OMF V8C105 A Window of Time

Qiu Ling narrowed his eyes, not quite sure what to make of this. “Afraid? You mean like I should be afraid that he will not take it well?” This was what he had feared from the very beginning and hearing Leng Jin Yu say so made his feelings of guilt and trepidation surface once again. Before he had time to really think about it Leng Jin Yu shook his head though.

“No, I’m looking at this from his perspective. I think that being somebody else for a stretch of time and realizing how much time you’ve missed is something that you can be scared of.

“I have made a lot of experiences in my life as a mortal dual cultivator. I thought that I was somebody who couldn’t be shaken easily. But I will be honest that the few hours when he returned and I wasn’t myself anymore really struck fear in my heart.

“Now, I wasn’t prepared for that so maybe that changes it. But on the other hand, from the little that I know about Jing He, he is a lot younger than me and he hasn’t had the same experiences. He has never been confronted with anything that comes even close. So I could imagine that he will be in the same situation as I when he wakes up just that it will, in part, be because of other reasons.”

Qiu Ling nodded slowly, feeling like what Leng Jin Yu was saying made a lot of sense. “So is that something that we can overcome?”

This time, Leng Jin Yu didn’t hesitate at all and nodded straightforwardly. “Yes. I think that if you love each other, there’s nothing that you can’t overcome. It won’t be easy. I will not lie about that. But this is something you should be able to do. I think that as long as you give it your best you can get through that. I think what is most important is that you do so timely.

“From what I know about those trials, the reincarnation will die and the god up in the Nine Heavens will wake up again. But when they wake up they won’t remember immediately. There will be a stretch of time where the trial is just a blank slate for them. They might be a bit disoriented because they don’t quite know what happened while they do realize that time has passed for those around them.

“It’s like going on a trip and returning just that you can’t remember your trip and everybody else’s lives had some changes. It’s confusing I guess. Just like I couldn’t quite figure out why Jinde and you were acting so strangely when I opened my eyes again. Although I had known that something happened and I figured it out in just a moment but those few seconds before that were strange. And for Jing He it will likely be similar just that he is probably prepared for that part. Still, I think that that is the window of time that you will have to make use of.”

“How?” Qiu Ling didn’t doubt a single word of what Leng Jin Yu was saying and thus just inquired further. He needed a plan. If he had one he would be much calmer in dealing with Jing Yi as well. So he really wanted that kind of reassurance right now.

Leng Jin Yu weighed his words, wanting to make sure that he didn’t forget anything. “I think first and foremost, what he needs is for you to be close. From what I understand you are supposed to get married after he returns, right?”

Qiu Ling nodded. “Exactly. That shouldn’t be a problem.”

Leng Jin Yu shook his head at him, feeling that Qiu Ling was thinking too simply. “I don’t think you can expect to wed him right the next day. Preparing a wedding takes time. Even if you have people prepare things in the dragon realm beforehand, you will likely have to have a ceremony in the Nine Heavens as well. You can’t forget that he is the crown prince after all. And I think it would only be fair to wait until after he has all of his memories from the trial.”

Qiu Ling stiffened, clearly not happy with that suggestion.

Leng Jin Yu’s gaze actually softened when he saw that. “I know you’re afraid. You think that if you don’t seal the deal immediately, he might run off. You are afraid to be left alone. Again.”

Qiu Ling actually relaxed a little when he heard Leng Jin Yu say this. “I guess considering that Jinde is back, you are back, and both An Bai and Xiang Yong know about my heritage now, I don’t need to worry as much. But on the other hand, I have been looking forward to marrying Jing He for ten years in the Nine Heavens already. Add to that the thousand in the mortal realm and you can imagine that I am really at the end of my rope. Who would’ve thought that things would be this difficult?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded, somewhat understanding where he was coming from. “I know what you mean. After I realized that Jinde and I were meant to be I also didn’t want to wait. So we had our own little ceremony not long after we met. I guess it isn’t that strange for dragons.

“But we still had that second ceremony after I had remembered and Jinde was healed. And while I absolutely don’t regret having that first ceremony I also think that the second one might actually have been sweeter for us. Because at that time we knew that no matter what happened there would be nothing that could ever separate us. And without wanting to step on your toes but I think that that is something that you might need. Maybe it’s something that you crave. Or am I wrong about that?”

Qiu Ling didn’t have the words to answer. He looked at him and he found more and more that there really was no comparison between the Chun Yin back then and the person he had turned into now. He wasn’t sure that it was a good or a bad thing. He just knew that it was something that was a little hard to deal with.

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