RMN C290 An Unexpected Point

At the same time, Shen Lei made his way over to Sect Master Zhang’s palace. Greeting the disciples standing guard at the door, he was finally let and wordlessly handed over the report that Mei Chao Bing and he had prepared before he took a seat. Then, he sighed deeply and leaned back. “Sect Master Zhang, you wouldn’t believe what has happened!”

The Sect Master glanced up at him and then slowly read through the reports. When he had finished Shen Lei’s, his expression was grim. Picking up the second one and seeing the name of the person who had written it, he raised his brows.

Shen Lei’s report had already mentioned Mei Chao Bing so he wasn’t surprised that he was involved in this but he still wouldn’t have expected that the Elders would let him make this kind of report. After all, while he had told Baili Chao about the situation with Mei Chao Bing, even Elder Xing didn’t know about it, much less the other Elders that were still in the sect. And to most of them, Mei Chao Bing was still just the disciple of a traitor and possibly a traitor himself.

Well, this was good though. Giving him a bit more responsibility and showing him that he was still welcome in the Teng Yong Sect even if it wasn’t by everyone was something that he agreed with.

He silently read through the report and his eyes couldn’t help but widen slightly when he saw the words ‘my fiance’ in the middle. “They actually got engaged?”

Shen Lei raised his brows, giving the Sect Master a curious look. Sect Master Zhang was definitely a person who liked to joke around when things weren’t too serious so this was almost expected of him but at the current time, what they were discussing was something quite serious so it still came as a bit of a surprise. “That is what Sect Master Zhang got out of our reports?”

Zhang Guan Yu glanced up at him and then looked back down at the report. “I’m getting quite a lot out of this report but that is the part that I didn’t expect. Everything else … while I’m not happy, this kind of matter isn’t new. Some people will get ahead of themselves while striving for more power.

“It is a shame to see that happen to some of the more promising disciples of the younger generation but I also can’t say that it is unexpected. Back then, Yang Wu Huang and Mei Chao Bing were always competing against each other. I guess the last few years when Mei Chao Bing was keeping low-key have gone to Yang Wu Huang’s head. Now that he suddenly has to compete with him again, he will be anxious.”

Shen Lei’s expression changed slightly. “So Sect Master Zhang wants to say that this is a personal matter?” To be honest, he felt like that wasn’t completely wrong. There had definitely been some kind of backstory to this whole matter. Otherwise, Yang Wu Huang probably wouldn’t have reacted this explosively to seeing Mei Chao Bing.

Even if somebody saw him as a traitor of the righteous faction, they should still wait for some kind of explanation at least. Especially so if another disciple was involved in this.

Zhang Guan Yu continued to read over the report, not answering immediately. Only when he finished did he put the papers aside and looked up at Shen Lei again. He knew that this disciple was together with Elder Baili’s third disciple so he felt like exposing a bit shouldn’t be a problem. “Young Shen, ah, in the future, when you have more experience, you will realize that whether it is the demonic faction or the righteous faction, not everybody’s a good person. It is just that some people are better at pretending to be.

“Sometimes, on our side, we will have somebody that is well-liked and seems promising. We will put high hopes on them but in the end, those hopes will be dashed. Not necessarily because they can’t live up to expectations but because all these years of showing our hopes have made them become conceited.

“Maybe from the very beginning, those people weren’t worth our hope. On the other hand, those who had to struggle more might have been worthy of them but we were unable to see that.”

His expression was a little pensive, making Shen Lei take his words more seriously. Thinking for a moment, he couldn’t help but think of the conversation had had with Mei Chao Bing before Elder Baili came back. “I guess that sometimes, there’s more to a person than meets the eye.”

Zhang Guan Yu faintly raised his brows. “Oh? Seems like you were thinking of somebody specific there. That wouldn’t be about your lover, would it?”

Shen Lei smiled when Luo Lin was brought up, his gaze softening. “Luo Lin is certainly much more than meets the eye but he wasn’t the person I was thinking of right now. Actually, I was thinking of his little junior. Junior martial brother Mei said something interesting about him. And what Sect Master Zhang just said reminded me of that.”

This time, Zhang Guan Yu was immediately intrigued. In his opinion, Yun Bei Fen was likely the key to whether or not Mei Chao Bing would stay on their side. So when it concerned that small disciple of Baili Chao’s, he’d rather know more than less. “Oh? That sounds quite interesting. What did he say?”

Shen Lei just smiled. “Sect Master Zhang, is this really the time to pry into the sect’s gossip? Shouldn’t you make a decision regarding this matter?”

Zhang Guan Yu sighed, a little vexed that Shen Lei would actually not answer his question when it was this important. “Well, what did Elder Baili and Elder Xing say what they want?”

“To sent Yang Wu Huang back and sent that Di Huan Bo with him if possible. Whey would also like to get rid of Ao Jing if they can but that is probably something that won’t be possible.” He shrugged his shoulders, not apologetic in the least. In any case, it was the truth. If the Elders could get rid of them, they would.

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