SML V3C46 A Fickle Man

Before Mo Fang had a chance to enact even the first step of his plan, he felt another crisis incoming: Li Ming was acting strange. After that date on their second free day, he had been absent-minded for several days, making Mo Fang worry whether he wanted to break up with him already.

He didn’t think that he had given him any reason to but you could never know with this type of thing. Those people who said that women were fickle had clearly never dated a man. They could be just as or maybe even more fickle than women would ever be! At the very least, that was how Mo Fang saw it. And right now, his perfect boyfriend was showing the first signs of fickleness.

At first, Mo Fang wasn’t sure what to do. The longer he thought about it, the more he felt that it could only be that the shooting had been too much after all. Feeling that it was better to be safe than sorry, he decided to halt his plans until Li Ming was doing better again. Thus, a week went by and then another. Feeling frustrated, Mo Fang tried some more subtle ways to entice him but no matter what he did, Li Ming seemed to be completely immune to his charms.

After a whole month of this, Mo Fang couldn’t help but start wondering again if maybe there was something wrong with Li Ming after all. But he had tried more than once and there clearly was a physical reaction so he didn’t know what was up. It made no sense for Li Ming to wait for so long. And yet, he still did it. It was vexing.

One afternoon, when they had already finished work for the day, they were over in Li Ming’s apartment again, watching another movie. Mo Fang knew that this probably wouldn’t help since the first time around, it hadn’t helped either but he was slowly starting to get desperate.

If his boyfriend didn’t make a move soon, he honestly wasn’t sure if he could keep this up. It wasn’t like he needed to have sex every day but he wasn’t willing to not have any for the rest of his life either. That just wasn’t the type of guy he was.

He would be unhappy if he had to let go of Li Ming. After all, he was really perfect all around save for this one more matter. But precisely this matter was something that he couldn’t compromise on. So, he really would have to think about ending things if something didn’t change soon.

Next to him, Li Ming stared at the screen of the TV, wondering if this was a good time to bring up the matter he had been worried about for the past few weeks, probably since the time he came back home from that photoshoot.

The movie they were watching was about a couple with a bit of an age gap. The older man had had made quite a few experiences while the younger one was shying away from taking the next step because he was worried. Actually, this was the perfect time to bring up his question, right? In any case, he wouldn’t even need to talk about them, he could just reference the movie. That way, it wouldn’t seem too obvious.

He glanced at Mo Fang and realized that he was pursing his lips, looking a little unhappy. His heart immediately thumped and he wondered what he should do. “You don’t like the movie?” Mo Fang had chosen it but that didn’t mean that he was happy with it. If that was the case, then maybe talking about it really wouldn’t be the way to go.

Mo Fang looked up and hurriedly restored his smiling expression. “No, no, it’s perfectly alright. Anyway, I think it’s lovely. First relationships are really special. Although, sometimes, they just won’t work out. And if you have a bit more experience, it can’t hurt. I think that the mistakes I made in the past are also helping me be a better boyfriend for you.” He sidled up closer, giving Li Ming a kiss on the lips.

Li Ming hurriedly nodded along and wrapped his arms around his waist. The feeling that this was the perfect time to speak up about his troubles got even stronger. “Well, I guess experience can help. In this case, I can see where it would be difficult to take the next step. If one is experienced and the other isn’t, there might be some fear involved there. But also, I guess if you love your partner very much, you would want it to be special for them.”

Mo Fang’s gaze turned more serious when he heard that. Was there some kind of hint in there? To be honest, he felt like Li Ming was the type of guy who would do something like that.

His gaze darted around and finally, he wrapped his arms around Li Ming’s neck. “Well, I can understand that. But actually, I think that that is really worrying too much.” He reached to the side, picked up the remote, and stopped the movie before he turned back to Li Ming and put his hands on his shoulders, giving him a deep look.

Li Ming actually tensed up under that gaze, not sure how to continue. He should probably ask further but he felt like he couldn’t. He just didn’t know how.

Mo Fang took a moment longer to look at him and seeing how he seemed to become anxious, he felt like he had finally managed to verify what he had come to realize just now. “Say, Bro Li, you wouldn’t be hesitating to sleep with me because of something like that, right? Because you’re worried about some kind of difference in experience and wanting to make it special for me?”

To be honest, now that he thought about it, this wouldn’t be that surprising. Hadn’t Si Tao told him that he had found out in his club that Li Ming had talked about exactly that with Rui Lan? He might’ve told him that he had figured things out after the fact but the doubts might still be there. He probably should’ve reassured him more in that regard.

When Mo Fang asked this, Li Ming unwittingly relaxed. He hadn’t wanted to be too forthright but since the topic was already out in the open, he wouldn’t refuse to continue it. In any case, there clearly was a difference between them when it came to these things. Why not talk about that openly? That way, they wouldn’t have to be unhappy.

Thus, in the end, Li Ming indeed nodded. “To be honest, something like that really went through my mind. I just … I just couldn’t quite make my mind up and yes, I was probably worried as well.”

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