OMF V1C32 Hong Bao’s Secret Weapon

In the Nine Heavens, Hong Bao happily skipped over to the courtyard Shun Tao had ordered her to monitor. Her flowery dress was swirling around her legs with each of her steps and her hair swayed in the breeze. Had she not been of low status she probably would have had many suitors in the Nine Heavens. Well, it was not like Hong Bao cared for that. She was sure that the Fate’s Scribe Shun Tao was the only man she would ever want to be with!
Being able to work on a mission that was so important to him was enough proof of his feelings, wasn’t it? So, she had to make a good job! She hummed a tune and patted the casket with the cookies she was carrying. Those cookies were her secret weapon.
As soon as Shun Tao had given her her mission Hong Bao had forged a plan: Shun Tao couldn’t observe those gods because of his high status that would lead to him being recognized instantly. On the other hand, she couldn’t observe those gods without help either because her status was too low.
The gods Shun Tao wanted her to monitor might not have a task right now but they would definitely enter one of the palaces as high ranking officials in the future. They were talents, after all. She, in contrast, was only a small servant. Most of them wouldn’t take her seriously not to mention speak to her.
To accomplish anything a bribe was in order!
Thus Hong Bao had secretly squatted in the same shrub as the Fate’s Scribe and observed those gods. She didn’t need long to find one that seemed a little more easygoing. She had seen him talk to at least three different people and the best of it was that she had seen him eat something that looked a lot like candy. That guy definitely had a sweet tooth! He was the perfect person to carry out her plan on.
Thus Hong Bao had taken some time to prepare her cookie casket before she skipped over to the courtyard again. Now, all she had to do was to convince him and then she could soon report to her Shun Tao again!
Hong Bao looked around and seeing that all the other gods were occupied with their own tasks she hurried over and stopped in front of the god with a big grin.
Leng Jin Yu who had just been meditating opened his eyes. His brows raised. He certainly wouldn’t have expected the person who disturbed him to be a servant girl. Just what had she come for? “How may I help you?”
Hong Bao inched closer and placed the casket on the table in front of him. “I’m here on a very important mission! If you help me … all this will be yours!” She opened the casket and pointed at the content with an expression of ‘Count yourself lucky!’.
Leng Jin Yu was taken aback. Why … did this woman think he would help her because of a casket full of cookies? Well, he wasn’t the type of person to rudely tell a woman off. Looking at her she seemed to be only fifteen years old, not that that had to mean anything in the Nine Heavens. As far as he knew she might as well have lived several millennia already. Still. He should at least find out what this was about. He gave a cough and motioned at the seat opposite him. “Why don’t you sit down first and then we can talk about everything?”
Hong Bao pursed her lips and furrowed her brows but still sat down in the end. “I can’t tell you much. It’s a super secret mission.”
“Oh.” Leng Jin Yu nodded. “But you should be able to tell me what it is you want me to do, right?”
“Of course! It’s about these gods.” She waved at the other people in the courtyard. “You have to know the Fate’s Scribe intends to take one or some of them in but he needs to find out if they’re capable first. So he asked me for help in observing them.” She placed a hand on her chest and smiled proudly.
Leng Jin Yu looked away. Alright. She was definitely only fifteen. He cleared his throat and pushed the casket to the side. “You’re also an ascended deity?”
Hong Bao perked up. “You too?! Ah, that’s great! Doesn’t that show just how good I am at judging people? It’s no wonder the Fate’s Scribe asked me to do this, isn’t it?” She giggled and grabbed one of her cookies. “You know actually I think all of this might just be an excuse. I think he’s in love with me but just doesn’t dare to admit it.”
Leng Jin Yu watched her munch the cookie and then thought of what he had heard about the Fate’s Scribe. His conclusion … there was no way the Fate’s Scribe was in love with this girl.
“Well, that sounds indeed very important. If you need help, of course, I’ll provide it.”
Hong Bao smiled happily and pushed the casket with the cookies closer to him. Ah, she had known that using his sweet tooth to her advantage had been the right decision! “So, what do you know about the people here?”
“Mn …” Leng Jin Yu looked at the others and pondered. “Actually, I —”
“Oh, right! What’s your name?”
“It’s Leng Jin Yu.”
“I’m Hong Bao!” She pushed the casket closer to him again but didn’t forget to steal two of the cookies inside for herself.
And thus another happy cooperation was decided on in the Nine Heavens. Although Leng Jin Yu had some second thoughts when Hong Bao just continued to eat her cookies while he told her what he knew about the others. Somehow she didn’t really seem to listen to what he said.

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