OMF V2C149 Take Them All?

Qiu Ling had a look around the Grandelder’s peak but didn’t encounter the old man. Neither did he find the Grandelder’s disciple Nian Fang Hong. Qiu Ling pursed his lips. That was just too bad. Now he couldn’t ask for a good cauldron.

Well, he wouldn’t give up though. Qiu Ling didn’t bother looking for either of them any longer and just entered the alchemy room that was reserved solely for the Grandelder’s use. The best pill refiner should have the best cauldron, wasn’t that right? Since he was the Grandelder he should be the best one around here. Even if he couldn’t hold a candle to the old geezer, getting his cauldron would still be better than just taking a random one.

Qiu Ling didn’t need to look for long to find what he was looking for: A big cauldron stood on a platform in the middle of the room. It had a round body that was engraved with depictions of some herbs or something that he didn’t know.

Qiu Ling didn’t care. He didn’t like alchemy at all even though it was currently quite popular in the dragon realm. Originally, it hadn’t been that way. After all, alchemy was something all dragons could learn. So being an alchemist in the dragon realm was just like having any other job: You did what you were asked for and then you got the corresponding amount of money for that work. End of story. They weren’t like the humans that would ask for strange favors in exchange for refining a single pill. But with it just being a regular job, there was also just a regular amount of people being interested in learning it. The occupation had only gotten popular after Jinde became king. After all, he had been hailed as a distinguished pill refiner long before he became king.

This was also the reason Qiu Ling had never even thought about touching alchemy. He had never liked Jinde so he instinctively rejected the thing that that guy liked. He had never regretted it either. Well, maybe he was right now.

Never mind the engraving but … was this a good cauldron? Since it was this prominently displayed it should be of high quality but would it be enough for his predecessor to refine the pill he needed? He didn’t know. He didn’t know what else to do either. There wasn’t anyone around and he couldn’t just take all the cauldrons on the peak with him, could he?

Qiu Ling paused at that idea. Mn, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad … He didn’t have to tell the old geezer. He could just take them, go over and present him the first one. If he wasn’t satisfied, he’d take out another one. Mn …

Qiu Ling contemplated the idea but finally decided against it. This cauldron looked pretty good. The old geezer should be satisfied. If not, he’d drag him out to take a look himself. What was with this attitude of wanting him to bring something he wasn’t knowledgeable about? That guy had probably done it on purpose!

Thus Qiu Ling made his way back to the formation and entered the special dimension once again. “Old geezer, I brought the cauldron and the remaining ingredients.” He hurried over to the boulder, took out the cauldron and placed it in the middle. Then, he put the last ingredients next to the herbs that Jinde had already prepared for the refinement process.

Jinde who had already dived back to the ground of the lake came back up, breaking through the surface of the water. Mn, that cauldron didn’t look too bad. Well, if he was still at the height of his power, he’d disdain it but currently, it was perfect. It should also be enough to refine the Amethyst Lightning pill.

Jinde walked the last few steps out of the water and waved his hand, drying his hair and his robe with spiritual energy. He took a deep breath and then stepped closer, picking up the first herb. “Alright. Then stand back now. Don’t interrupt me.” He frowned before he turned to Qiu Ling. “In fact, I think it would be for the best if you just went out for some hours.” He really didn’t want to imagine what would happen if Qiu Ling was there while he refined the pill. If this brat disturbed him somehow …

Qiu Ling frowned as well. “How could I do that? I have to present that pill as soon as possible to my beloved. I can’t miss even one second!”

Jinde observed Qiu Ling’s determined expression and finally sighed. It was definitely possible to make him leave. This brat was just like his father: When he decided on something, he had decided on it. You could try to talk sense into him for as long as you wanted, it wouldn’t work. He’d just pretend to be deaf and do as he wanted. He might as well save the breath and get to work. “Alright. But sit down over there. Don’t move around, don’t say anything. If you can’t do that, you might distract me and this will end in failure. Understood?”

Qiu Ling nodded eagerly and hurried to the place Jinde had indicated. He indeed sat down and even went as far as to put up an obedient expression. He couldn’t let the old geezer try to throw him out again! He had to stay adamant about this!

Jinde repressed a sigh. How often had he said the exact same thing to Qiu Ling’s father back then? It was a pity … He shook his head and turned to the cauldron. He had to stop thinking about it. He couldn’t have anything distract him. Not Qiu Ling, not his own thoughts. Anyway, he couldn’t bring Chun Yin back from the dead. Helping his son was the only thing he could do for now so he should do it as well as he could. There was no room for error.

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