OMF V8C120 Please, Give It a Thought

When Xiang Yong felt his transmission stone pulse, he immediately tensed. Usually, the only one who would use this one was his king. And if Qiu Ling contacted him at this time, then he was afraid that that could only mean that something major had happened. This wasn’t good.

He rushed to imbue his spiritual energy, staring intently. When he saw who was actually on the other side, he couldn’t quite catch up as fast, making his expression look rather comical.

Jinde couldn’t help but laugh and pointed at his face. “Adviser Xiang Yong, what’s with that look? Never seen a beauty?”

Xiang Yong gulped, restoring his usual stern look. “Senior, I certainly have. There are many of them in the dragon realm. In fact, our king happens to be one of them.”

Jinde narrowed his eyes, not quite happy with what he just heard. Xiang Yong’s expression also chilled a little, but he wouldn’t shed all pretenses considering that this person and their king seemed to be rather close.

Leng Jin Yu looked from one person to the other and felt a headache incoming. In any case, they wanted to ask for a favor. Was antagonizing Xiang Yong really the right thing to do? He rubbed his forehead and sighed before inserting himself into the confrontation. “Adviser Xiang Yong, I’m afraid my husband really doesn’t like being called senior. So just use our names if that is alright with you. Otherwise … well, I guess everything would be better than that.”

Xiang Yong glanced at Leng Jin Yu, not quite sure how to react. He had thought that Jinde’s dissatisfied look had been in regard to calling Qiu Ling his king instead of acknowledging his role as Longjun. But it seemed he had thought too much. This was just … well, he wasn’t quite sure what this was. Vanity? He really didn’t think that Jinde had any need for that.

He glanced at him again and his expression turned a little weird. Just using his name also didn’t seem to be quite right. He probably should’ve asked An Bai about that when he had the time. But at that time, he hadn’t really thought about it. There had been many much more pressing matters.

After thinking for quite some time, he finally decided not to bother too much this time. He would just keep things to whatever the topic was and not address anyone. That way, he could give himself a little more time. “Well, in any case, might I ask why you’ve contacted me? Did something happen to the king?”

Jinde rubbed his chin, feeling a little petty. “To be honest, I guess you could say it like this.”

Leng Jin Yu turned to look at him, his brows raising a little. Did his husband still not have enough? There really wasn’t a reason to do this to the poor guy, was there? But no matter what, since Jinde had already started, he would just wait for him to finish.

Xiang Yong had learned his lesson the first time around though and looked at Leng Jin Yu to figure out just what it was that Jinde was getting at. Seeing his expression, he calmed down a little. Apparently, not all was as it seemed. “Oh? What exactly might be going on then?”

“Well, you see, this is more or less a familial matter. You see, what do you think your king would say about having a sibling?”

Xiang Yong stared blankly, needing a moment to put one and one together. “Sen—” He interrupted himself and then started anew. “The two of you are intending to have a child?” That was indeed news worthy of being communicated. “Does His Majesty already know? I mean, that child is …”

Leng Jin Yu rubbed his cheek. In any case, since Xiang Yong already knew, there really wasn’t a reason to make things exciting, was there? He cleared his throat, and then once again joined in the conversation. “There’s no child yet. It is just that we have some plans. In fact, that is why we are contacting you.

“You know that we are currently in the mortal realm but we figured that it wouldn’t be safe to do so here. So we were thinking of going to the dragon realm instead. It is just that …” He glanced at Jinde, his expression complicated. “We know that this matter might prove to be troublesome to Qiu Ling and we don’t want that. So we were hoping that adviser Xiang Yong would be able to help us settle down somewhere in the capital city and help us hide our tracks.

“You know more about the current situation there than us and you are also in close contact with Qiu Ling and known as his adviser, making it easier to arrange some things. So we had hoped that you could make this possible for us. Of course, we can’t expect you to do so immediately but just please give it a thought and then tell us if you would be willing to do this for us. We won’t make any trouble. We just really want to have our family close by when we finally get around to expanding on it.”

Xiang Yong’s expression was a little strange. On the one hand, he really didn’t like where this was going. It would be best if these two always stayed in the mortal realm or at least far away from the capital city where people might catch on more easily. But he also knew that he probably couldn’t expect that. At the very least, their worries about having a child there were not quite unfounded. There was a lot that could go wrong in the process. Being in the dragon realm might allow them to feel a little more secure. But this was still something that he didn’t want to decide willy-nilly. “Well, I can see where you’re coming from. Please give me some time to think it through. I’ll give you my answer soon.”

Leng Jin Yu inclined his head. “Thank you. Just having that promise already means a lot to us. We really can’t expect anything more.”

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