OMF V6C16 Even More Amusing to Watch

Jing Yi’s eyes widened. “You … You’re crazy!” This guy wanted to have Qiu Ling kill himself?! How could he even consider something like this?
Jin Ling smiled at him and pulled him off the bed. “That might be true. Or maybe it’s just that I don’t have anything to lose so I might as well have a little fun with him. What do you think?”
“Leave Qiu Ling out of this!” Jing Yi tried to resist Jin Ling but the demon king just continued to pull at his wrist until the boy stood in front of him.
The demon king looked at him with a smile. Ah, so stubborn … “Didn’t you almost leave him for a non-existent man? He can’t mean that much to you. So why would you care if he dies or not? It doesn’t have to do with you. As soon as his cold body touches the ground, I’ll let you go. Ah, no, not just that. I’ll bring you back to where you were before. That Yun Zou Sect. I might even reward you for being of so much help.”
Jing Yi gritted his teeth, his limbs trembling. If he wasn’t just a weak human … He wouldn’t have gotten into this situation and made things difficult for Qiu Ling. Even if he was somehow captured and brought here, he would still be able to free himself and return to Qiu Ling’s side through his own effort. He wouldn’t be forced to wait for his fiance to come and rescue him. He wouldn’t need to listen to this bastard in front of him.
Jin Ling smiled even more happily. “I like the way you look right now. It’s as if you want to scratch out my eyes. Unfortunately … There aren’t many people that can win against me and you’re certainly not one of them. Your ex-fiance could but …” Jin Ling ran his fingers through Jing Yi’s black hair and smiled. “He won’t be able to anymore. Not as long as you’re in my hands.”
Jin Ling chuckled and finally stopped playing around. He condensed his spiritual energy into the dark energy of the demons and his body vanished from the spot together with Jing Yi, reappearing on the battleground.
The two armies had already come to a halt. Or, rather, it should be the three armies. By now, the gods had also arrived and joined the side of the dragons. Unfortunately, the demons had also managed to gather reinforcements by now and this was their realm. If they wanted to, they would be able to mobilize their whole army while the gods and dragons had to keep men in their own realms to not let them be defenseless. After all, who knew if all this wasn’t a ploy to have them move out and then attack their homes? It certainly was something that the demons would do.
The people from the three races stared at each other, both sites looking as if they wanted to tear the other apart limb by limb. No one moved though. Currently, they were still waiting for the last person to arrive. After all, before the gods and dragons could wage war, they first had to know what had happened to their own person and what the demon king was planning.
Jin Ling appeared with Jing Yi pulled up against his chest.
Qiu Ling’s eyes widened in anxiety. “Jing’er!”
He wanted to storm over but Jin Ling casually lifted his hand and his nails turned into five claws, not quite unlike those of a dragon. Normally, he would have mocked Jin Ling for his own mixed heritage at this moment but his gaze zeroed in on the tip of the claw that was just a hair’s breadth away from Jing Yi’s carotid.
Qiu Ling had no illusions. A dragon’s claws were sharp and Jin Ling had obviously inherited that part of his lineage. If he only put a bit of pressure onto Jing Yi’s skin, he would injure him enough to kill him. Who was to say that they could him back to the Nine Heavens fast enough to have him treated?
Qiu Ling took a shaky breath. How had this happened? Why hadn’t he paid better attention? He had failed his beloved!
Seeing their king not knowing what to do, the dragons behind him roared at Jin Ling.
The demon king only tsked. “Qiu Ling, you better call those dragons back or I won’t be able that nothing happens to your little beloved here.” He happily leaned his head against Jing Yi’s and smiled.
The dragons roared again and those that had followed their king’s example and hadn’t transformed yet tightened their grip on their weapons or clenched their hands into fists.
Qiu Ling stared at the two people opposite him that were standing in a close embrace. His hands shook and his eyes narrowed down. He knew that this wasn’t what Jing Yi wanted and that Jin Ling was forcing him but … He didn’t want to see this!
He gnashed his teeth and glared at Jin Ling. “Let go of him!”
Jin Ling didn’t even bother to answer. He turned his head to Jing Yi and brushed his hair back behind his shoulder, his fingers lingering on the black strands for a bit. “I can see what you like about him. Really such a beautiful person.” His gaze brushed across Jing Yi’s body. “It makes me wonder how His Highness looked before descending. Was he truly such a heaven-defying beauty as people say?” He glanced at Qiu Ling and smirked.
The eyes of this unrelated brother of his were turning red at the moment. Ah, killing him would be too easy. But if he actually tormented him into showing his true form … What would the dragons say if they knew that the king they had worshiped for so many millennia suddenly turned out to be part demon? What would the gods say if they knew that the person that had courted their crown prince wasn’t a true-blooded dragon? Even if he let this boy return and let him finish his trial, Qiu Ling still wouldn’t be able to obtain him. That … would probably be even more amusing to watch than his death or just him losing his beloved in an almost obvious ploy?

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