OMF V2C159 Drunken Stupor

In his drunken stupor, Qiu Ling had made his way out of the Yun Zou Sect’s special dimension and into the outer sect. As intoxicated as he was, he neither remembered his proposal nor the harsh rejection he had gotten in return. He just wanted to see his beloved so he went to find him. He followed the faint feeling of the mark that he had left on Jing Yi’s body at his birth and thus ended up in front of his door.

Who cared how he looked right now? Who cared how late it was? Ah, finally, he could see his beloved again!

Qiu Ling gave a happy smile, making Jing Yi tense even more.

The person he had rejected suddenly turned up in front of his door and something didn’t seem quite right about him. This smile was even more excited than before, the previously meticulously combed hair had a few strands sticking out of it and entangled around his sleeves, his robe was crumpled and he didn’t stand quite straight. Just what had happened?

Jing Yi lightly furrowed his brows. “Senior martial —”

“Jing He!” Qiu Ling lunged forward, hugged him to his chest … and lost his balance. The two of them landed on the ground in a heap of limbs and long sleeves.

“Ah!” Jing Yi yelped and pressed his eyes shut, trying to bite back the pain. “Senior martial brother Qiu!” Jing Yi tried to push him off but Qiu Ling was too heavy and not cooperative at all. “Senior …” Jing Yi stopped once again. This … What was with the even breathing next to his ear?

He turned his head only to be faced with a happily-smiling face. The eyes were closed though. This guy couldn’t have fallen asleep on top of him, could he? Wouldn’t he have to spend the whole night with him like this?!

Just what … Jing Yi’s brows furrowed together and he sniffed the air. This … He knew that smell from the capital city. That should be some type of wine. So could it be … had senior martial brother Qiu gotten drunk? Was this … because of his rejection?

Jing Yi looked at him uneasily, biting his lower lip. It seemed he had hurt him even more than he had thought. Well, there was nothing he could do about that now. If anything, he could only try to talk to him tomorrow again. If he told him why he had decided the way he did … Maybe that would reassure him? Anyway, it was the only thing he could try.

Jing Yi sighed. He’d see about that tomorrow. Right now, there was nothing he could do. Qiu Ling wasn’t going to budge and he wasn’t strong enough to shove him off.

“Being a real cultivator must be nice, they certainly wouldn’t lack the strength for something like this.” He wriggled around and finally managed to at least free his arms. He sighed. Well, this was at least a bit better. Though, that senior martial brother of his was quite heavy. How was he supposed to sleep like this?

Especially … His gaze locked on the door to the room that was still open. Qiu Ling had thrown himself at him so fast that he hadn’t managed to close it and had only stumbled back a step or two. Whoever went through the corridor outside would see them lying on the ground together in that kind of pose.

Jing Yi tried to imagine how that would be. There was only one answer to that: awkward. Even more awkward than lying on the ground with a man who was more or less a stranger or being proposed to in front of almost the whole sect.

No, he really couldn’t accept this! “Senior martial brother Qiu?” Jing Yi turned his head and whispered into his ear.

His breath moved the black strands of hair that had loosened from Qiu Ling’s hairstyle and tickled his ear. He twitched a bit in his sleep.

Jing Yi smiled. It seemed this might actually work. “Senior martial brother Qiu,” he repeated and wriggled around some more.

“Jing He …” Qiu Ling’s words were nothing more than a whisper as well but a beautiful smile grazed his lips. It was pretty obvious what he was dreaming of at this moment.

“It’s Jing Yi though.” Jing Yi gripped Qiu Ling’s shoulder and shook him. “Senior martial brother, you’re heavy. Please, get up?”

“Mn …” Qiu Ling frowned. “My heart’s heavy too.”

Jing Yi closed his eyes. Heavens! Even while drunk this guy managed to make him feel guilty! He shouldn’t have rejected him like that. He really shouldn’t have. There certainly would have been a better way. “We … We can talk about it again when you wake up.”

“Mn …” The only answer he got was Qiu Ling snuggling up even closer, rubbing his cheek against Jing Yi’s shoulder.

Jing Yi frowned. This guy was getting comfortable on top of him! “Senior —” He stopped. That wouldn’t wake him up. Hadn’t he tried often enough to know that already? He could call out as much as he wanted, this guy wouldn’t move a single inch. So did he really have to remain lying here like this?

Jing Yi stared at the ceiling of his room, feeling unwilling. If this was somebody he knew, he might still accept it but this was a stranger whose proposal he had rejected. He definitely couldn’t let things continue! In that case, he had to try everything he could to make him move. Considering his behavior so far … there was one thing that might work. He felt awkward just thinking about it though.

Jing Yi examined the face that had occupied his mind for the whole day. With a strange feeling inside, he leaned closer. “My love, you’re hurting me. Please, get up?”

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