SML V3C27 Nice Soup

After taking a bite of all the dishes, Li Ming actually had to say that Boss Mo wasn’t that bad of a cook. Sure, the dishes could probably take a little work here and there but overall, he had to say that he quite liked them. Realizing this, he relaxed a little. If there was nothing else to talk about, he could still start talking about the food.

Unfortunately, Mister Mo didn’t seem to want to make it easy for him. “He did tell you about his exes, didn’t he?” His gaze was a little severe while asking that. To be honest, he really wished that his son’s past was a little cleaner but it couldn’t be changed anymore.

From the little that he knew Mo Fang had been introduced to a lot of these guys because of some ex or another so he was afraid that they all knew each other somehow. So most likely, if Mo Fang hadn’t told Li Ming anything, he would still find out in the end. That was something that he definitely didn’t want to happen. He knew that his son could be a bit dishonest sometimes but he didn’t think that Li Ming was the type to like that. So it was still better if he heard it from either Mo Fang or Mo Fang’s family so he wouldn’t feel that he had been betrayed when he figured it out himself.

“Ah … He mentioned a bit.”

“How much is a bit?”

Li Ming rubbed his neck and didn’t even know where to start.

Thankfully, sitting at the table with this pair of father and son, there actually wasn’t a need to talk much. Mo Fang immediately took over.

“Daddy, are you trying to embarrass me? Of course, I told Li Ming about this! He even met Lan Heng and Si Tao.”

Mister Mo just furrowed his brows though. “Si Tao I can understand. Why did you have him meet Lan Heng though? I thought you didn’t have anything to do with him anymore.”

Mo Fang clicked his tongue, not too happy with his father’s idea of a nice dinner. “Why are you even asking about this? In any case, it wasn’t my idea. One time, Lan Heng just turned up at work. What could I have done about that? And the other time, Bro Li accompanied me to get my things from his apartment. Who knew that Lan Heng would turn up right when we were going to leave?”

Mister Mo shook his head, really unhappy with his son. “You, ah! Isn’t it all just because you didn’t listen to me? I told you from the very beginning that that Lan Heng was trouble. But you didn’t want to listen to me.”


Li Ming looked from one person to the other, feeling mortified. He could only pray that nobody would be asking for his opinion anytime soon. Thankfully, that kind of thing really didn’t seem likely.

Having his son look at him with a wronged expression, Mister Mo immediately felt bad. “Don’t look at me like this. Anyway, I’m just looking out for you. Clearly, you can do so much better. Just look at Li Ming! What’s not to like about him? You should have gotten a boyfriend like him much sooner.

“Anyway, didn’t you come to visit at the railroad station every now and then? Why couldn’t you have hooked up with him a little sooner?” He didn’t forget to point at him, gesturing wildly to make sure that his son could see just what kind of man Li Ming was. If only he could get it inside that brain that this was a man he needed to hold onto!

Mo Fang put down his chopsticks, giving his father a reproachful look. “Why are you even mentioning this? Anyway, we’re already together. How is it my fault that we didn’t meet any sooner? Maybe you just scheduled him wrong.”

Mister Mo pursed his lips at that and gave a huff. “Oh, so now it is my fault? Anyway, I also didn’t do that deliberately. If I had known that there was a chance that the two of you could get together, I definitely would’ve done so. I would’ve invited you over every day so you can take a good look at Li Ming! But you were always so picky before.”

Li Ming played dead next to them but he also felt a little flattered. While he definitely didn’t want to be in the current situation, he also had to say that it was nice to hear that Mister Mo had this kind of high opinion about him that he actually would’ve liked to set the two of them up. Clearly, he didn’t need to worry that Mister Mo might not be satisfied with him as his son’s boyfriend.

Mo Fang raised his chin and then picked up his bowl, quietly eating a few bites before he glared at his father again, almost as if he had just used the opportunity to recharge. “Well, why didn’t you? Everything could’ve been so much easier if you did.”

Mister Mo stared right back, clearly a bit miffed as well. “Isn’t it all because you are so incredibly picky? When I told you about people that I knew of, you were never interested. I thought it would be the same if I mention Li Ming to you.”

“Well, it’s all because your taste is so bad. How was I supposed to know that you actually had somebody up your sleeve that was this good?”

“How were the others not good? I’ve only told you about the best. You have no idea how many people have told me about their sons. I took a good long look at all of them to make sure that they were up to par before I even brought them up to you. You were just too choosy.” Having spoken until there, he finally remembered that there was a guest and leaned a little forward, raising his brows. “And, Li Ming, how about the food? Do you like it?”

Li Ming hurriedly nodded. “The soup is especially good.” To be honest, it was a bit bland but maybe that was precisely the kind of food that should accompany this kind of spicy talk.

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