RMN C270 The Third Is on the Lookout

The group had made their way further through the building, slowly confirming their guess that what had originally seemed like a rather small place was actually humongous. They still hadn’t left the first floor but they had already traveled several miles below the ground. There were rooms upon rooms and several corridors that stretched far into the distance, having at least a dozen doors on both sides. This could absolutely be called an underground palace that was able to hold a big sect or maybe even the whole of the demonic faction. In their minds, there really wasn’t much of a doubt anymore that this place was supposed to be a future headquarters.

They didn’t know how much further the building in front of them stretched and were intent on just going on until they finally found some kind of end when, suddenly, there was the sound of footsteps somewhere in front of them.

The group immediately halted, all of them became more vigilant, their muscles tensing and their expressions turning foreboding. It seemed that they had finally run into some demonic practitioners after all.

Zhi Guan narrowed his eyes, listening to the sounds in the distance. It seemed as if there was still a room or so between them and the other party. But if they continued on this path or even just waited here, they would likely happen upon each other. In any case, he did not intend to ignore this matter. While it was important to keep the people from the Zhen Yan Sect safe and while he also didn’t want to embroil the disciples of their own Teng Yong Sect in needless conflict, they needed answers. Maybe they would find those if they managed to catch one or two of these guys. It was worth a try.

He turned around but didn’t speak up. Instead, he just raised a finger to his lips, motioning for the others to stay silent. Then, he silenced his steps and led the way.

Right now, they were in the middle of the corridor. This was definitely not the best place to start a fight. No, it would be better if they made it to the next room or maybe even had the time to find a good spot to hide. That way, they would have the moment of surprise on their side. That could make the difference in the outcome. In any case, they couldn’t let those people alarm the rest of whoever might be inside this building and they should also try to minimize the risk of any injuries on their side or the way from here on out would become more difficult.

Thankfully, the disciples in the group were all experienced and had a high level. Lightening their steps and traveling faster wasn’t really that difficult for them. In a flash, they had reached the door at the end of the corridor. Zhi Guan and Shen Lei stopped for a moment longer this time, listening to what was on the other side again, before they opened the door and then everyone filed into the room behind.

This here was another hall. It reminded them quite a bit of the one that they had seen right at the beginning in that there wasn’t too much around. This wasn’t good for hiding but at the very least, there were a few columns holding up the ceiling. Thus, they could at least use those as cover.

Zhi Guan motioned for everyone to find a spot to hide and then picked the ones closest to the next door together with Shen Lei. Unfortunately, there were several doors leading away from this hall so it was a little difficult to say which direction to face. While they could say where the sounds were coming from, they couldn’t be sure any longer that there wouldn’t be other people around. Maybe they would soon have to face several groups. In that case, these columns really didn’t offer enough cover. But, well, that was a question for later.

The group stood still, listening intently for what was to come. Judging from the sounds, this should only be a small group on patrol. One, two, three, four … there were four sets of steps, as well as a faint clicking sound somewhere in-between. This kind of set-up shouldn’t give them any trouble. If they attacked immediately, they could take them out before they even realized what was going on.

Everyone readied their weapons or silently gathered their spiritual energy, trying to keep down their killing intent so as to not alert the enemy. The steps finally reached the door to the side of the room and stopped behind it.

Zhi Guan and the others didn’t dare to breathe. They stared at the door intently, their muscles tensed to the extreme. They just needed them to open the door and step into the room. Just one more step …

Finally, the door was pushed open. There was a sliver of light and a hint of white before the first person entered the room. Zhi Guan furrowed his brows, intently staring at the robe of that person. Was this some kind of scheme?

Before he could ponder any longer, the other three people entered the room and a voice called out behind Zhi Guan.


He didn’t have the time to say anything before Mei Chao Bing stepped out of his hiding place and rushed over, pulling his little junior into his arms. Zhi Guan just blinked his eyes and stayed where he was. In any case, he felt like he would intrude. He might not understand any kind of romance that did not include a sword but if sworn brothers met after a long time, the third one should just be on the lookout and not disturb them. At the very least, that was how he saw it.

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