IRL Going Public; New Patreon Project OCN

Hey, guys, before we get to today’s OMF chapter, I have an announcement to make:

I recently finished my project “Husband, Let’s Meet IRL” over on Patreon. Thus, it’s time for the novel to go public. In case you don’t remember the announcement from back then or didn’t see it, here’s what the novel is about:

Shangguan Yu and Ao Jing have been married for half a year — but only online! Now, it’s time for them to step out of the comfort zone of their favorite game and meet up for the first time in real life to see what the future might hold for them.

The novel has 94 chapters plus one slightly longer extra at the end. I’ll be posting twice a week for now, once on Tuesday’s and once on Thursday’s.

In the meantime, I am going to start a new project over on my Patreon page: The Onion-Cutting Ninja’s Secret Crush. This is what the project will be about:

He arrives like the wind and vanishes in a cloud of smoke. His blade is as fast as lightning and no secret stays hidden in front of his eyes. There is but one skill that Si Jin, the head of the deadly Si clan, does not possess: The ability to make tasty food instead of poison.
What a major oversight on his part to not have learned this art sooner! After all, this skill alone is able to secure him a date with food anchor Xiao Ming. But Si Jin is unwilling to capitulate before even trying. No matter whether he needs to slice ten-thousand onions or scale a mountain of broccoli, ninja Si Jin will not retreat until he manages to cook himself into the cooking show’s finals and into his secret crush’s heart.

Just like IRL, this story will also be posted Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Since the chapters are slightly longer, I’ll be changing another part of the release schedule as well: The RMN chapters will now* be posted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. – So you’re getting an additional chapter each week 😉

I hope you’ll like the new project(s) and are just as excited for them as I am! They’ll start to go online with the beginning of October tomorrow 😊

*now being as soon as the already scheduled chapters are over which will be on November 5th.

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