RMN C271 A Good Opportunity

Yun Bei Fen did not need anyone else to react. That voice, that scent, that warm hug … he would be able to recognize them everywhere. “Mei Chao Bing!” He wrapped his arms around him, only wishing that he could hug him even tighter. Ah, he was finally able to see his senior martial brother Mei again! Thinking of how much he had missed him, he couldn’t help but tear up.

Mei Chao Bing realized that something was wrong and leaned down, peering into Yun Bei Fen’s face. “What’s wrong, little bunny? Did something happen?” To be honest, he had hardly been able to believe his eyes when he saw Yun Bei Fen walk through the door.

Why was he here? Shouldn’t he be back at the camp? Also … he glanced behind Yun Bei Fen. Save for Da Hei who he had left with him, there were only Nian Tao, Di Huan Bo, and Yang Wu Huang. Not to mention that he couldn’t quite understand why the latter two would be with his lover, this wasn’t a full group at all!

But no matter what, he was just happy that Yun Bei Fen seemed safe and sound. Well, minus the crying. He hurried to wipe the tears off his cheeks and kissed his forehead. “Don’t worry. I’m with you now.” At this moment, he couldn’t care less about the mission he had been given. In any case, there clearly weren’t any demonic practitioners here.

Yun Bei Fen still continued crying. “I’ve missed you so much! I thought I wouldn’t see you again in a long time.” He hugged Mei Chao Bing even tighter as if he wasn’t ready to ever let go again.

Behind them in the dark, somebody tsked. Mei Chao Bing heard but ignored it. The others from their group only spared Shen Lei a glance while the disciples that had been traveling with Yun Bei Fen were focused on the scene in front of them and actually didn’t realize.

Yang Wu Huang’s expression especially was ferocious. He had finally had a chance to get closer to Yun Bei Fen but now, this guy actually turned up here! How was his plan supposed to work now?! Still, he wouldn’t give up that easily. If he couldn’t win over Yun Bei Fen on this trip, then at the very least, he could use the opportunity to further besmirch Mei Chao Bing’s reputation. That was also a good outcome.

Having made up his mind, he scoffed. “Senior martial brother Mei, can I count this as you exposing yourself?”

Mei Chao Bing really didn’t have the patience to deal with this guy right now but since there were several seniors watching, he also couldn’t ignore it. Actually, just like Yang Wu Huang, he felt like this was a rather good opportunity. He could show everyone that guy’s true face so that next time when Yang Wu Huang spoke up, they would think twice about whether his words could be trusted.

“I’m afraid I don’t quite understand what junior martial brother Yang is speaking about. When I heard steps ahead, I thought it would be demonic practitioners so I hid. Seeing … the robe of our Teng Yong Sect, I realized I had been mistaken so I came out.”

He felt a couple of gazes in his neck that were clearly people ridiculing him for saying it was the robe when he had obviously only had eyes for his lover. He didn’t mind though. They could believe what they wanted. At the very least, they could do so in that regard. He wouldn’t mind.

Yang Wu Huang narrowed his eyes. Mei Chao Bing might give such a high-sounding reason but he naturally wouldn’t believe him. “Then kindly tell me what you were doing here in the first place.”

Mei Chao Bing just looked at him serenely. “Naturally, I am here on my own mission. Weren’t the other disciples told about that?” He glanced at Yun Bei Fen who nodded immediately.

“Master told us you had something else to do.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded, feeling that this was to be expected. After all, it wasn’t just him who had left but several of the other strong disciples as well. Elder Baili couldn’t let that happen without an explanation or it would cause confusion and, in the worst case, fear.

Yang Wu Huang wasn’t willing to leave things at that. “You were sent on a mission with the other disciples but now you’re alone. Isn’t that so you can meet up with whoever you are working with on the other side? Tell me: Is your Master anywhere around here?”

This time, Mei Chao Bing furrowed his brows. If the disciples of the Zhen Yan Sect hadn’t known before who he was, they should now have a good idea. Well, it couldn’t be changed anymore.

The little bunny in his arms had already stopped crying after hugging it out for a while. Hearing Yang Wu Huang insinuate that Mei Chao Bing was the bad guy once again, he bristled with anger. He didn’t let go of Mei Chao Bing but turned in his arms and glared at Yang Wu Huang. He really wanted to say something but he couldn’t think of anything. The longer he thought, the more helpless he felt and his eyes turned teary once again.

Mei Chao Bing also felt helpless when he saw him like this. He gently cupped his cheeks and made him face him again. “Don’t cry. It’s alright. Just don’t listen to him.”

“Mei Chao Bing!” Yang Wu Huang raised his hand as if to attack.

Mei Chao Bing immediately pulled Yun Bei Fen behind him, staring back. If this guy dared to give it a shot while Yun Bei Fen was with him, he really wouldn’t mind giving him a taste of his real power. He didn’t want to escalate things in front of the seniors though if he didn’t have to. “Junior martial brother Yang, you’d better calm down. As I said: I am here on my own mission, nothing more. You have no reason to accuse me and even less reason to attack me and my fiance. You’d better take that hand down at once!”

Unfortunately for him, Yang Wu Huang didn’t listen. As a result, he was struck by an attack coming from the other side that blasted him right off his feet.

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