OMF V2C35 Why Not?

Qiu Ling took a deep breath to recover from the shock of being asked that question. Ah, this Grandmaster was really vicious to start off with something like that! Now, what should he say? He had no idea how long humans normally lived and … he couldn’t remember his own age either. He had stopped counting at ten thousand. After that … it had been a few thousand years until he took over the throne. And then … it had been a few more thousand years until he met Jing He so …

Qiu Ling furrowed his brows. Ah, it was hard to believe that he was so much older than his beloved! Although Jing He liked mature men, it would still have been nice to be a little closer in age. Wouldn’t it have been enough to just be ten thousand years older? That should count as more mature, shouldn’t it?

Seeing Qiu Ling’s distressed expression, Elder Kong’s lips twitched. It seemed he had been right to worry before. This guy was the type to worry about appearance! What was so hard about saying his age? Continue reading

OMF V2C34 A Ruthless Question

The Sect Master had no idea that while he had sneaked out with his disciple, things were happening in his sect that would turn everything upside down in a mere decade. Had he known … well, there was nothing he could have done anyway. From the moment Zhong Jing Yi met Wu Min Huan in the Long country’s capital city, the fate of the Yun Zou Sect had been sealed. After all, wherever the Son of Heaven’s reincarnation went a certain dragon king wasn’t far and he was just too good at stirring up trouble along the way.

Currently, Qiu Ling was proudly evaluating his handiwork. Ah, it had been a while since he used his sword for something as basic as destroying a building but it seemed his skill hadn’t diminished in the least. One quick, well-aimed strike and the ugly hut had collapsed in itself like a house of cards. Mn, the technique was the most important. You had to hit the right place, then it wouldn’t be difficult at all. Of course, that was just in theory. Knowing about it and being able to do it were two completely different things. The fact that he had managed to achieve it with just one strike should convince these guys from the Yun Zou Sect that he was special and deserved to meet the Grandmaster, right? Continue reading

OMF V2C33 His Final Resting Place

Yuchi Bing Xia took another look at the person on the ground and finally picked up the jade pendant hanging from his waist. He had first wanted to take the sword but then he felt that it wouldn’t be right. A man that had held onto his weapon until he took his last breath should be allowed to hold onto it after his death as well. And even though it might have given Yu Jin a sense of security to see and maybe hold his Master’s sword, there would be other ways to achieve that. Seeing his Master’s pendant was enough to confirm that he had passed on. For now, that would need to suffice.

“Let’s go back then.” Yuchi Bing Xia turned away and went back to where they had left Yu Jin, his disciple silently following behind him.

Wu Min Huan couldn’t help but be worried about how Yu Jin would take the news. He himself had always admired his Master very much. Just imagining that something might happen to him made him feel desolate. Just how much worse would it have to be for Yu Jin when he saw his Master’s jade pendant? Never being able to see the person that had painstakingly taught him all these years ever again … It might hurt even more than the physical injury he had received. And with this one, there was no way to heal fast and nobody would be able to help him either. Continue reading

OMF V2C32 Holding Their Sword until the very Last Moment

“Careful.” Yuchi Bing Xia held onto Yu Jin and helped him to sit down again. “I’m afraid you’re in no condition to go search for him. How about this? You wait here and focus on treating your injury while we go and have a look around the vicinity. If you were attacked here, your Master should still be close by. He wouldn’t have abandoned you, would he?”

Yu Jin kept quiet, his brows furrowed in a mixture of pain and worry. In the end, he shook his head.

Yuchi Bing Xia patted his shoulder with satisfaction. Mn, this type of obedient disciple really was the best. If he and his Master were wandering cultivators, then maybe he could convince them to join the Yun Zou Sect together. Nobody said that he himself had to take in Yu Jin as his disciple. He would also welcome a Master with a talented disciple. Having more Elders wasn’t a bad thing and with Yu Jin’s achievements at such a young age, his Master shouldn’t be too shabby either. Ah, helping those two in times of need might just be a lucky coincidence for their Yun Zou Sect. Continue reading

OMF V2C31 Rival Him in Looks and Talent

Even though Yuchi Bing Xia would have liked nothing more than to grab the youth and carry him off to the Yun Zou Sect, he still had a sense of propriety. He silently sat next to him with Wu Min Huan, sorting through the things he had with him. Maybe bribing him would be possible?

Ah, don’t get him wrong. Normally, he wouldn’t behave like this but everything just seemed right. Not giving in to temptation even in a hopeless situation, holding on even with just one breath left inside him, and as for his cultivation … When he had checked just now he had gotten a pleasant surprise. This child actually had full spirit veins but he had already reached the third stage despite being only in his twenties. How many disciples of their Yun Zou Sect could say the same about themselves?

