IRL C84 Very Suspicious

When Ao Jing arrived back at the entrance of the estate, he was greeted by the sight of six adults surrounding an unconscious man on the ground, all of them save for one looking quite uncomfortable. He slightly raised his brows, directing his gaze toward Zhou Ming. Most likely, this was thanks to him?

Zhou Ming didn’t need to be asked. He immediately launched into his grand tale of how he had gone out to buy food because he had felt famished and finally — very coincidentally — found another unconscious man on the ground, and took him back because he was such a good Samaritan.

His story was accompanied by some strange motions, that made the other people look on with their eyelids twitching. Ao Jing just listened patiently and then looked at the chat window that had popped up in his field of view.

[I found this guy in the study of merchant Wang. He had a bunch of letters with him that all had the same content.]

Ao Jing once again raised his brows at that. Putting this information together with the fact that merchant Wang had given Liangqiu Huang a letter before, it was clear that he had forged some evidence that would likely point to the Mo family as the perpetrator behind Liangqiu Min’s supposed death.

As for what to do about this … Actually, he had a plan. It was just … He would likely need Zhou Ming’s help for that and he didn’t know how to tell him.

He glanced at the other people and then could only stall for time. “I’m not sure what to do about this. Let’s wait for Young Master Liangqiu. Maybe he has gotten some information from merchant Wang and will know what is up.” After that, he turned to glance at Zhou Ming again, trying to see if there would be an opportunity to inform him of his idea.

Unfortunately, it didn’t look great. While Zhou Ming was able to just write a message on the sly, he didn’t have the same option since his image in front of these characters was a different one. If he suddenly started to move around like that as well, that would definitely be suspicious and whatever he did afterward wouldn’t have the same impact. He couldn’t let that happen.

Before Ao Jing could figure anything out, Liangqiu Huang already came back from his conversation with merchant Wang, his expression looking anything but good. He glanced at Mo Ju An, a trace of doubt and anger flashing through his eyes.

Obviously, even if he wasn’t completely willing to believe it yet, he did have some doubts about whether he could still trust her. In fact, he was now even worried that what had happened with the servant before hadn’t been a coincidence at all but rather somebody skillfully arranging things for him to come across. His distrust didn’t get better when he saw the person on the ground.

He tightly furrowed his brows and then looked at the people that were gathered there. “What is this about?”

Everybody unequivocally turned to Zhou Ming, having him explain this himself.

Once again, Zhou Ming started to recount his experience, his hands waving through the air again. This time, a rather distraught message appeared in front of Ao Jing: [What the heck am I supposed to do?!]

Ao Jing felt even worse when he saw that. He’d really like to tell him! Unfortunately, there just wasn’t any way.

Since there was no way to tell him directly, Ao Jing could only give in to fate and try another approach. “Well, neither of us knows who he is and Young Master doesn’t seem familiar with him either, is that right?”

Liangqiu Huang nodded but couldn’t help but wonder what these people were up to. Right now, he felt that all of this couldn’t just be a coincidence. No, there had to be something behind this. “So, what do you propose?”

Ao Jing glanced at Zhou Ming before looking at the person on the ground. “Well, I’m not quite sure either but maybe there’s something on his body that will tell us his identity.”

Liangqiu Huang gave a mocking smile. Did they really think that they could get away with everything? They definitely wanted to search this guy in front of him and then get some evidence out of that that it wasn’t them or maybe even planting the fault on somebody else’s head. He could imagine that very well. “Oh, then let me do it then. You wouldn’t have a problem with that, would you?”

Ao Jing raised his brows, feeling that the situation wasn’t good. This Liangqiu Huang was definitely even more suspicious than he had thought he would be. He glanced at Zhou Ming, hoping that he would pick up on what was going on before he turned back to Liangqiu Huang. “Of course not. Why would we have a problem with that?”

Liangqiu Huang didn’t quite believe that this was the case but he still bent down immediately to check the man on the ground to see what he would find.

Searching through his clothes, the only thing he found was a handkerchief though, nothing that would allow him to identify the man or that had anything to do with his brother’s situation.

He stared at the unconscious man in a daze before looking up. “There’s nothing.”

Ao Jing looked just as dazed as him. Had Zhou Ming not understood what he wanted to say? He turned to look at him but only got a confused look back. Obviously, he hadn’t understood what was going on.

Ao Jing sighed and shook his head. It seemed this clue couldn’t be used any longer. “Well, if that’s the case, then I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do. Maybe we should just notify the people of merchant Wang’s estate so they can take care of him until he regains consciousness? What do you think, Young Master Liangqiu?”

Liangqiu Huang was just as confused as before but still slowly nodded. “I will ask one of the servants.” With that, he picked the man on the ground up, turned around, and walked away, his thoughts in disarray.

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