OMF V2C166 Did I Hear Right?

Jing Yi closed his eyes and took another deep breath, giving himself a moment longer to make sure he wanted to do this. Only then did he look at Qiu Ling again. “Qiu Ling.”


“Wait a moment.”

Considering how his beloved had just looked at him, Qiu Ling indeed stopped. He didn’t get up though and just propped himself up on his elbows, looking at Jing Yi’s face.

“I …” Jing Yi licked his lips. He didn’t know how to say this. First fiercely rejecting him, then wavering, now almost reconsidering … If he was the other person, he’d probably be confused.

“What is it, my love?” Qiu Ling took his hand and interlaced their fingers.

Jing Yi looked at that hand. Qiu Ling was treating him so gently as if he was afraid that just a little more strength might hurt him. “I don’t know how to say this but … maybe … Give me a bit of time to think this through, alright?”

“Mn.” Qiu Ling nodded and started to wait.

Jing Yi waited as well. When he noticed that Qiu Ling still didn’t want to get up, he furrowed his brows. “Didn’t you just agree?”

“Sure! So, have you thought it through?” Whatever ‘it’ was. Qiu Ling didn’t really understand what his beloved meant, after all, he was still under the misconception that Jing Yi had already reconsidered.

Jing Yi sighed. “Qiu Ling, how long do you intend to stay like this? Look at what time it is.”

Qiu Ling gazed at the window blankly. The sun had already risen but one clearly couldn’t call the time late. “Isn’t it still early? We can still stay in bed for one or two hours. Ah, my love, these morning hours are precious. We shouldn’t waste them!”

“Indeed. So, please get up now.”

Qiu Ling turned a deaf ear once again.

Jing Yi frowned. “Qiu Ling, if you want me to reconsider my rejection, then you will get up. Right. Now.”

Qiu Ling sat up at once, smoothed out his robes, pushed back his hair and put on a brilliant smile. “Oh, so you were thinking about us. If that’s the case …” He helped Jing Yi up and even went so far as to tidy up his robe for him. He really was on his best behavior right now.

Jing Yi sighed. Why couldn’t he always be so reasonable? Then maybe … No, actually, had Qiu Ling been any different and not insisted then he never would have reconsidered. He would have rejected him and be done with it, maybe he would have quietly asked himself whether he had done the right thing but he wouldn’t have reached out to Qiu Ling.

“So … My love, is there anything I can do for you?”

Jing Yi shook his head and used the opportunity to stand up. “It’s alright.”

“Are you sure? Maybe there is something you want me to do for you or anything you want to have? Ah! I know! You’re still a mortal. You’ll need to eat, right?” He leaped to his feet and ran out before Jing Yi had time to say anything.

Jing Yi could only shake his head and sigh. The sect didn’t lack in food for the mortals in the outer sect. There was no need to trouble his senior martial brother with that but, well, it was already too late. He could only wait until Qiu Ling came back.

Jing Yi started to wash up and put on a clean robe but his thoughts couldn’t help but stay with Qiu Ling. Why was this guy so easily excitable? Though, it was nice seeing him so earnest about this. He was obviously trying to impress him. “Mn, it would be nice if I could talk about all this with mother …” Though, at the same time, he dreaded going back to the capital. After all, he hadn’t managed to cultivate even after five years. He was afraid his mother might be disappointed in him.

No, he had to find out what to do on his own.

“Eh?” Just when Jing Yi resolved himself to do so, the door opened again. Qiu Ling had already returned and upon hearing Jing Yi’s mumbling his face lit up. “Did I hear you say that you wanted to see mother-in-law?” He put the spirit fruits in his hands down and hurried over.

Jing Yi tensed. What ‘mother-in-law’?! This guy was getting ahead of himself again! “I was thinking about my mother.”

“Mn! How about I’ll take you there?” Qiu Ling’s eyes gleamed. This was just perfect! His mother-in-law liked him and she had promised him to help if her son liked him back. And his beloved was obviously reciprocating his feelings, he was just too shy to admit it. After he talked it over with his mother, he would accept him wholeheartedly! Hadn’t the same thing happened back then? Jing He had also been afraid at first but after having a good talk with the Heavenly Empress, he slowly eased up in his presence.

Jing Yi looked at Qiu Ling in a daze. “You … want to take me to the capital?”

“Yes!” Qiu Ling nodded eagerly. “Ah, you’d best pack your things right now! I’ll take you there immediately!”

Jing Yi opened his mouth but didn’t find anything to say. Why was Qiu Ling this thrilled at the prospect of meeting his mother? This shouldn’t be normal, right? Was he missing something?

Qiu Ling gripped his hands. “My love, there is no need to wait! Actually, while we’re at it, why don’t we travel a little longer? Didn’t you want to experience adventures? We can go and do that together!”

Jing Yi’s expression eased and he smiled a little. So this was what was up. Qiu Ling wasn’t excited because he would meet his mother, instead, he was excited because they would spend a lot of time together when they traveled. “There is one problem though. We can’t leave the sect grounds without reason.” There were rules in the Yun Zou Sect, after all.

“Tch.” Qiu Ling furrowed his brow. “What without reason? We’re going to temper ourselves in the outside world! Come, I’ll take you to see my Master. He’ll definitely allow it and who would dare refute him?” He grabbed Jing Yi’s waist and pulled him out of the door, just barely remembering to pick up the fruits and stuffing them into Jing Yi’s hands. He couldn’t let his beloved go hungry, after all!

“Qiu Ling!” Jing Yi wanted to protest but they had already arrived at the building’s doorstep. Qiu Ling, faced with the prospect of getting his mother-in-law’s help and spending lots of time with his beloved while traveling outside, didn’t hesitate and just took to the air, flying over to his Master’s palace. He couldn’t waste even one minute!

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