OMF V2C167 Average at Most

While Jing Yi did indeed finally reconsider, Shao Hai had run out of the building and rushed back to his own room, shutting himself in before he crouched on the floor and covered his face with his hands. This couldn’t be happening. This just couldn’t be happening! Why would his Xiao Yi consider marrying that guy?! He didn’t believe it!

Shao Hai cried by himself, unable to forget the scene he had just witnessed. His Xiao Yi … The person that he had believed he’d be going to marry in the future for a good half of a decade. It couldn’t really like this, could it? Why would Xiao Yi do that? Didn’t he have him already? Why would he want to marry that senior martial brother Qiu or whatever?

Shao Hai slowly lowered his hands, rubbing his cheeks in case somebody would come by. He also got up from the floor and instead walked over to the small table in front of the window, sitting down there.

He didn’t want it to end like this.

Shao Hai looked out of the window and pursed his lips. Maybe … Maybe he shouldn’t give up. It wasn’t too late yet, was it? After all, that guy had said that he would give Jing Yi seven days to consider. The seven days weren’t up yet. So maybe Jing Yi was still considering it.

In that case, he could still go and advise him not to do it. He could remind him of all the great things they had done together over the years. All the fun they had had and the good food they had eaten in the capital, how he tried to help him when Jing Yi couldn’t figure out how to take in spiritual energy and how they had gotten to know the Yun Zou Sect together and how he made that great suggestion of becoming a practitioner instead of a cultivator. Didn’t that make him a much better husband than that senior martial brother Qiu? Actually, what did that guy have other than a handsome face?

Shao Hai kicked the leg of the table in anger. Good-looking face, pah! Actually, that guy wasn’t that handsome. He was … He was average at most! Well, maybe slightly above average but nothing more than that.

Shao Hai pondered and then got up, pulling out a bronze mirror from a drawer in the bed. He looked at it and pursed his lips again. Maybe … He was a bit lacking in comparison. But anyway, he wasn’t as old as that guy! That bastard was probably a good ten years older than them. How could his Xiao Yi like such an old man? No, he definitely had to go and tell him that it couldn’t work out.

Shao Hai threw the mirror onto the bed and rushed to the door. He already started organizing his thoughts. He would just calculate it for him. How much of a difference ten years were right now and how much worse it would be when they grew old. That guy would be dead when Jing Yi became an old man! Who would want to marry someone like that?

He pushed the door open only to find Xiao Dong on the other side. Shao Hai’s brows twitched. This was really the last person he wanted to see right now. “I’m busy.” He pushed past him and ran down the corridor but Xiao Dong wouldn’t give up that easily either.

He followed Shao Hai, taking a look at his face. “What’s the matter?”

Shao Hai furrowed his brows and waved at him. “It’s nothing. Just thinking about stuff. I have something to do.”

Xiao Dong raised his brows. Something told him that the thing that Shao Hai had to do was nothing good. He probably wanted to go and bother his king’s beloved. He couldn’t let that happen! “Oh? So what’s that thing? Maybe I can help.”

Shao Hai shook his head. “There’s nothing you can do. Just leave.”

Hearing that Shao Hai didn’t want to have him there, Xiao Dong was even surer of his conjecture. This had to do with his king’s beloved. Well, in that case, he definitely couldn’t leave him alone! He continued to keep up with him and showed a thoughtful expression. “I actually came because it’s time for training. Could it be that you want to try a new technique today? Then if you don’t think that I can show you, I could help you find some dependable senior martial brother for that.”

Shao Hai glared at him, feeling that this person was strangely annoying today. “Don’t you have anything else to do? I’m busy.”

Xiao Dong pretended not to have heard that. Instead, he was even more sure that he had to stick to Shao Hai to make sure he wouldn’t go and bother his king’s beloved. Speaking of which …

He clasped his hands behind his back and looked up at the sky when they left the building. “I really don’t know what you’re being like this. I don’t have a problem with accompanying you. And don’t you feel that it’s good that at least I’m here? After all, Jing Yi won’t have much time to be with us anymore from now on.”

Shao Hai stopped in his tracks and turned to Xiao Dong. “What do you mean with that?”

Xiao Dong turned to look at him and raised his brows as if surprised. “Well, if he marries … senior martial brother Qiu, then he’ll naturally spend more time with him and won’t be able to be with others. Furthermore, senior martial brother Qiu is obviously very talented. Why would he want us to teach him anything if he can just ask him? So I’m afraid we won’t see him very often in the future.”

Shao Hai shook. It couldn’t be that his Xiao Yi wasn’t happy with him because he hadn’t made much progress over the years, could it? But he also didn’t care that Xiao Yi hadn’t been able to cultivate! If it was his decision, then they could’ve even returned to the capital and just lived with their families again. Wasn’t that also very good?

He pursed his lips and turned away from Shao Hai. “Well, who knows if he’ll really marry him? Actually, I don’t think he will. After that week, he’ll certainly reject him.”

Xiao Dong really wanted to teach that stupid human a lesson. How dare he talk about his king like this?! “Well, I don’t think you’re right with that. Obviously, senior martial brother Qiu is good in every regard. Why wouldn’t he marry him?”

Shao Hai whirled around and gripped the lapel of Xiao Dong’s robe, shaking him. “If he’s so good, then why don’t you go and marry him?!”

Xiao Dong looked at him and finally reached up, patting his hands while he leaned closer. Ah, his target was just delivering himself to his doorstep. He’d be an idiot if he didn’t take advantage of him. Thus he gave a cheeky smile. “Well, isn’t that because I want to marry you?”

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