OMF V1C28 Someone’s Lying

Jing Yi had been avoiding each and every girl of the village for two entire weeks. The women who had called his reaction cute at first weren’t sure what to think anymore.
Madam Qiguan just laughed. “Didn’t I say so? He’s just a coward. Which boy would run from a bunch of girls?”
Madam Pan who had still argued for the boy some days ago had nothing to retort. It wasn’t surprising that he ran away when he saw Fa Chao Fu. That could be explained. But why did he also run from the rest? He couldn’t have thought that all girls were that troublesome, right?
Thinking of that her maternal instinct kicked in. Her own boys were such troublesome creatures. She couldn’t let such a cute and obedient boy go to waste! Her younger sister had just given birth to a baby girl. Looking at all the boys she could marry when she grew up Zhong Jing Yi was the best. She couldn’t let him come to be afraid of girls!
With this thought in mind, Madam Pan made her way out of the circle of gossiping women and went over to where Madam Zhong and her son were.
Madam Zhong looked up, her eyes vigilant. She still hadn’t forgotten how Madam Pan had tried to hinder her back then when she had wanted to get her child. Who knew if something might have happened to Jing Yi if the Daoist Master hadn’t shown up?
Madam Pan knew what Madam Zhong thought. Ever since then she had mostly been ignored by her or treated with distrust. She found it a little too much but she understood that Jing Yi was Madam Zhong’s only child and that she was just overprotective so she didn’t say anything.
“Ah, Madam Zhong, I heard from the others that Jing Yi is a little afraid of the girls?”
“What about it?” Madam Zhong grasped Jing Yi’s shoulders and pulled him a little closer to her.
Qiu Ling who leaned not far from them against the corner of a house lifted his head and watched Madam Pan. What was she doing now? Something seemed fishy but he wasn’t sure what was going on.
“Mn, I … I was just asking myself if there is a special reason? Maybe we can help somehow? Jing Yi is such a nice child. It would be a pity if he always had to be afraid around the girls. He doesn’t like playing with the boys already, no?”
Madam Zhong tightened her lips. That was indeed true. Jing Yi was always alone. As much as she loved having her child always around her and was afraid of him coming to harm when he was out of her sight, she still didn’t want to restrict him too much.
“I don’t know of any special reason.” Her tone was a little more reconcilable than normally.
Madam Pan nodded and squatted down in front of Jing Yi. “Jing Yi, is there something wrong with the girls that you don’t want to play with them?”
Jing Yi didn’t answer. He still remembered what the old man had told him. He couldn’t tell anyone!
“You know it’s such a pity not playing with them. Who are you going to marry in the future if you don’t spend time with them?”
Qiu Ling snorted. The person his beloved was going to marry? That would obviously be him! No reason to bring up any girls. His beloved didn’t have any need for them. Jing Yi also didn’t seem to care for Madam Pan’s attempt to persuade him and kept quiet.
Madam Zhong patted his head. “It’s alright. If he doesn’t want to, Jing Yi doesn’t have to spend time with them.”
The boy turned around and clasped her hand, intent on not leaving her side for even a moment.
Madam Pan looked at him pensively. “Jing Yi … Don’t you think your father is incredibly lucky to have a wife as great as your mother?”
Jing Yi looked at his mother and then at Madam Pan. He didn’t really understand about marrying and having a wife but of course, his father was extremely lucky that his mother was there! He nodded.
Madam Pan smiled. “Then did you know that your mother was a girl once, too?”
Jing Yi’s eyes went wide. His mommy was a mud monster, too?! That couldn’t be! That woman had to be lying! Madam Pan laughed at his shocked expression. Unfortunately, she only confirmed his suspicions. She really was lying! The poor boy still believed the lying Qiu Ling instead of the woman who tried to help him.
Qiu Ling crossed his arms and smiled. That was his beloved! He would still believe in him even though he didn’t know him at the moment! Unfortunately for Qiu Ling, there was one person Jing Yi believed even more than him. The child turned around and looked up at his mother.
Madam Zhong wanted to laugh too but felt bad seeing her son’s shocked expression. She just squatted down and nodded. “That’s right! Your mommy was a girl once too!”
Jing Yi blinked. That couldn’t be! His mommy wouldn’t lie … But she definitely couldn’t be a mud monster! He tried to wrap his little head around this idea and finally arrived at a shocking revelation: The old man must have lied!
Jing Yi didn’t understand why but he felt that this was the only explanation. He extended his arms and hugged his mother.
Madam Zhong really was afraid she wouldn’t be able to hold her laughter in this time. The boy had been afraid for nearly two weeks and now he had found out his mother was once a girl too. He must feel really conflicted right now! She also saw that this would be a good opportunity to make him forget his fear.
“You know if your father hadn’t played with mommy back when she was a girl, she might not have married him. And then there wouldn’t be you!”
Jing Yi looked up. There wouldn’t be him? So it was really important to play with girls? Would he disappear if he didn’t play with them?!
Most likely, too many people had already lied to the poor child. He really didn’t know anymore what was true and what was false. He couldn’t decide if he should play with the girls or not. What if he really vanished? What if he got muddy and his mommy scolded him? Jing Yi was feeling conflicted.
Qiu Ling felt just sad. How come his Jing He still loved his mother more than him? What had become of the promise to spend the rest of their lives together? Even after drinking the water of the river of forgetfulness, his beloved shouldn’t have forgotten him! Didn’t his soul ache from not having him at his side?
Unfortunately, it really didn’t seem like that.

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