OMF V8C121 A New Situation

The three of them bid their farewell but neither side was completely calm. Jinde and Leng Jin Yu hadn’t gotten a definite answer so they could only wait for the results. On the other side, Xiang Yong was a little worried.

He didn’t want for anything to go wrong under his king’s reign. As his adviser, part of that relied on him. To let somebody who could be dangerous for his king’s claim to the throne enter the capital city and even help him with that … That wasn’t what a good adviser should do.

But on the other hand, he was sympathetic to their plight and he also realized that maybe having Jinde and Leng Jin Yu there might not be too bad. One of them was a gifted refiner, as well as somebody who had a lot of experience governing the kingdom. The other one was at least an ascended deity and held the recognition of the God of War. Also, adding onto that, there was still their relationship with the king.

If Jinde really had no interest in the throne and might even be willing to make that crystal-clear so that no issues could arise, then there would not be a problem. Instead, this might even benefit his king. As an adviser, seeing that and helping him realize it was also his task.

For the time being though, a decision couldn’t be made. For one, he needed to talk this over with his king and An Bai. Then, they needed to come up with what would be necessary to keep Jinde’s identity under wraps and make sure that there wouldn’t be any problems arising in regard to the dragon king’s throne. Whatever they came up with, it needed to be airtight.

Thinking of all that, Xiang Yong got up and started to look for An Bai and his king but neither of them was in the palace. He rubbed his forehead, wondering if his king had actually gone back to his old ways. Even though he had been working hard in the last few weeks, actually taking quite a lot of the strain off them, he just couldn’t help but worry all the time. Most likely, it was safe to say that the past worries had just run too deep.

Well, contacting his king for something that might also wait an hour wasn’t his style. He didn’t mind contacting An Bai though. In any case, he would really like to have a talk with him first so that they could think things through first. Then, they could tell their king more. Maybe it was the fact that he had finally seen Qiu Ling being serious but he had a really hard time accepting that now, their king might not actually need them. As his advisers, what was their use if their king was able to solve everything by himself? No, if they wanted to qualify for their positions, they needed to come up with something. They needed to show him that they had value.

Thus, he took out his other transmission stone and then contacted An Bai.

Over in the Tower of Wisdom, An Bai put down the book that he had been reading and took out his transmission stone. Imbuing his spiritual energy, his white brows raised faintly when he realized that Xiang Yong was the one who wanted to talk to him. “Is something the matter?”

Xiang Yong nodded. “Are you busy or can you come back? I’m still in the palace.”

An Bai looked over to where some of the gods were sitting over some other scriptures and nodded. “I’ll be there in a bit.” He cut the connection and then got up, going over to one of the gods. “I’m sorry. I will take this along and finish it back in the palace we were assigned to. Please tell the God of Justice when you go back that so far, I still haven’t found anything. Also, please send somebody by if there is any news.”

The god had immediately gotten up when he came over and nodded his head. “Of course, adviser An Bai. As always, it is a pleasure working with you.”

An Bai smiled faintly and then turned around, leaving to the first floor of the Tower of Wisdom. He quite liked his current task even though it was something that was giving their king such a headache. He just wished that he was able to make more of a difference. But so far, that hadn’t happened. And with how things were going, he was afraid that there wouldn’t be a breakthrough anytime soon. Well, maybe whatever Xiang Yong had to tell him would change that.

He hurried along the path that he had already become familiar with and then rushed into the palace, finding Xiang Yong standing not far from the door. His gaze immediately became shrouded in worry. “It seems that whatever is going on is quite dire if you are already waiting here for me.”

Xiang Yong gave a wry smile. “I’m not quite sure if I would call it dire. It could be but it could also go off without a hitch if we prepare well. In any case, come on in. There’s the new situation. And it is one that will hopefully allow us to display our strength.”

Saying so, he actually smiled faintly. He knew that An Bai had a rather similar problem as him at the moment. Maybe An Bai was even more worried than him considering that most of the time, he was more concerned with his studies than with actual tasks, making him feel that he was the least valuable among Qiu Ling’s advisers. But then again, they probably all thought that at some times. That was just the way how things were if you really wanted something but couldn’t quite do what it took.

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