LWS V5C22 A Special Brand of Love Confession

Needless to say, the one who finally managed to sense a thread of spiritual energy in the middle of the night was Nie Chang. He made sure he hadn’t just imagined the feeling and finally heaved a sigh of relief before opening his eyes. Now that he had found out how to sense spiritual energy, the rest shouldn’t be too difficult. After all, he had Ziju An’s cultivation base that was the highest in the sect and didn’t need to painstakingly cultivate like the protagonists in those xianxia novels.
He turned to look at Su Yan to see if he had made progress and couldn’t help but raise his brows. A certain someone had started to doze off to the side. Dou Fang Hai’s robe had already been crumpled and Su Yan’s head was leaning closer and closer to Nie Chang’s shoulder.
Nie Chang sighed, got up and picked up his little darling. Su Yan had never been the type of person that liked to sit down and study. Especially so if he didn’t know how something worked. Sensing spiritual energy shouldn’t be an exception. After all, they hadn’t known how to do it and needed to figure it out by themselves. That was the type of task Su Yan hated the most.
Nie Chang indulgently shook his head and carried Su Yan out of the study and to a room that seemed to be someone’s bedroom. Considering what kind of story Su Yan was writing, this should either be where Ziju An stayed or the room of his disciple. Other people certainly wouldn’t live here on the peak so they didn’t have to worry about using the wrong room.
Nie Chang put his little darling down on the bed and very conscientiously helped him take off his outer robe. He hung his own outer robe beside it and lay down next to Su Yan before pulling the blanket over the two of them. Pulling his little darling into his arms and closing his eyes, he sighed.
Ah, not considering that they were on the wrong planet and in the wrong bodies, this wasn’t that much different from home. Su Yan would still ask him whenever he didn’t understand something and come to him whenever he had found something he wanted to share. Actually, even if they had to stay here, it wouldn’t be too bad. At least they would still be together.
Nie Chang sighed and gently combed through the long hair Su Yan had right now. Getting used to their new appearances and this world would definitely require a long time but it wasn’t impossible. And while it would be hard for Su Yan, he himself didn’t have that much that he would miss.
His relationship with his family was rather lukewarm. In fact, they were seeing each other so seldom that they might only notice that he had vanished in several weeks. Other than them, there were only Old Lao and Gong Gong who could be said to be close to him. Some of the regular customers should also notice if he went missing but that was it. Since about ninety percent of his time had been spent on Su Yan for years, he didn’t have any other close friends.
Regarding the people in his life, saying goodbye to earth should be surprisingly easy as long as Su Yan was at his side. And losing the people closest to you was probably the most important part of transmigrating. Sure, there were some other things to consider too. For example, as a hacker, the modern world was much better for him to work in. But it wasn’t like he couldn’t become a cultivator if he was in a different world. Especially since Ziju An’s cultivation base made things much simpler for him.
Ah, looking different from his appearance in the last twenty-odd years might be hard though. He had been used to it and to be honest, he had liked his look. That was the one he had used to seduce Su Yan, after all, and the one his little darling fell for. Giving that up for this kind of otherworldly appearance was quite sad. But if Su Yan didn’t mind, then he wouldn’t either.
Nie Chang smiled and opened his eyes again, gently ruffling Su Yan’s hair. “Darling, did you know? As long as you’re with me, I don’t mind being stuck in this world.”
Su Yan answered him with scrunching up his face. He obviously wasn’t awake but still noticed that something was happening.
“What, you don’t like that?” Nie Chang’s lips curved up in a teasing manner. “It’s something good though. It means that I love you more than anything else. As long as you accompany me, I can give up on everything else.”
Su Yan frowned even more and rubbed his face against the inner robe of his boyfriend. “What are you blabbering about? It’s the middle of the night! Shut up and sleep!”
Nie Chang chuckled. Ah, this was probably Su Yan’s special brand of love confession? He leaned forward and gently kissed his forehead. “Alright, alright. Let’s sleep then.” He closed his eyes and this time he also fell asleep.
Despite being in a foreign world and using a body that wasn’t his own, he didn’t have any trouble sleeping. That was until he was awakened by something heavy squishing his chest.
Nie Chang knitted his brows. His arm had gone numb and he couldn’t move anywhere. Not that he dared to try. The something on top of him was warm and breathing onto his face, a few strands of its hair tickling his chin.
Nie Chang cracked his eyes open only to be greeted by a pair of big doe-eyes that were staring unblinkingly back at him.

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