RMN C291 Fate Was Moving

Zhang Guan Yu looked at the troublesome child in front of him and shook his head. “Well, alright, send Yang Wu Huang back on grounds of not following the Elders’ orders. Send that Di Huan Bo back on account of instigating strife in the group and supporting Yang Wu Huang’s decision. And then send that Ao Jing back as well for not speaking out despite being in a position to do so because of his high level.”

Shen Lei raised his brows. “Just like that?”

“What do you mean ‘just like that’?”

“Don’t you want to talk it over with the respective Elders?” In any case, every Elder would have something to say about their disciples being sent back from this kind of mission. Even if they didn’t attach any importance to the mission itself, it definitely wouldn’t look good for their disciples to be sent back to the sect in this way. If talk of that came up, they would probably feel as if they had been made a laughingstock.

Zhang Guan Yu just leaned back, not seeming to care too much. “Why would I talk it over with them? In any case, I am the Sect Master. I make the decisions here.” Usually, he wouldn’t go this kind of dictatorial route but in this specific case, he’d rather not risk anything.

Since that Yang Wu Huang and his followers were going against Mei Chao Bing, it was better to take them out of the situation. Otherwise, who knew what they would end up causing? He wasn’t willing to give up his Teng Yong Sect because of this kind of small matter.

If fate only had in store for them to be reduced to nothing, then he didn’t have another choice. But if he could change it, he would. And in this scenario that was really as simple as waving his hand. If the Elders had something to say about that, he would give them an earful for raising this kind of disciple. He’d see if they still dared to complain then!

Shen Lei really didn’t know what to say to that and could only shrug his shoulders again. “Well, Elder Baili and Elder Xing will be happy to hear that. I guess I can return and tell them then.” Ah, come to think of it, Yan Hong Min probably wouldn’t have finished whatever it was he had come up with. So he should have time to go back to Luo Lin to spend some time with him. That thought actually cheered him up quite a bit and he already wanted to leave.

Needless to say, the Sect Master wouldn’t just let him. He reached out and grabbed him by the sleeve, pulling him back down into the chair. “Young Shen, you still haven’t told me about that matter with Mei Chao Bing and Yun Bei Fen.”

Shen Lei stared at him exasperatedly, completely unable to believe what he was hearing. “Sect Master Zhang, why are you so much into gossip?” He really couldn’t understand it but he also saw that he wouldn’t get a chance to leave here before he didn’t give him an account of what had happened.

Realizing this, he could only sigh and sit back down in the chair, giving him a quick rundown of how Mei Chao Bing had trained Yun Bei Fen and how the little bunny was making slow progress but showed some peculiar behavior.

Zhang Guan Yu gave a hum and nodded slowly. “I see. Well, you may go then.” He didn’t say anything else and just waited for Shen Lei to leave before he slowly furrowed his brows. That kind of talent … it sounded vaguely familiar. As if he had heard something similar before. It was just that he really didn’t dare to think about the implications of that.

He really wanted to make sure but he also wasn’t certain that he would be able to take the answer he would get if he went to inquire. Feeling torn, he finally just continued to sit in his seat, staring at the reports.

No matter what, it seemed that fate was really moving inexorably in some direction. Even if that direction wasn’t the end of the Teng Yong Sect and the righteous faction, he was afraid that there were still big changes approaching them. And even if they could make sure that they wouldn’t completely meet their demise, everything else might really be asking for too much. Apparently, that was a thought that he would need to get used to it. No matter whether he liked that or not.

Meanwhile, Shen Lei didn’t think about the matter any further and just went back to Luo Lin’s house, sneaking in. Seeing his lover curled up on the bed, he went over and lay down next to him, pulling him into his arms. “My little fairy wouldn’t have been crying because I left, would he?” He kissed his shoulder and then snuggled up more tightly, a faint smile on his lips.

Ah, in the end, things hadn’t turned out that badly. As long as he could stay here for a bit before he returned, he was already quite satisfied. He would’ve loved to take him along to the border region but he knew it wasn’t a good idea. Luo Lin wasn’t unskilled but the kind of skill that he did have might not be worth much over there. And he’d rather not take any chances where Luo Lin was concerned.

Meanwhile, Luo Lin faintly raised his head and looked at him, a little surprised to see him back so soon and to also see that faint smile on his lips. “Ah Lei really came back.”

Shen Lei kissed his shoulder again, his smile brightening further. “I will always come back for my little fairy. You still didn’t know that?” He chuckled and then leaned forward, kissing him on the lips. “Well, I have to go after your second senior martial brother finishes that thing for your little junior but I’ll fly back here as soon as that mission in the border region is finished. Just wait for me!”

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