OMF V8C138 What Does It Matter?

He had never really thought of that before but now that the idea was there, he actually felt that it sounded quite nice. Maybe he should really give it a try. In any case, what could go wrong? He would just be a little worried about leaving the spirit beasts’ territory for too long. Back when he had gone to look for Zhen Yin, it had been different since it was only to go there and bring him back. If it was for a longer time though, then he really couldn’t bring himself to just do it.

But since they were on their way to the capital city, he might as well talk it over with the king. At the end of the day, he wasn’t the only strong person here. Maybe he was the strongest but there were others who could temporarily take his place. And after he returned, there would even be two of them. Surely, the king would like that!

Wu Ya was in a really good mood when he imagined that and waved for the two of them to follow him. “Anyway, you will love the capital city! I can show you around and introduce you to quite a few places and people. When you leave, you will surely have seen everything that is of note. No matter who you ask about it afterward, you won’t be able to find out anything new. At most, maybe some small details. I guess it depends on how long you are going to stay.”

Hua Lin Yu smiled brightly. To be honest, while Wu Ya was a big burly guy, he actually felt that he was quite adorable. He also couldn’t help it. It was in the way that he was so incredibly excited about everything that he talked about and how his eyes would light up when he did. It was hard not to like him.

Thinking of that, he gave Xin Lan another glance. This fiance of his was pretty much the opposite. He didn’t know if he had ever seen him excited. Even though they were both old and very strong, their outlooks on life were so different.

He didn’t know if Xin Lan had been different when he was younger but he actually felt that it was a bit of a pity. He would’ve loved it if Xin Lan could be like this and show some obvious joy in something. As he was right now, he often felt that his lover might be … dissatisfied with life. No matter what he or anyone else did, it wouldn’t change. It was quite sad.

Xin Lan noticed his gaze and there was the faintest of smiles on his lips. In any case, he didn’t know what Hua Lin Yu was thinking but just having his attention again after Wu Ya had been hogging it for so long felt quite good. He pulled him closer, and then leaned down to kiss his temple. “If he gets on your nerves, just tell me. I’ll take care of it.”

Hua Lin Yu’s expression turned exasperated. Just what was Xin Lan thinking? “You shouldn’t even think that. In any case, I’m quite happy with how things are. There’s no need to do anything else.” He turned to Wu Ya again, giving him a smile. “Please, don’t take it to heart. Xin Lan can be a bit grumpy sometimes.”

Wu Ya didn’t have much of an opinion on this matter. In any case, usually, he didn’t have much to do with other people. Accepting a bit of bad attitude … he was quite good at it. Much of that might also have to do with the fact that because he usually stayed alone in the mountains, he didn’t even feel that Xin Lan’s attitude was really bad. Rather than that, it felt quite normal to him and he didn’t know why Hua Lin Yu was worried about it so much. Thus, he merely shrugged it off and continued to lead the way.

The group of three stopped in a couple of smaller towns along the way, giving Hua Lin Yu enough time to look around. With Wu Ya at their side, the other spiritual beasts were quite relaxed, showing a much better attitude to Xin Lan and Hua Lin Yu than the ones in the first village had done.

In any case, guests of Wu Ya shouldn’t be there to make any kind of trouble. Why would they be afraid? Even if the human wanted to try something, they were sure that Wu Ya would protect them. Thus, they were especially easy-going when Hua Lin Yu tried to chat with them.

Xin Lan actually had quite a few opinions about how everyone suddenly got along with his fiance. Even in the mortal realm, people would usually be a bit more restrained, making him feel much less sour. This time though, he felt like he was being completely ignored for the sake of some strangers. His face definitely didn’t look good.

In the evening after reaching one of such villages, Xin Lan and Hua Lin Yu retired to their room and Hua Lin Yu still couldn’t help but excitedly chatter on. “The spirit beasts’ territory is really interesting. It isn’t that different from the mortal realm but the people’s thoughts on matters sure are. They are really open-minded. Even in a mortal city, I have never experienced something like this.”

Xin Lan gave a grunt, not too happy. If this kind of thing had happened in the dragon realm, it would’ve been different. If Hua Lin Yu was able to be happy there, he really would’ve welcomed it. But at this place … he was afraid it would just make more trouble.

Hua Lin Yu finally looked back at his fiance and realized that his jealousy was probably still a problem. He pondered what to do for a moment and then went over, sitting down next to him. Peering at his face, he reached out and took his hand. “You know that you don’t have to be like this, right? We will just be here for a couple of weeks or maybe months. After that, you said we’d return to my family. This is something that is just a short stop on the way. I want to see a lot. I want to learn a lot. Afterward, we will still go somewhere else. We will still be together. What does it matter who we meet along the way?”

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