OMF V2C7 A Memento from His Mortal Life

Shun Tao sat down at his desk as soon as they reached his study and opened the scroll of fate again. He frowned at the characters that were forming. Zhong Jing Yi had already left the capital. It was necessary to do something as soon as possible.
He looked up at Leng Jin Yu and motioned at the chair opposite him. “Please, sit. What are your thoughts on this matter?”
Leng Jin Yu nodded and took a seat. He didn’t know the exact state of things but what Shun Tao had told Qiang Yan was enough to give him a general impression. “The overall goal is to prevent His Highness from becoming a cultivator. Considering he should already be far behind on the trials he has to pass it would be good if these two things could be combined.”
“So you’re saying?”
“I trust the Fate’s Scribe with finding the best way to dictate his fate. It’s just … You’ve seen what Hong Bao —” Continue reading

OMF V2C5 New Developments, a Blessing in Disguise

Back in the Nine Heavens, the Fate’s Scribe Shun Tao unfurled that troublesome scroll of fate once more while standing in front of the Heavenly Emperor’s palace. He watched the characters that appeared one after another.
How Zhong Jing Yi approached that disciple, how he took that test, how he finally followed him back to the market square after talking to his mother … Everything he did brought him one step closer to that future that couldn’t be undone should it come to pass. Seriously, what had driven the crown prince to enter a deity sect? How bothersome! Continue reading

OMF V2C3 The Same Type of Man

Bai Fen wasn’t one to let things go just like that though. At least not in this case. After all, the person in question was her son’s future husband. If there was something wrong, she’d rather know beforehand to make sure that there wouldn’t be another disaster happening in the future. “Qiu Ling, you —”
“Ah!” Qiu Ling morphed his expression into a curious one and smiled brightly. “How was Jing He as a child?”
Bai Fen frowned at his diversion. It seemed there really was something wrong. Unfortunately, she wasn’t sure how to get him to confess the matter. In that case, it might be best to let Jing He handle this when he got back. Until then, Qiu Ling shouldn’t be able to stir up more trouble, should he? After all, he had just been warned. Continue reading

OMF V2C88 He Turned His Life Upside Down

“My love, you shouldn’t hastily promise anything.” Qiu Ling looked at Jing Yi imploringly, his thoughts clearly written on his face: My love, we wanted to marry when we return! What if that stupid mission takes a lot of time? Let’s just turn them down and enjoy our blissful life as a couple!
Jing Yi observed the minute changes in Qiu Ling’s expression before he hastily turned back to Sect Master Yuchi. The longer he looked at that man, the more he would start to waver. But this wasn’t something he could waver on. The sect was important. Especially now that he had finally started cultivating he should do his part. Continue reading

OMF V2C85 He Lacks Moral Integrity

In the end, Sect Master Yuchi called his youngest disciple over with a candidate in mind.
Yu Jin cupped his hands and bowed to his master before taking the seat he offered him. He didn’t say anything and just sat there, looking at the man.
Yuchi Bing Xia repressed a sigh. Haish, that child, still not talking if you don’t ask him anything directly. “Yu Jin, you’re probably surprised that I called you over so suddenly. I hope I didn’t disturb your cultivation.”
“Mn.” Yu Jin just gave a murmur that could mean anything. He didn’t look surprised at all. In fact, there wasn’t any kind of expression on his face. It was as if the problems that worried the mortals and immortals were nothing to him. In his eyes, everything seemed to be dust. Continue reading

