OMF V9C72 A Matter Better Kept Hidden

When the God of Love heard what had happened, he forgot all about the tea. In fact, when the servant finally returned with everything, he was even startled and waved him away again.

There were times where — even when things were stressful — it was still best to sit down, have a nice cup of tea, and talk about everything slowly. Sometimes, that could even help you with coming up with a solution.

But then, there were times like this. This was a time where even he couldn’t insist on following the rules of hospitality and instead figured that it would be better to act immediately.

Yue Xia closed his eyes, trying to think of what to do. “I can’t tell you without taking a look whether there were any such cases in the past. But there are records of every knot that was tied that we could look into.”

An Bai inclined his head, not having expected to get the answer immediately upon asking. Usually, that wasn’t how it worked. “That would already be a big help. Thank you very much for your trouble.”

The God of Love nodded and then got up, but before he was out of the door, he couldn’t help but stop again. He really wasn’t sure how to go about this. There were hundreds of millennia of records to look through. And while this was a rather specific thing, it would still take a lot of time. He couldn’t help but wonder if they actually had the time.

Still, what choice was there? Clearly, there weren’t many other avenues left if everyone had come to see him. After all, he also knew that his palace wasn’t necessarily the most sought after when it came to finding answers to the really pressing questions. Although, come to think of it …

He turned back, and couldn’t help but look from An Bai to the Heavenly couple before he turned back again. “You do know that His Highness came to me before his trial started, don’t you?”

An Bai was surprised that the God of Love would bring this up but he still nodded. “Yes, we were aware of that. His Highness apparently wanted to make sure that he would not fall in love with anybody on his trial in the mortal realm because he felt that it would not be right.”

The God of Love nodded, but couldn’t help but notice that the Heavenly Emperor was looking a little uncomfortable. Clearly, while he knew that this was indeed something that his son had wanted, he still wasn’t happy about it. Well, that was something for him to deal with himself.

“In any case, I’m surprised things finally turned out this way. Well, I will go and tell everyone to look for the records. I won’t mention His Highness or Longjun. It is best to keep that under wraps I guess.”

Li Yin was the one to react to that and got to his feet as well. “Yes, that would indeed be preferable. I will accompany you. Just have them think that this is a matter that the Court of Justice is concerned about. That is better than to have them guess at the truth and maybe get uncomfortably close.”

The God of Love nodded, feeling that having somebody to support him there might not be the worst.

Announcing what had to be done wasn’t all that difficult. Compared to other palaces, the Palace of Love was actually a little idle every now and then. Or maybe it was wrong to say it like this. In a sense, it was just that there were enough people to do the required work slowly, not having to rush anything. If push came to shove, it was absolutely possible to assign the actual tasks of the palace to only a few of them who would then have to rush but could still complete them while the others could go about matters like these.

Usually, Li Yin found this kind of setup for one of the palaces of a titled god quite distasteful but right now, it came in handy. In any case, he kept out of it and just stood to the side, giving the whole matter some credibility just by being his usual self.

Inwardly, he couldn’t help but think that this would be so much easier if Leng Lu was willing to spill the beans. Clearly, his lover had already thought of something. But he still refused to tell him what that was so they were left to search for clues.

Then again, even if Leng Lu told him how to solve this mess, what would it change? He couldn’t expose him. Leng Lu was a fallen god. There was no way to bring that up but there would be no other way to explain how he had finally found the solution if he didn’t.

Li Yin furrowed his brows at that thought, looking even more like everything was getting on his nerves. The gods working in the Palace of Love couldn’t help but duck at this sight and immediately rushed about, starting on their new task.

Even though there were some who might’ve grumbled about how this added so much stress, nobody dared to slack off after knowing that the person behind this task was the God of Justice. After all, if there was a person that they didn’t want to piss off in the Nine Heavens, then the God of Justice was pretty far up on that list.

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