SML V3C19 Better Prepare Well

Li Ming’s gaze softened further and he smiled at Mo Fang, feeling that this way of getting along was really nice. “I don’t mind if it’s slow. But maybe you are already a little hungry by now? I’ll hurry up.” He leaned over and kissed the top of his head, and then picked up the prepared ingredients, going over to the counter to finish up the dishes.

Mo Fang looked at his back, thinking to himself that he definitely was hungry but what he wanted to eat wasn’t necessarily whatever it was that Li Ming was preparing for them. Instead, he was looking forward to something completely different.

He kept that thought to himself and got up, going over and leaning against the counter next to Li Ming. “If there is something where I won’t be in the way and can actually help, you just need to tell me. I’ll do as much as I can.” His words were accompanied by a sweet smile, making Li Ming’s heart flutter.

“It’s alright. Well, if you could give me the seasoning.” He motioned at a small shelf in the corner and Mo Fang immediately went to dutifully get it for him.

After that, Li Ming really didn’t know what to ask for. He was used to working alone in the kitchen. In fact, he was used to doing everything himself. And when it came to guests in his house, he usually liked to take care of them rather than give them some kind of task to do.

He knew that it wasn’t quite the same with Mo Fang but his feelings on the matter still hadn’t changed much. Thus, he just went ahead and continued to do things mostly by himself. He at most asked Mo Fang to hand him something so he wouldn’t feel like he wasn’t needed. After all, he knew that this was something that was important to Mo Fang.

Not even half an hour later, the food was completely prepared and Mo Fang helped Li Ming bring over the bowls and plates. Before his boyfriend could sit down, he wrapped his arms around his waist, craned his neck, and gave him a kiss. “Thank you.”

Li Ming looked at him, at a loss for words. He really didn’t know what to say to this. He just … he had never felt so at home before. His gaze turned even gentler and he hugged him back, rubbing his back and kissing his cheek. “No need to thank me. I love doing this for you. Just sit down and eat. The best compliment you can give me is if you like it.”

Mo Fang gave a hum and let go, not wanting to seem like he was forcing anything. Right now, the important part was showing affection but also stepping back immediately so Li Ming wouldn’t feel that he was going too far. People usually hated it if you stomped on their boundaries too much. A little toeing the line was all that he could do if he wanted it to work out in the long run.

The two of them sat down and then immediately started eating. Just as expected, the food was once again very good. Not that Mo Fang had expected anything else. Even though they hadn’t eaten together that often yet, he was already sold on Li Ming’s skills in the kitchen.

Li Ming used the time to observe Mo Fang’s expression, feeling that he was even more lovely today than he had been the days before. After a few minutes, he couldn’t help but speak up. “About that thing with your father …”

Mo Fang raised his brows, seeming a little confused.

“You know, since he invited me. I don’t want to leave him with a bad impression. I know we already know each other from work and maybe I’m making too much out of this but I don’t want to go about things the wrong way.”

“I think just the fact that you were thinking that shows that you are exactly the type of guy that my father wants. Also, he hasn’t even tried badmouthing you to me so I guess the chances are good that he likes you.”

Despite better knowledge, Li Ming felt a fuzzy feeling in his chest. He knew he shouldn’t get overly excited since things might still turn around but then again, so far, if Boss Mo hadn’t had a problem with them, then that also meant that they could do this. It might be one of the most difficult things to do but he was sure that they could weather it.

“I feel like it can’t hurt to prepare well though. Is there anything you would say that is a no-go to him? Like a special type of clothing or a gift he definitely wouldn’t appreciate?”

Mo Fang looked at him and then reached over, grabbing Li Ming’s thigh again. “Bro Li, you have no idea how perfect of a guy you are.”

Li Ming raised his brows and reached down, grabbing Mo Fang’s hand and holding it for a moment. “Am I? I don’t think I’ve done anything to deserve that kind of praise.”

“No, you absolutely do. Do you really think that there were many among my ex-boyfriends who would’ve thought about getting my father a gift when they came over? Well, not that he would have invited them. That is a kind of privilege that my father would only preserve for a few special occasions. So I think you’ve already won in that regard. You really shouldn’t worry.” He leaned over and kissed him on the lips, pulling back after merely a featherlight touch, even taking back his hand.

Li Ming looked at him, a slight sense of loss in his heart. Even though he was the one who had complained about going too far too soon, he now felt a bit dissatisfied. He really would’ve loved to stay close to for a little longer.

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