OMF V2C43 Can’t Even Fault Him

Qiu Ling and Jing Yi both froze. So … what now? Qiu Ling silently lifted his head and looked into Jing Yi’s eyes. He certainly didn’t want to stop!
He hugged his beloved and stroked his hair, gently pushing it back behind his ears. “How about we forget we heard something and just continue?” He gave him a disarming smile and closed in again, pursing his lips.
Before he could take over Jing Yi’s lips, a hand clasped over his mouth, though. Jing Yi shook his head and cleared his throat. “Senior martial brother Qiu … get off, please.”
Qiu Ling lifted his brows. Whoa! One could actually still say ‘senior martial brother’ in such a way after kissing like that? He never would have expected such a thing!
“Senior martial brother”, reminded Jing Yi when he didn’t get a response.
Qiu Ling smiled and tilted his head. “Mn? What did you say, my love?”
“Get off, please.”
“Eh?” Qiu Ling tilted his head to the other side. “It seems you weren’t speaking loud enough. I couldn’t quite catch that.”
Once again, someone knocked on the door and this time a male voice floated in: “Xiao Yi! You’re not up yet? It’s our day for practicing the sword! Did you forget?”
Jing Yi frowned at Qiu Ling. He had always thought that this senior martial brother of his was a little weird but now he noticed for the first time just how shameless he was. “Senior martial brother!”, he hissed and uneasily glanced at the door.
“Call me Qiu Ling!”
Jing Yi’s brow twitched. “If I do, will you get off?”
Qiu Ling smiled even more brightly. “I’ll consider it!”
Jing Yi took a deep breath. Alright. If that would make that guy move, then he’d do it. It wasn’t like he was losing out just because he called him by his name. “Qiu Ling. Please, get off now.”
“Ah!” Qiu Ling wrapped his arms around him and nuzzled Jing Yi’s shoulder with his head. “Say it again!” He loved hearing his name from his beloved’s lips! Wasn’t this just Jing He’s way of telling him how much he loved him? Of course, someone as shy as his beloved wouldn’t dare to speak his innermost thoughts aloud at just any moment. The atmosphere had to be right for that. Thus, he could only resort to showing his love in a more roundabout way.
Ah, how nice, getting a love confession early in the morning!
Jing Yi frowned. Hadn’t that guy just promised to get off when he called him by his name? Why was he still lying on top of him?!
He wanted to question him but just then, the voice from outside sounded again. “Xiao Yi! Xiao Yi? Are you alright?” The faint sound of someone pacing up and down could be heard before the person stopped in front of the door again. “I’m coming in!”
“No!” Jing Yi protested but it was already too late. Shao Hai had opened the door and, of course, he had seen them in this incriminating position.
Shao Hai stood there in the doorway, dumbstruck. What was going on? Why was his Xiao Yi lying in bed with another man? He looked at Qiu Ling, unable to figure out what was going on.
Qiu Ling gave him a smug look. See that? You might have gotten his first kiss in this life but I’ll get everything else! I dare you to try to get close to him again!
Seeing that gaze, Shao Hai came out of his shock and pointed at Qiu Ling. “Scoundrel! What are you doing with my Xiao Yi?!”
Qiu Ling slowly lifted his brows. “Your Xiao Yi? And we’re cuddling, can’t you see?”
“You!” Shao Hai’s hands shook. “You …”
Qiu Ling smiled even more and rubbed his head on Jing Yi’s chest, guiding Shao Hai’s gaze to the half-opened robe of his friend.
Shao Hai gaped. That … That scoundrel was trying to take advantage of his Xiao Yi! “I’ll kill you!”
Qiu Ling blinked. “What for?”
“Obviously because you’ve tried to take advantage of my beloved!”
“Hah?” Qiu Ling raised his brows. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why would I want to take advantage of your beloved if I have someone as beautiful as Jing He at my side?”
Jing Yi’s lips twitched. That guy still hadn’t gotten his name right and neither had he gotten up! “Senior martial brother Qiu. Why don’t you get up to talk about that?”
“Ah, my love, don’t worry. I won’t just leave! I’ll stay with you!” He bent down to kiss Jing Yi but Shao Hai finally charged at him.
Qiu Ling frowned. This guy! Not only had he stolen his beloved’s first kiss from him he had even dared to disturb them when things were getting good. He had to be punished!
He propped himself up on one elbow and greeted Shao Hai with a kick that let him crash heavily onto the floor. Qiu Ling smiled smugly. Hah! That’s what you’ll get for messing with me!
“Now that I think about it: What are you doing here? Just barging into somebody else’s room this early in the morning.” He shook his head. “My love clearly didn’t invite you in. What if he had been doing something that shouldn’t be seen by strangers? How inappropriate!”
Shao Hai gritted his teeth. “You’re the inappropriate one! You’re the stranger! I was just checking up on a friend! What’s bad about that? But you … you … Ugh!” He stood up and clenched his fists. “You came to his room to shamelessly take advantage of him!”
“Tch! What shamelessly taking advantage? What stranger? I’m his fiance!”
This response effectively shut Shao Hai up. It also stunned Jing Yi.
This … when had that guy become his fiance?
“Senior martial brother Qiu …” Jing Yi wanted to rectify the matter at once but Shao Hai reacted faster.
“You … You actually accepted his proposal, Xiao Yi? What about me? I’ve been pursuing you for years!” He threw an accusing glare at Jing Yi. Then, he turned on his heel and ran out, leaving Jing Yi no time to respond.
Qiu Ling smiled. “Don’t forget to close the door behind you!”, he called after him but, of course, only silence could be heard outside. Qiu Ling sighed. “Ah, children these days … Well, whatever.” He turned back around to Jing Yi and rubbed his hands. “How about we continue where we left off?” Before he got an answer, his hand already returned to Jing Yi’s neck.
“Senior martial brother. Stop it.”
Qiu Ling sighed again. “I know the atmosphere isn’t right anymore. But you don’t have to worry: Just give me a bit of time and you’ll certainly be in the mood again!”
Jing Yi looked at him with a deadpan expression. “The door’s still open.”
“Oh. Let me close it for you!” Qiu Ling’s gaze didn’t leave Jing Yi’s face for even a moment.
“Yes, please do so.” Jing Yi prepared to leap to his feet as soon as Qiu Ling stood up to close the door. Unfortunately, he hadn’t known that Qiu Ling didn’t need to do so.
Qiu Ling just carelessly waved and a breeze closed the door. Ah, being a dragon really had its perks. Now he could continue what he had started.
He bent down, his lips aiming for Jing Yi’s neck. Mn … This time, nobody would —
A hand made contact with his forehead and prevented him from bridging the last inch between himself and Jing Yi’s fair skin.
Qiu Ling pursed his lips and tried to reach him like that but it was still too far. In the end, he could only sigh and look up. “What is it, my love? Are you really not in the mood anymore? Just trust me!”
“It’s not about that. What made you say you’re my fiance in front of Shao Hai?”
Qiu Ling blinked. “Well, he said I’m a stranger but I’m clearly your fiance. Isn’t it the right thing to do to tell him?”
Jing Yi frowned. So that hadn’t just been a joke? That guy really thought that? “Since when have you been my fiance?”
“Well, we’re not married yet. What else would I be if not your fiance?”
Jing Yi’s lips moved but he didn’t get any sound out.
“Mn, it’s alright. I know you’re shy.” Qiu Ling plucked Jing Yi’s hand from his forehead and tried once again.
“That’s not it! I’ve rejected you, have you forgotten already?”
Qiu Ling froze. “But … haven’t you reconsidered?”
“No! What gave you the impression?”
Qiu Ling tilted his head. “Well … the kissing and cuddling?”
Jing Yi was floored. This time, he couldn’t even fault Qiu Ling for it.

