LWS V5C23 It’s Friday Now

Nie Chang gulped. He hadn’t expected anything else but his little darling that demanded his attention but … How come it was demanded this vehemently? Had he missed something? Or could it be his love confession yesterday night had registered after all?
He cleared his throat. “Uhm … Darling, what’s the matter?”
Su Yan pursed his lips and continued to stare at him.
Nie Chang counted to ten in his head and considered whether he should close his eyes again or not. Unfortunately, he didn’t think his chances of getting away with whatever crime he had committed that way were high. No, most likely, he would anger his little darling if he tried that.
Nie Chang bravely kept his eyes open and calmly looked back at Su Yan. Sooner or later his little darling would tell him what was up or at least give him a hint.
Time passed slowly and Nie Chang couldn’t help but feel glad that they weren’t on earth anymore. If they were, he would have been tempted to glance at his phone to find out just how many minutes had passed. Didn’t Su Yan need to blink at all? How could he fixate him like this?
He blinked at his little darling and the person blinked back. As if the movement had pulled him out of his thoughts, he finally opened his mouth and brought the issue to light.
“It’s Friday now.”
Nie Chang continued to look at him, similarly frozen as Su Yan before. Uh … Come again?
Su Yan furrowed his brows. “Yesterday was Thursday and we went to sleep. So today has to be Friday.”
“Uhm … Alright?” Nie Chang raised his brows. So it was Friday. What was the problem with that?
He really wanted to ask but he didn’t dare to. The way Su Yan looked at him told him that this wasn’t simple. He definitely wasn’t just saying that today was, well, Friday.
Nie Chang closed his eyes, took a deep breath and opened them again in the hope of clearing his head. After staying up late and then being woken up like that, he had trouble finding the issue. “So … It’s Friday,” he repeated in the hope of getting Su Yan to explain himself more clearly.
Su Yan didn’t take nicely to that. He furrowed his brows even further and his stare turned accusing. “Yes, it’s Friday!”
Su Yan waited half a second before slapping his boyfriend’s chest in anger. “Why are you being like this? We agreed on Friday long ago! Why are you still not doing anything now?!”
Nie Chang blinked. Huh? Huh?! His lips parted and closed again while he searched for anything to say.
Su Yan’s expression darkened further. “You’re mean! So you don’t want to do it after all!”
Nie Chang took a deep breath and grabbed onto Su Yan’s hands before his little darling could get up and storm off in rage. Never mind that he didn’t want to anger Su Yan over this matter, they were still in his novel! Letting him run around alone outside was way too dangerous!
“Wait! Wait, a moment.” He tried placating him but his little darling’s feathers were already ruffled.
“What should I wait for if you don’t want to do anything?”
Nie Chang coughed and hurriedly patted Su Yan’s hand. “It’s not like that! I just … I wasn’t really awake just now and needed a little longer to catch on.” Actually, he still hadn’t caught on. Don’t tell him Su Yan really believed they would get up on Friday morning and have sex just like that?
Su Yan pursed his lips as if he didn’t believe him but at least he didn’t try to scramble away anymore.
Nie Chang heaved a sigh of relief. Alright, he had passed the first hurdle. Now he just had to talk some common sense into his boyfriend. “Ah Yan, don’t be angry, I —”
“I’m not angry!”
Nie Chang nodded solemnly. “Of course not.” He rubbed the back of Su Yan’s hand while trying to ignore his own hand that was on pins and needles. “Darling …”
After the display of his boyfriend’s serious attitude, Su Yan’s mood was already better. It seemed Nie Chang really hadn’t been awake just now. Ah, he probably hadn’t been able to sleep properly because he was excited for what was supposed to happen today! Looking at it this way, it was actually cute. He should reward him for it!
Su Yan’s lips that had just been pursed in displeasure pursed even further and closed in on Nie Chang’s.
His boyfriend wasn’t sure how he deserved this treatment but he certainly wouldn’t complain about it. He hurriedly pursed his own lips and met him halfway.
Su Yan leaned back with a smile. “Them do we start now?”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. It seemed his little darling hadn’t given up on the plan? As endearing as it was, he probably couldn’t go along this once. “Darling …”
“Mn?” Su Yan raised his brows in expectation. Even though he had read a bit of that stupid novel with the birds and listened to the story with the strange plant, he wasn’t too sure how things were supposed to happen. Maybe Nie Chang wanted to explain to him? That was certainly for the best!
Nie Chang smiled wryly. Such an eager expression really made it hard for him to say what he had to. In the end, he forced himself to do it nonetheless. “Darling, are you sure about this?”
Su Yan frowned again. “Of course! Didn’t we agree on Friday? You wouldn’t want to back down now, would you?”
Nie Chang shook his head. “No, it’s just … We’re not on earth anymore and we don’t even look like ourselves. Are you really alright with doing it under these circumstances?”
Su Yan blinked. Uh? It seemed Nie Chang was right. They didn’t even look like themselves. But … “But we agreed on Friday.”
Nie Chang smiled and reached up to pat his darling’s head. “That was before we knew that we’d transmigrate though.”

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