OMF V9C67 In Need of Help

Back in the dragon realm, Fu Min had clambered out of bed and was now pacing up and down in the room, not sure what to do. Their king … he was actually in that state of mind?

Fu Heng watched him, sitting on the edge of the bed in a subtle mood as well. He might not seem as anxious as Fu Min, but he still wasn’t as calm as usual. Their king meant a lot to all of them. To get such news … he would also have a reaction to that, of course. It was just something that he tended to solve on the inside instead of showing it outwardly as his husband did.

Fu Min finally stopped and turned back to him, his brows drawn tightly together. “Keeping an eye on him is all fine and dandy but that can’t be all, can it? An Bai is over there in the Nine Heavens, trying to figure out how to wake up His Highness without triggering the curse. He won’t have time to figure out how to make sure His Majesty doesn’t kill himself as well. But we can’t just leave things like this, can we?”

Fu Heng shook his head. No, surely, they couldn’t.

“Then what should we do? I mean, I guess we could go and read all of An Bai’s books to find something but I’m honestly not sure if that would work out. It is just the two of us.”

Fu Heng shook his head, feeling that this definitely wasn’t possible. Neither of them was a scholar and they both had their own tasks to do every day. They couldn’t just dedicate a large amount of that to another task. What would become of the dragon realm then? Especially with An Bai gone and Xiang Yong also often being busy with other tasks while His Majesty was in that kind of state. He really didn’t think there was enough time to do everything.

Fu Min raised a hand to cover his mouth and resumed his pacing, wondering what to do. “I mean, there are other scholars in the capital city. We could probably gather some of them.”

Fu Heng shook his head again. “Not without telling them.”

Fu Min stopped in his tracks once more and nodded slowly. “Right, not without telling them what has happened. That means exposing the trial of His Highness, and also the state His Majesty is currently in. If anybody breathes even a single word about this, then I’m afraid that it might cause unrest. And with how things are in the demon realm, we absolutely cannot risk that.”

He put his hands on his hips, furrowing his brows even further and staring at the ground. They couldn’t tell anyone. But they needed somebody who could help. So they needed somebody who was already in the know and could get involved without having to expose anything.

Fu Min suddenly straightened up and turned back to his husband. “What about those two?” He motioned over his shoulder to the wall separating them from the room that had originally been Fu Heng’s, his eyes suddenly shimmering. Yes, hadn’t they just gotten a reserve scholar? That substitute that had come to take over An Bai’s tasks? He seemed quite suitable!

Fu Heng hesitated for a moment but finally nodded. Indeed, that person was supposed to be a scholar and he had seemed to know about everything. Also, both Xiang Yong and An Bai had confirmed that he was indeed supposed to be here so they also didn’t need to worry that he had snuck in for any nefarious reasons. This really seemed like an idea that might work.

“Let’s go right now!” Fu Min didn’t wait for his husband even though he said this, and rushed out of the room, through the courtyard, and to the door on the other side. He wanted to open it and rush straight in only to find a barrier placed over it. He stared at it dumbfounded, not quite sure what to make of this. “This …” He looked over his shoulder to Fu Heng, trying to figure out what was going on.

Fu Heng looked from his husband to the door and felt like he understood just what this was about. Actually, these two hadn’t seemed too thrilled when they had been shown the courtyard and then asked about whether it was shared with somebody. While they hadn’t said anything directly, it was clear that they wanted it to themselves. To be honest, he could understand that.

Before he and Fu Min had been married, he had already been in love with him for a long time. Sharing the same courtyard and having Fu Min be out there while he practiced had always been something that he was happy about.

Then, after they finally got together, they had moved into Fu Min’s rooms, while his old room had stayed empty, leaving both a set of rooms, as well as the courtyard, all to themselves.

The two that had arrived today were a married couple as well and clearly, they didn’t want to share their space. In fact, even though they were the ones who had come here as the new ones, they probably felt like this was somebody intruding into their space. And even though it was actually the other way around, Fu Heng understood that feeling.

Before, it had only been them. Now, there would be two more people. Even though he and Fu Min had already bound their souls to each other and there was absolutely nothing that could get in between them, he still would have liked to be alone just so they could focus on each other and not have somebody bothering them. There was no need for jealousy but just the feeling of wanting to be alone with the person you loved. After all, why wouldn’t you?

And well, it seemed that these two were willing to make clear that they were not interested in sharing their space and that they also wanted to have a hard boundary between them.

In fact, he and Fu Min could probably count themselves lucky that they hadn’t just divided the courtyard in half with a barrier and instead just closed off the door to their rooms. Because somehow, he felt like they also would have done the former if they hadn’t just moved in today. But who knew how long things would stay that way?

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