1C109 A New Trend

While the two dragons worried about their king, Hong Bao went to the God of War’s palace to get the dagger Yin Lin Lin had told her about. She stood in front of the gate but didn’t know what to do. She had the resolution to accomplish the task but … Where was that study? How would she find it? She had never been here but she couldn’t waste any time! Shun Tao needed her help as soon as possible.
The two Heavenly Guards next to the gate exchanged a glance. Looking at her dress, this woman was obviously a servant girl. But why was she standing in front of the God of War’s palace? They waited to see if she would announce her identity and tell them what she wanted but nothing happened.
One of them couldn’t take it any longer. He cleared his throat and looked over, effectively pulling Hong Bao out of her thoughts. Continue reading

OMF V1C106 I’ll Try for His Sake

Yin Lin Lin listened to Hong Bao’s story and nodded every now and then. After Hong Bao arrived at how Shun Tao had resolved himself to confront the Heavenly Emperor and maybe even lose his life, she even sighed.
Hong Bao was ecstatic. Sure enough, the Goddess of Love understood the worries of a woman’s heart! She would certainly help her and Shun Tao get justice!
“That really is a tragic tale.” Yin Lin Lin gave a beautiful yet sad smile as if she really thought what she said. In fact, her mood was really good. It seemed Shun Tao had fallen on hard times. How great! This was obviously Heaven’s payback because he had rejected her. Mn, well, in that case, she might be nice and put the worst on this girl’s head. Shun Tao wouldn’t need to suffer too much anymore as long as he understood that he had messed with the wrong person.
“Then is there anything we can do?” Continue reading

OMF V1C104 The Goddess of Love

“The Goddess of Love?” Hong Bao tilted her head. Why had she never heard of that person? Could it be this was a really obscure goddess that only people in some small mountain village in the human world prayed to? Or maybe she was really popular in some other kingdom?
Hong Bao repeated the name to herself to try and find out where this person might come from. “Goddess of Love …”
Wait! The Goddess of Love?! So she was the goddess that took care of all affairs that were concerning lovers?! Could it be … Could it be Heaven took pity on her and sent this goddess to help her save Shun Tao?!
Hong Bao leaped to her feet and wanted to hug the woman. The servant girl hurriedly pushed her back, frowning. Continue reading

OMF V1C103 Some Capable Help

In the end, even though Shun Tao felt that this way was too sneaky, he didn’t have a better idea either. Thus he nodded. “Alright, then we’ll do as you say. I’ll leave reporting to him in your hands. Otherwise …”
“It’s alright. You don’t have to worry.” Leng Jin Yu smiled. “It’ll also be good for me if the God of War thinks my role in this was bigger than it actually was so I’ll certainly do my best to keep you from harm.”
Shun Tao chuckled. “You don’t have to try and humor me. Even if I had to report myself tomorrow morning, I would still do it. This task … I have still failed it even if I can keep my life. Maybe I’m not suited to be the Fate’s Scribe.”
Leng Jin Yu didn’t respond. He didn’t know enough about the Nine Heavens and the different positions of the gods to judge whether the Fate’s Scribe was doing a good job. Especially not after this mishap. If it was truly the case that several people had collaborated against him, then it would have been a wonder if he escaped unharmed. It didn’t necessarily have to do with his duty as the Fate’s Scribe. Maybe … he just wasn’t good at dealing with these schemes. Well, that wasn’t a bad trait to have.
Leng Jin Yu got up and cupped his fists. “Then I’ll go and try to meet the God of War now. I’ll come by and tell you how it went.” Continue reading

OMF V1C102 Too Sneaky, Too Deep

Shun Tao cleared his throat. “Well, thinking about people that hate me enough to do this, there would be one. But I also doubt it could be her. She doesn’t have that kind of influence.”
Leng Jin Yu looked at him contemplatively. “Are you sure about that?”
“Mn. She’s a trueborn goddess called Yin Lin Lin. She doesn’t have a position she could use in this situation.”
Leng Jin Yu’s brows raised. The person the Fate’s Scribe thought of immediately was a woman out of all people? He certainly wouldn’t have expected this. As far as he knew, the Fate’s Scribe wasn’t in any relationship and there weren’t any rumors regarding that either even though a lot of the women in the Nine Heavens seemed to like him. Hong Bao certainly wasn’t an exception.
Leng Jin Yu took a look at Shun Tao’s face again. Well, he probably counted as good-looking. His face didn’t stand out too much but was nice to look at. He seemed like a man one could trust. Someone dependable and faithful that would treat his wife kindly and give her the attention she needed. The women probably all thought he’d be a good husband? Continue reading

OMF V1C101 Someone From His Own Palace?

Shun Tao frowned. “You want to say it could be someone from my own palace? Or rather … several of my scribes?”
Leng Jin Yu lowered the cup. “Wouldn’t that be more likely than it being one of the idle gods? The scribes have the required knowledge and some of them should be experienced enough to pull something like this off. Could it also be that they had access to His Highness’ scroll of fate? In that case —”
“No.” Shun Tao shook his head. “If I leave the room, I always take it with me. His Highness’ trial is too important to be treated with any less caution. Furthermore …” He looked out the window and sighed. “If somebody saw, I would be in trouble. I certainly didn’t leave any opportunities on that front.”
“But the scribes should still be able to manage even without taking a look. If they teamed up …”
“I can’t imagine that.” Continue reading

OMF V1C100 I Doubt It’s One of Them

Leng Jin Yu nodded again. He had thought as much. If the Law of Balance wasn’t upheld, then naturally, Heaven would try to obliterate the one not conforming to the law. It didn’t matter whether the crown prince had done so deliberately or not.
Shun Tao sighed. “His Highness is a very conscientious person. Normally, he would have attempted the trial at the best time which would have been before he came of age. It’s just that the Heavenly Emperor …” He sighed again. “He dotes on him very much and thus he naturally worries about his well-being so he might not have wanted him to attempt the trial too early on.
“His Highness also knows this so he probably waited until the Heavenly Emperor brought the subject up on his own and only then did he signalize he wanted to attempt it. That leaves us on a tight schedule. If he doesn’t complete the trial or only completes part of it, then there won’t be time to try again. Heaven will punish him immediately. In the worst case, this will result in death. In the best case … he might just lose some of his senses or part of his magic.”
“That best case …” Continue reading

OMF V1C99 What Did You Come Here for?

The two men inside the room looked at each other. Leng Jin Yu had seen the Fate’s Scribe outside of the courtyard of the idle gods so he wasn’t surprised when he stood in front of him.
Shun Tao hadn’t expected this kind of person though. He might have taken a look at the people inside the courtyard that day but he hadn’t paid attention to those he deemed unlikely as the culprits behind his misery and afterward, the task had been given to Hong Bao anyway so he didn’t have an impression of Leng Jin Yu.
Since he knew that Leng Jin Yu wasn’t a trueborn god and instead an ascended deity that hadn’t gotten a position yet, he had felt that this person probably wasn’t too skilled and thus wanted to make use of the situation at hand and get himself a position. After all, that was what often happened in the mortal realms. Now that he saw him though …
This Leng Jin Yu only looked to be about in his mid-twenties, maybe approaching his late twenties but not older than that. His long black hair was neatly secured at the back of his head and he wore a pristine white robe. He certainly didn’t look the part of a villain. Well, people often didn’t look how they should considering their inner thoughts. Continue reading