OMF V1C27 Happy Cooperation

While Qiu Ling was delighted that his plan had succeeded this easily the Fate’s Scribe Shun Tao was on his way to thwart said plan. He still didn’t know that Qiu Ling was the one who had changed Jing Yi’s fate though.
In the Nine Heavens, only some minutes had passed since the Heavenly Emperor and the God of War had gone. The young gods were still in the courtyard and Shun Tao made his way over to a servant girl who hurried along outside.
“Miss!” he called out to her and smiled when she stopped.
The girl returned his smile at once. Shun Tao’s task might not have been the most prestigious one in the Nine Heavens but he was still somebody no one wanted to cross. What if you had to go for a trial in the mortal world and were on his bad side? A mortal life might seem like the blink of an eye while they were up in the Nine Heavens but being down there as a mortal and leading a hard life felt like torture to them too. So who would unnecessarily anger the Fate’s Scribe?
Well, the fact that Shun Tao looked quite handsome probably helped a lot with getting on the good side of other people and especially on the good side of women too. The gods weren’t any less susceptible to good-looking people than the mortals, after all, and a lot of people had attested the current Fate’s Scribe to have a lot of charm. If he called out to them, most goddesses would have been happy. Even more so a small servant girl who didn’t have much of a status.
The little one in front of him couldn’t help but daydream either. Ah, the Fate’s Scribe had actually called her over! And he really was as handsome as people said! No, he was even more handsome when seen from up close! Ah, this really had to be her lucky day! Especially since he had to have a very good reason to call her over.
Uh! Maybe he had seen her from afar and instantly fallen in love? Or, no, most likely he hadn’t noticed her only today! In truth, he had kept an eye on her for a long time already and now he had finally been unable to bear it any longer. So, now he wanted to confess his feelings and ask her to marry him so they could live happily ever after!
Her thoughts would have made a beautiful tale for Shun Tao to write into a love trial when the next god descended to the mortal realm. Thankfully, the girl at least remembered to greet him. Even though she did so with the thought of ‘I won’t show that I already know he’s interested in me’.
“Fate’s scribe, what may I do for you?”
Shun Tao nodded at the small deity and motioned her to the side where the young gods from the courtyard couldn’t see them. “First of all, might I know your name?”
The servant girl smiled. See? He really was in love with her! He even wanted to know her name this anxiously! Mn, she shouldn’t let him wait. The sooner they got past this stage of getting to know each other they sooner they could marry!
“Of course! I’m Hong Bao.”
“So it’s Hong Bao. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Mn … I’m sorry for disturbing you at work but you see the scribe’s palace wants to monitor some of the young gods to find out if they would be eligible for joining our ranks in the scribe’s palace. Unfortunately, they would notice if I went myself and a lot of the other gods at our palace are also quite well known. So I am in search of someone who could help us with this task.”
Hong Bao’s eyes seemed to sparkle at being presented with such an opportunity. “Oh! I’ll help!” Her smile turned even brighter. This really was her lucky day! If she worked for him, wouldn’t she see him really, really often in the future?
Shun Tao was a little taken aback at her enthusiasm. But then again … at least she’d be serious about the task. “That would be wonderful! Mn, we’re the most interested in three of them. If you have a look now, they are writing at the stone tables or monitoring something in the human world. The ones reading could be possible candidates as well but they are less likely. Just make sure that it’s not too obvious you’re only interested in some of them. That might give the plan away.”
“Of course!” Hong Bao tensed up. I’ll be extra careful! If the Fate’s Scribe sees how dependable I am, this might just motivate him to pluck up his courage and confess his feelings to me!
Shun Tao nodded, satisfied. He couldn’t guess Hong Bao’s thoughts but her enthusiasm was plain to see. The latter convinced him. Had he known about the former … he would have asked somebody else.
But since that wasn’t the case Shun Tao and Hong Bao happily started their cooperation. Hong Bao skipped away, asking for leave from her regular job so she could work on her new mission. Shun Tao returned to the scribe’s palace and sat down at his writing table.
“Hong Bao is observing you so I’ll use this time to give you something to work on. Let’s see how you’ll fare against this!”
He dipped his brush in the ink and wrote with fast strokes: After the sagely old man leaves, Zhong Jing Yi follows his advice. Soon, the people of the village notice that he isn’t just avoiding Fa Chao Fu but all girls instead. Madam Pan who likes the Zhongs’ child worries whether he’d turn out alright if this goes on. Seeing that the child is especially reliant on his mother she uses this to persuade the child.
Shun Tao put the brush down and smirked. He was far from being at the end of his rope!

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