OMF V9C71 A Visit to the Palace of Love

Back in the Nine Heavens, An Bai got up early, immediately going to knock on Xiang Yong’s door, and then telling him what had happened the previous night.

As expected, Xiang Yong’s expression wasn’t good. “Very well. I will go to His Highness’ palace and check whether His Majesty is still there. If he is, I’ll accompany him back to the dragon realm. Anyway, it’ll probably be of more help to stay at his side than to do anything else right now. And somebody will have to take care of things over there. Do you think it would help if Yi Zan and Qiang Wei contacted him regularly to inform him of any occurrences or just of the fact that nothing had happened though?”

An Bai thought for a moment and then nodded. “Yes, I mean, I’m not quite sure if there is much that will help in this situation but it is at least worth a try. Give them a quick rundown and see what they say. In any case, I guess it can’t hurt to try it for a while and see how His Majesty reacts.”

Xiang Yong nodded and the two of them bid farewell. An Bai waited for the half-bloods to get up to tell them that there was something else he needed to do before he could join them at the Tower of Wisdom and wishing them that they would make swift progress while working on their task.

He hadn’t been quite sure how they would take it but the half-bloods were surprisingly alright with it. In fact, they were actually happy. They hadn’t expected that they would be allowed to work on this task alone. But if they were, this meant that adviser An Bai trusted them more than they had thought. And that, in turn, meant that their king did as well.

Even though they had already suspected that this might be the case, to have it once again shown by the way they were treated meant a lot to them. Thus, they were even more eager to do a good job and as soon as An Bai had left to meet up with the Heavenly couple, the God of War, the God of Justice, and the Fate’s Scribe, they rushed over to the Tower of Wisdom, orderly waiting in line to go in and then started on their work immediately. In fact, they even managed to get there before some of the people from the Court of Justice got there, surprising the gods quite a bit.

Meanwhile, everyone else met in front of the Heavenly Emperor’s palace, and then made their way over to the Palace of Love as a group. Nobody said a word on the way, all of them embroiled in their own thoughts.

This situation, it wasn’t easy. And even though they had yet another idea of what they could try, it wasn’t clear whether it would really change anything. Maybe at the end of this, they would come back and realize that once again, they had reached a dead-end. That was possible and maybe it was even likely. As a result, they didn’t dare to hope for too much.

When the God of Love heard who had come, he couldn’t help but raise his brows. “Who did you say came?”

The servant seemed quite a bit flustered. “The Heavenly Emperor, the Heavenly Empress, the God of War, the God of Justice, the Fate’s Scribe, and adviser An Bai of the dragon realm.”

The God of Love stared at him for a moment before he got up, making his way over to the gate. If it was just any of them, then — save for the Heavenly couple — he might’ve had them shown in. But to have all of them come here together, and with the Heavenly couple at the helm to boot, he didn’t dare to send just anybody. No, for this kind of matter, it was best to go and receive them himself.

When he appeared at the door, everybody seemed a little tense. They just couldn’t help but wonder if he would really be able to help them. Right now, it seemed like such a faint hope. But then, it was still the best bet they currently had.

“Your Majesty, and the other esteemed visitors, why don’t you come inside?”

The others exchanged a glance, not quite sure what to do.

The Heavenly Emperor also sighed. The God of Love was somebody who liked to play by the rules so if they went in, they would absolutely all be served a cup of steaming hot tea, prepared right in front of them, before the God of Love would actually do anything. Right now, that really wasn’t what he wanted. But then, while Yue Xia made the tea, they could also tell him about everything and it wasn’t like it would be wise to speak about it right here either.

Thinking of it that way, the Heavenly Emperor nodded. “Let’s go inside then.”

Yue Xia nodded and the group followed him inside, soon finding themselves in a hall used to receive guests. Usually, if it had been just one guest, he definitely would’ve taken them to his study but there were just too many of them in this case.

Everybody took a seat while the God of Love indeed motioned for a servant to bring everything to make some tea.

The Heavenly Emperor smiled wryly and then cleared his throat, wanting to use the time before the servant could return. “Well, I am sure that he will need a moment to return. Since that is the case, let us already tell you what brought us here today. This matter is of utmost importance.” He already wanted to explain when he realized that maybe it would be better to let An Bai do so. Thinking of that, he looked over. “Adviser An Bai, you are the one who has the most knowledge on the situation. Why don’t you explain?”

An Bai faintly raised his brows but nodded and turned to the God of Love, telling him in a succinct fashion just what had happened for them to arrive at the place where they currently were. “That is to say, that currently, we are looking for any kind of information on similar cases that might’ve happened in the past. And we were wondering if maybe the God of Love might have some kind of insight.”

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