RMN C272 Clearly Acting Cute

The disciples all stared dumbfounded at Yang Wu Huang’s figure on the ground before they turned in the direction the attack had come from. Seeing the person that was slowly walking out of the shadows, they hurriedly retracted their gazes. In any case, they suddenly felt that this was to be expected.

In the Teng Yong Sect, there was an unwritten rule that you’d better leave the disciples of Elder Baili alone if you didn’t want to have some kind of crazy on your heels afterward. Especially when it came to the younger disciples, it was much too easy to draw the ire of the big senior martial brother. While Zhi Guan probably wouldn’t care if Mei Chao Bing was attacked, the same absolutely couldn’t be said if Mei Chao Bing was currently the one protecting Zhi Guan’s little junior. Naturally, he wouldn’t let Yang Wu Huang behave like that.

Even further in the dark, there was a sigh. “Sheesh, this is getting embarrassing.” Saying so, Shen Lei also stepped out and went over to make sure that Yun Bei Fen was right. Looking at him, he could see that while he wasn’t hurt, there were a few big drops of tears hanging from his eyelashes. Clearly, this little one hadn’t dealt with things too well.

Shen Lei clicked his tongue and reached out, rubbing his head. “Aiya, why cry? You have your first senior martial brother here and your fiance. Do you really have a reason to cry? What am I going to say?” He rubbed his head for a moment longer and then turned to the other two disciples that were still standing around. “You two there! You see one of your fellow disciples wanting to attack your senior and junior martial brothers and still didn’t say anything? Do you take our sect rules for a joke? You’ve actually made some outsiders see something this embarrassing. I’m ashamed to say that we are from the same sect!”

Nian Tao and Di Huan Bo tensed, and then hurriedly hung their heads. Di Huan Bo couldn’t help but congratulate himself that he had been smart enough not to join in this time though. Well, actually, smart hadn’t had much to do with that. He just hadn’t known how to react when he suddenly saw Mei Chao Bing stepping out. To be honest, his idea had been pretty much the same as Yang Wu Huang’s but he wouldn’t have had the guts to just attack him like that. But in this case, it seemed that had done him a big service.

Shen Lei couldn’t be bothered with them any longer and instead looked at Yang Wu Huang. He actually didn’t have much of an impression of him. When it came to Mei Chao Bing, don’t mention the obsession that Luo Lin’s little junior had had with him since he was a small child barely able to reach their waist, they had even gone on some of the same missions back then. After all, Elder Feng had had a habit to send his disciples to the most difficult ones, raising them up to become talented cultivators in a span of just a couple of years.

It was a good approach as long as one didn’t care too much about whether they lived or died. Clearly, Elder Feng hadn’t. In hindsight, that all made sense. Back then, he had actually pitied that youth. Being thrown into lethal danger over and over again, while it made him strong, it also showed his Master’s complete disregard for his life. That was something that one just couldn’t help but notice. But as a disciple of another Master, he really hadn’t had the right to say anything so he had only been able to look on and help him out where he could.

As for that Yang Wu Huang … he had probably seen him around but the guy hadn’t left him with much of an impression. Needless to say, he now had one but it wasn’t a good one. Actually looking at him lying there on the ground, he felt like delivering a stomp too just to make sure he could tell Luo Lin later on that he had helped take care of the bad guy. But he felt like with both Zhi Guan and Mei Chao Bing there, it also wasn’t really his place. No, for now, he’d just stand back and watch.

Yun Bei Fen looked at Shen Lei with wide eyes. “Senior martial brother Shen?” Then he glanced at Zhi Guan and then at Mei Chao Bing. Indeed. There was not only Mei Chao Bing but his first senior martial brother and senior martial brother Shen as well. Suddenly, he felt that he really didn’t have any reason to be unhappy. Thinking of that, he immediately grabbed onto Mei Chao Bing’s waist, rubbing his cheek against his back.

Mei Chao Bing raised his brows and glanced over his shoulder but he couldn’t see more than a fuzzy head. Well, that was also alright. He patted Yun Bei Fen’s hands and then looked over to Zhi Guan. He should probably say something like this partly being his fault as well for just stepping out but … he couldn’t bring himself to do so. In any case, Zhi Guan was the one who had finally attacked Yang Wu Huang. And nobody had forced Yang Wu Huang to think about attacking him first. In the end, Mei Chao Bing stayed silent. It would feel a bit too hypocritical to say something.

Zhi Guan also didn’t want to hear anything. He just stared at Yang Wu Huang, feeling that he should remember this person’s face. Clearly, he couldn’t be trusted around his little junior. To actually think of attacking him … This guy was clearly nuts. He should tell his Master when they got back so that he could make sure that the two of them would never be together on the same mission again.

Speaking of which … He glanced at the other two disciples as well and then at the midnight wolf that had quietly sat down a step away from Mei Chao Bing and Yun Bei Fen before he turned to his little junior. He walked over and plucked him off Mei Chao Bing’s back, giving him a long look. Yun Bei Fen looked deeply at him, reaching out one hand to the side to grab Mei Chao Bing’s robe and then the other to hold onto Zhi Guan’s as well. From the perspective of the other disciples … he was clearly acting cute.

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