OMF V2C118 Venting Your Grievances for You

Jin Ling sat up and stared at the foot of the bed. He really wanted to give a sigh or maybe even curse out loud but then he would also have to explain that. He couldn’t be bothered to do that.

He turned to the side, his bare feet touching the ground and fished up his robe. He didn’t even bother to look at the woman behind him and silently put it on, getting up to go. Just when he had taken a single step, there was a tug on his sleeve.

Jin Ling closed his eyes, ready to utter a curse.

“Jin Ling … Are you leaving?” Continue reading

OMF V2C114 Showcasing His Strength

Zhou Wu smiled, cupped his hands and bowed. “Don’t worry, Master. Your disciple won’t disappoint you.” He looked at Qiu Ling and raised his chin. Hadn’t that Sect Master of the Yun Zou Sect said that this guy hadn’t been in the sect for long? If that was the case, then Grandmaster Zhangsun couldn’t have taught him much. It wouldn’t be impossible to beat him. No, not just that. He would definitely beat him! The honor of his Master and their Yang Huo Sect depended on it!

He went up onto a jade ring in the middle of the clearing and looked at Qiu Ling again. The dragon king beamed. He was a little sad that he couldn’t bask in his beloved’s attention any longer but he was hyped up that he was finally able to compete.

Watch me, my love! I’ll show you my might! Continue reading

OMF V2C113 What Kind of Suggestion Was That?

Elder Gongxi gulped. How had he gotten into this situation? Being asked to duel by someone from the younger generation … Had he any face left at all?! Just thinking about it, he was too embarrassed to answer. Why didn’t he have some mystic artifact to turn back time for half an hour so he could wait for somebody else to jump out and call that boy a demon? Then he could claim to be righteous and chastise that guy for accusing someone without proof before anyone else could react! Ah, he would have ingratiated himself with that young genius and Grandmaster Zhangsun and his image would have become better. Now …

He could only sigh. “This, I’m afraid it’s not too good. See, I’ll apologize to you. I was wrong. You aren’t a demon.”

“I know! I said so from the beginning!” Qiu Ling was getting impatient. Damn that old geezer! He should just come down and let him beat him up! Continue reading

OMF V2C112 He Couldn’t Be Slighted

Naturally, that wasn’t what the Elders were shocked about. They just couldn’t believe what Grandmaster Zhangsun had said. Unique constitution? Divine constitution dragon body? That was impossible!

Unique constitutions were rare and divine constitutions were even more seldom seen. In fact, there had only been two confirmed cases of someone having a dragon body in the history of all the sects currently present at the gathering.

There was one additional rumor about a heavenly genius that also possessed one but nobody had been able to verify that so the cultivators liked to believe that somebody had just tried to gain attention. But come to think of it … that rumored genius was said to also be part of the Yun Zou Sect. Continue reading

OMF V2C111 He Always Knew He’s Divine

In the audience, Xiao Dong wanted to argue for his king but one look from the person in question made him fall silent. Why did he feel like he was being insulted with this look? It seemed to say ‘You stay away with that golden hair and blue eyes of yours or do you want to condemn me? Even an idiot should be able to think this far ahead!’ Xiao Dong’s head drooped. Right, he had forgotten that he himself would easily be mistaken for a demon due to his appearance. He was of no use to his king once again.

Qiu Ling didn’t bother about him and turned to the stage. “What did you just say?”

“Silence!” The Elder’s red sleeves flourished when he grabbed his sword. “This is no place for a demon to speak his mind!”

Qiu Ling cracked his knuckles. This guy actually dared to call him a demon again! He should teach him a — Continue reading

OMF V2C110 An Incident at the Gathering

The Elder nodded and motioned at his two disciples standing to the side to bring over a cauldron.

Jing Yi curiously watched the procedure. The cauldron was about a meter in diameter with three sturdy legs, two beautifully carved handles at the side and a lid that had been engraved. Unfortunately, Jing Yi couldn’t see what they depicted from his place in the audience. He could only admire it from afar. He turned to Shao Hai and tugged at his sleeve.

Shao Hai turned to him and smiled brightly, happy that his future bright was giving him an opportunity to shine. “What is it, Xiao Yi?” Continue reading

OMF V2C109 Such a Face

Jing Yi really wanted to reach to the side and tug at Shao Hai’s sleeve to get a second opinion on this. Just why was this man looking like this? And why did it seem as if he was looking in their direction?

Just when he wondered about that, a dull thud sounded behind them. The connection between the two people broke and Jing Yi glanced over his shoulder, his brows jumping up. There was actually a martial sister lying on the ground.

“What happened?” One of the Elders made his way over and frowned.

“She fainted.” Continue reading

OMF V2C107 A White Robe

Zhangsun Xun Yi’s brows twitched, furrowing even further together in the process. He raised his gaze to the person squatting in front of his desk with an excited expression. Never mind that this disciple had run from the special dimension and that person’s care and then didn’t return for five years, how could he just casually ask for something like this?

The Grandmaster sighed and shook his head. “The list of participants was already finalized weeks ago.”

Qiu Ling didn’t answer and just looked at him. What finalized weeks ago? He had only heard about it two weeks ago. It couldn’t be that that had already been too late, could it? No, that was impossible! He had prepared so much just so he could impress his beloved today. He definitely wouldn’t let go of this opportunity! Continue reading

OMF V2C105 The Same Rejection

This was the second time Xiao Dong had received the honor of being assigned a mission by his king. The first one had been very hard for him to accomplish. In fact, even though he tried his best, he hadn’t really contributed any major achievements. If anything, then he only sometimes managed to make sure that Shao Hai wouldn’t be able to get close to His Majesty’s beloved and instead had to train his sword arts. This could hardly be called a contribution at all.

But this second mission seemed much easier in comparison. He only had to find a special opportunity for His Majesty to appear before his beloved. That couldn’t be so difficult, could it? No, he was sure that this time, nothing would go wrong!

With that thought in mind, Xiao Dong started to inquire about any mortal festivities that would come up soon. Wasn’t there some festival intended for lovers to confess their feelings? Wasn’t there some festival where people would go out and have fun while wearing masks so that His Majesty would be able to hide his identity and then get close to his beloved in that manner? Continue reading

OMF V2C104 A Special Occasion

Xiao Dong sheathed his sword and hurried over to the two of them, grabbing Shao Hai by the shoulder and pulling him away. “What are you even saying? You barely managed to get through the simple manual yourself and you want to teach him?! Aren’t you afraid you’ll teach him something wrong?”

Shao Hai slapped his hand away and furrowed his brows. “What are you even saying? I might not have been fast and there might still be some things I’m not very good at but I have managed to get through the manual! So how could it be wrong? And furthermore, I’m just helping him out a bit. He could take a look at the manual himself. And if there’s something he doesn’t understand, then we can still go and ask the seniors!” Continue reading