Announcement: New Short Story Collection

I recently started a story on the topic of spring but it seems I just can’t work on a topic like this without also thinking about the other seasons so let me announce our newest short story collection: Sons of Nature!

Oh, Sons of Nature, born from earth,
gifted by Heaven upon birth,
Hear as we tell your wondrous tales,
Of how seasons pass but love prevails.

Two fairies taste the nectar of first love
As spring’s flowers shower from above.
A pair of gods join in a dance on a warm summer’s eve’
As rays of hope shine down on verdant leaves.
An ailing man seeks out a witch for his cure
As monsoon skies weep droplets clear and pure.
A hunter and spirit discover fate anew
As the curtain closes over the winter view.

A short story collection about love, the seasons, and nature’s mystical inhabitants.

There will be four short stories with one for each season. I don’t really have a set release schedule for this but the spring story will go up later today. The summer one will probably go up at the end of next week and then we’ll see about the last two.

I hope you’re looking forward to it! 😊

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