RMN C256 Hardly Any Traces Left

He continued to stand in the darkness for a moment. When nothing changed, he finally turned around, swishing his tail. He returned to Yun Bei Fen’s side, standing closer to him than before. But other than that, he didn’t give any kind of indication as to what had happened.

These disciples should know that things could become dangerous here. No matter what he said, it wouldn’t change anything. In any case, he didn’t want to pull too much attention to himself. No, it was better they found out by themselves.

The disciples didn’t seem quite prepared for that. They looked at Da Hei, wondering just what had been going on.

Yuan Lei turned back to the direction the midnight wolf had just come from and then turned to Yang Wu Huang. “We should probably check that out.”

Yang Wu Huang glanced at him and almost wanted to say that there was no need to do so. He definitely didn’t want for them to go back and then have Yuan Lei tell Elder Baili and Elder Xing that it had been Mei Chao Bing’s spiritual beast that found the most important clue. But then again, if there was something, it was better they found it. That way, they would be able to tell the Elders more about this place. And that was what was the most important, wasn’t it? Yes, it was still better to do so.

Thinking it through, Yang Wu Huang gave a faint nod. He didn’t say anything else and went ahead, looking around to see if he could find anything. In any case, just because that spiritual beast had alerted them, that didn’t mean anything. They still needed to figure out themselves just what was going on.

Unfortunately, when they got closer to the spot where that person had vanished, they couldn’t really see anything. It was pretty dark all around them even when they used their spiritual energy to light up the surroundings. Other than that, they didn’t really know where to look. After all, Da Hei had vanished in the darkness. Who knew where exactly he had gone?

Behind Yang Wu Huang and the others, Yuan Lei turned around and motioned to Yi Ju. In any case, even though he disliked Yang Wu Huang, he was still a disciple of the Teng Yong Sect so he wanted to help out. Since there was something that the two of them could do, then they should do it. Thus, they headed to the front and looked on the ground, following the traces that they could find on the ground.

To be honest, there wasn’t much but at least, they found that there was a very faint layer of dust that could barely be made out in the shine of the spiritual energy. They also discovered a few scratch marks inside. This clearly showed the way that Da Hei had taken.

They followed the trail until they found the corner where the demonic practitioner had hidden and furrowed their brows.

Yu Jin motioned over to a spot on the ground where the dust seemed to have just vanished. “What’s with that place, senior martial brother Yuan? It’s as if there was something there before.”

Yuan Lei knelt down and then slowly shook his head. “It’s not that there was something that covered the ground. Rather than that, the dust that was there was brushed to the side. Look over there! The layer is a little thicker there. The question is what exactly caused that.” He looked in the other direction, squinting his eyes and then raising a hand to shine some more light on it. Then, he finally saw the remaining traces of the array.

“There is some kind of array here. I’m not sure what kind though.” Never mind that he hadn’t specialized in arrays, there was also the problem that several lines were missing. With this, it was difficult to say just what it might have been originally. Xi Ju Hai probably would’ve been able to tell them in a minute but unfortunately, she wasn’t here with them.

Yuan Lei looked back, hoping that one of the other disciples would step forward. But whether it was Yang Wu Huang, Kui Min, or any of the others, none of them specialized in arrays either. Thus, he really didn’t know what to do.

Tan Xin stepped forward and took out a scroll of paper and some coal. “I’ll draw it. We can just take it back to the camp later and have the Elders take a look at it.”

Yuan Lei nodded, feeling that that was the best way to go about it. He stepped to the side and then held his hands above the remainders of the array, making sure that Tan Xin had enough light to see the traces clearly and wouldn’t miss anything.

The disciples continued to stand around, waiting for her to finish. Finally, Tan Xin put away the coal and also wanted to put away the scroll of paper but Yang Wu Huang reached out and took it from her hands.

“I’ll take that. In any case, since I’m the leader of the group, I will also have to be the one who’s going to report to the Elder.”

Tan Xin had originally been more or less neutral, feeling that while she could understand why Yun Bei Fen and Kui Min had something against him, he had probably just been as overly cautious as everyone else when he met again with Mei Chao Bing and hadn’t really meant anything bad about it. But now, her feelings changed somewhat.

This was the work she had done. Usually, as the leader of the group, shouldn’t he acknowledge that? Why take from her what she had done? That really wasn’t the way to go about it.

Furthermore, if they really were attacked, then as the strongest disciple and the one leading them, he should stay behind and fight so that the weaker disciples would be able to get away and have a chance to survive. So him taking this really wasn’t a good idea. If anything, this kind of thing probably should’ve been given to one of the other martial brothers since they were around the middle of the group when it came to strength. They wouldn’t need to stay behind but they would be able to flee much faster, making sure that this clue would be able to be brought back to the camp.

That Yang Wu Huang seemingly hadn’t taken any of that into consideration … it really made her reconsider things a bit.

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