OMF V2C169 Don’t Get into Trouble

“Master!” Qiu Ling barged into Grandmaster Zhangsun’s palace like always, not caring at all that his Master was meditating. Anyway, this guy was his Master so he should take time to advise him!

Zhangsun Xun Yi let out a sigh. What else had he expected of his so-called ‘disciple’? He never came and if he did, he was behaving like this. Anyway, it seemed that his disciple had gone a step further today: He had brought somebody over. The Grandmaster furrowed his brows but didn’t open his eyes. Qiu Ling had come again to make a ruckus. Even though he wasn’t his actual disciple, he shouldn’t entertain him. Otherwise, he would never mend his ways. Mn, this was actually quite good. Even though he couldn’t teach him how to fight, he could at least teach him some manners!

“Master!” Qiu Ling cried out again and pulled Jing Yi into his Master’s room. “Here, my love, sit down.” Qiu Ling led him to the place in front of Zhangsun Xun Yi, offering a seat.

“Senior —” Jing Yi wanted to protest but he couldn’t get a word out before Qiu Ling had taken a seat himself and pulled him down.

Grandmaster Zhangsun cracked his eyes open after all. Ah. So it turned out the person his disciple brought was the boy he had proposed to. Well, it was to be expected. He already wanted to go back to meditating when he thought of that man’s words from five years ago. It seemed he couldn’t just ignore this.

Zhangsun Xun Yi sighed to himself and opened his eyes completely, taking a closer look at the two of them. His disciple was as frivolous as ever but the boy had lowered his head in embarrassment. Mn, not bad. Maybe he could be a good influence on Qiu Ling. “What is it?”

“Master, it’s like this: I want to take Jing He out to pl— er … to travel around and temper ourselves!”

Zhangsun Xun Yi pretended he hadn’t heard his disciple’s slip of the tongue. Anyway, even if he did play around, it wouldn’t change anything. He had the talent to do something like this. Rather than worrying about him … The Grandmaster turned to Jing Yi. “Jing He, you don’t have a Master in the outer sect, is that right?”

Jing Yi nodded and tried to ignore the fact that Grandmaster Zhangsun would also remember his name wrong thanks to Qiu Ling. He didn’t dare to correct him. This was the highest-ranking person in the Yun Zou Sect, after all! Shao Hai had told him that he was even more important than the actual Sect Master. That type of person … He could be happy if he got even half his name correct, right?

Zhangsun Xun Yi saw that Jing Yi seemed upset about something but he didn’t ask. He wouldn’t make things difficult for those two but he also wouldn’t help without reason. A relationship that was only formed through outside forces might not be as stable as one that was based on feelings and their own achievements in the long run. That would be dangerous considering a cultivator’s life span. No, he should let them figure these things out on their own. “Very well. Then you may go. If you get into trouble …” He once again thought back to that man’s words. If even he didn’t know if he could teach Qiu Ling anything, then asking him to send him a message if he needed help was idiocy. His disciple wouldn’t need it. Even if he offended somebody, he would be able to force his way out. Rather than that … he was afraid of what kind of crazy thing he might come up with for this boy. Obviously, he didn’t know what the word ‘restraint’ meant.

The Grandmaster sighed. “Just don’t get into trouble.” He pondered whether there was anything else he had to say and glanced at Jing Yi again. Right. There was still that problem …

He turned back to Qiu Ling, looking at him gravely. “There is one other thing you should remember: I don’t mind you playing around outside but you should better let that boy learn something. I don’t mind you marrying him but there are certain rules in the Yun Zou Sect. As my disciple, you won’t be able to marry someone from the outer sect without difficulty so you better see to it that he gets good enough to be transferred to the inner sect by the time you come back.”

“Ah?” Qiu Ling’s smile broke down. He couldn’t marry his beloved if he wasn’t a good enough cultivator? Who made such a stupid rule?! That guy needed a thorough beating!

Grandmaster Zhangsun ignored his disciple’s expression and turned to Jing Yi again. “You probably also wouldn’t want to become an embarrassment to him. I’ll give you a year to travel outside. Afterward, you should have at least reached the root stage considering that my disciple gave you the Amethyst Lightning pill.”

“Root stage?” Jing Yi couldn’t help but get flustered. The root stage was the second stage of cultivating after the seed stage. He had tried to learn everything he could about cultivation since the day he had gotten into the sect but he still hadn’t even managed to enter the seed stage. How could he reach the root stage in one year?! Especially since … he had already given the Amethyst Lightning pill back. And even if he could ask back for it now … he didn’t want to do that. He wanted to cultivate by his own efforts, just relying on his own talent. Was that really asking too much?

Qiu Ling looked at Jing Yi’s troubled expression with bewilderment. He had no idea what this stage was but it couldn’t be anything good if his beloved looked like that! He grabbed Jing Yi’s hands. “You don’t have to reach anything, my love. Just do what you want. I’ll always stay with you no matter what stage you are. My love for you isn’t bound by anything.” He leaned forward, pursing his lips for a kiss but was once again met with a hand. Ah, what a pity. Even such loving words couldn’t get him a kiss …

Meanwhile, Grandmaster Zhangsun was even more afraid that Qiu Ling would get into trouble outside. Well, on the bright side, he would at least not be hitting on somebody else’s partner.

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