Normally, reaching the third stage this fast was something that only the talents with heavenly or paired spirit veins could do. To think that somebody with full spirit veins had achieved the same … It was unthinkable. Having somebody like that as one’s disciple would be a dream come true. Continue reading

OMF V2C30 Recruiting Disciples?

Yuchi Bing Xia stopped in his tracks and motioned for his disciple to do the same. The shrubs at the side of the road rustled and the faint sound of shallow, labored breathing could be heard. Yuchi Bing Xia furrowed his brows. This wasn’t how an animal sounded so most likely …

He signaled for Wu Min Huan to continue waiting and approached the shrubs. He raised his hand, ready to attack if necessary. Nothing leaped at him though and there wasn’t an attack either, only the leaves continued to sway in the breeze. Yuchi Bing Xia wasn’t in a hurry to leave though. Something was there. There was no doubt about that.

He reached out further and parted the shrubs, exposing a pale hand. His brows furrowed further. This wasn’t the hand of a child but it was human nonetheless. He couldn’t see any injuries but the skin’s complexion showed that something was wrong with this person for sure. It was so pale that a mortal might have mistaken it for a patch of light from afar. Continue reading

OMF V2C29 A Group of Harmless Women

Yuchi Bing Xia and Wu Min Huan finally arrived at another village. It was several times smaller than the town they had visited before, only consisting of a dozen thatched huts.

Yuchi Bing Xia glanced at his disciple and waved him over towards the market square. A handful of women had gathered there, sorting through an assortment of wild plants and herbs. He cupped his fists and bowed. “Greetings, we’ve come from the Yun Zou Sect to investigate the disappearance of several children around this area. Might you know something about this occurrence?”

The women looked up and stared at Yuchi Bing Xia and Wu Min Huan. The two of them didn’t mind. A lot of villagers had never seen cultivators and only heard of them from some merchants or other travelers. Only the white robes they wore tipped this kind of people off that they might be the kind of person described in those stories.

One of the women got up and dusted off her hands, greeting them with a wide smile. “Greetings.” She fell silent afterward, not knowing what else to say. She only looked at Yuchi Bing Xia in a daze. Compared to the men in their village … She smiled awkwardly and twisted her fingers. Continue reading

OMF V2C28 The Doing of Demonic Practitioners?

Yuchi Bing Xia insisted on stopping at every village along the Long mountain range. He finally had the opportunity to leave the sect grounds with proper justification so naturally, he’d make full use of the situation.

Looking at the simple townsfolk that had gathered around the market square, he smiled brightly and smoothed out his sleeves. “Slowly, slowly. We aren’t in a hurry. We’ll listen to everyone’s worries.”

Wu Min Huan sighed. This wasn’t the first time his Master reacted like this. He had reminded him several times again that they were here to acquire missions for the sect, not to help out the villagers and townsfolk on their own. But what could he do? His Master obviously had a lot of fun doing it this way and regarded this more as an outing between them than a real task he should do as the Sect Master. Continue reading

OMF V2C27 Killing Two Birds with One Stone

In one of the palaces atop the peaks of the Yun Zou Sect, the Sect Master Yuchi Bing Xia rubbed his temple while his brush hovered over a ledger. Ah, the recruitment of new disciples had once again sorely diminished their funds. Maybe they should do it like the other sects and turn more children away. Those with minor or even full spirit veins didn’t add much strength to the sect anyway. Unfortunately, they were the ones that took up the most missions and got them the majority of their resources. Those talents with heavenly or paired spirit veins wouldn’t even bother to look for missions and only take part if their Masters forced them.

“We should send somebody to inquire after new missions. The funds are too low again. If things continue like this …” He sighed and continued to note down their expenses. Ah, soon enough he’d be asked for even more resources for the new disciples of high aptitude. With all of that … “Would you take care of the matter with the missions?”

He didn’t get an answer. Continue reading

OMF V2C26 Spirit Veins Depend on Fate

The woman laughed and nodded. “Yes, yes, they are. Now, listen carefully! I’ll explain this to you just once. You better remember it well. If you don’t understand something, ask right away.”

“Oh.” Jing Yi nodded and looked at her expectantly.

The disciple brandished her stick and wrote a character down next to one of the lines.

Jing Yi’s eyes widened. “What’s that?”

“It’s …” The woman tilted her head. “Wait. Little boy, do you know how to read?”


“Yes. Like … can you write things that you say down so other people could read them? Like writing a letter?” Continue reading