OMF V2C4 Sweet-Talking His Mother-In-Law

Qiu Ling rushed straight to the teahouse, looking at the entrance with indescribable happiness. Ah, he’d see him again soon. Mn … Qiu Ling closed his eyes and breathed deeply. He had to calm down. He didn’t want to storm right in, sweep his beloved off his feet and hug him.
Well, he did want to do that but no, he couldn’t. It would leave a bad impression on his mortal mother-in-law. And as his other mother-in-law had said: Making sure that his relationship with Jing He’s mortal mother was a good one had the highest priorities now!
Thus, Qiu Ling stormed right in, grabbed Madam Zhong’s hands and showed her a brilliant smile. “Mother-in-law, I’m back!”
Madam Zhong was stunned. She had just bid her son farewell and now this man had returned. And he was extremely excited it seemed. “You …”
“Did you miss me?” He only smiled wider, not at all noticing that Madam Zhong was feeling a little out of sorts. Neither did he notice the three dragons that were sitting at one of the tables, watching his antics. Continue reading

OMF V2C8 Love Makes People Stupid

Shun Tao rubbed his forehead. Even though Leng Jin Yu’s words seemed logical and he agreed with him, this didn’t mean that he had another choice! He hadn’t wanted to be harsh with her but she just didn’t understand if he wasn’t! What else was he supposed to do?
Leng Jin Yu could see that the Fate’s Scribe found himself to be in a dilemma. He sighed. “After everything I saw this week, I believe that even if you just said some nice words to her it would be enough to let her walk on air. In the end, she did try to help you and she was the main reason your punishment wasn’t as heavy. Even if you don’t love her, don’t you feel at least a little grateful to her? Being loved so much and having someone who is willing to sacrifice everything for you … Doesn’t that move you?”
Shun Tao closed his eyes and sighed. Well, Leng Jin Yu was right in a sense. Even though he had never asked anything more of her than observing those gods and reporting to him she had done everything for him. And moreover … she would be banished soon. That wouldn’t have happened had he not gotten her involved. Maybe … Maybe he really owed her at least some nice words?
“Alright. I’ll go see her.” Continue reading

OMF V2C6 Realizing the Truth

Shun Tao acknowledged Leng Jin Yu’s words with a nod and the two of them left Qiang Yan’s study to discuss their further steps at Shun Tao’s palace.
Leng Jin Yu’s thoughts were already wandering to the things the Fate’s Scribe would order him to do. If this mission could really get him into the God of War’s palace … It would be unbelievable luck. Some fateful coincidences had led him to meet the God of War and somehow he had managed to leave a good impression on him, leading to being assigned this mission.
Just when he thought about that, he noticed a woman in an orange dress slowly walking toward them. That type of dress was the official clothing for female servants of the lowest tier. Even he would normally not pay any attention to it but that gait was just too familiar. Her feet were always dangling in the air for a moment before she put them down, then she would almost come to a standstill before she lifted the other foot, dangled it in the air and repeated the whole process. It was the typical, worried gait of Hong Bao. She had done that a hundred times in front of him while bemoaning how the Fate’s Scribe didn’t pay her any attention. Continue reading

OMF V2C1 Reporting. Again.

“Oh? Such a thing happened in the Nine Heavens?” The man brushed through his copper-colored hair and touched the gem embedded in his earlobe while his brows rose in surprise. “How very interesting. Do we also know what punishment the Heavenly Emperor gave?”
“No, Your Majesty. The information comes from the Court of Justice and was acquired before the God of Justice and the God of War went to report.”
“I see.” The demon king turned around with a charming smile. “Then tell him to pay more attention to the matter. I’m sure we’ll be able to use this to our advantage.”
“Yes.” The demon nodded and left the throne room. Continue reading