IRL C62 It’s about Compromises

Shangguan Yu took a moment to sort out his thoughts. They had already known each other for half a year, they had talked about a whole lot of things, and they knew each other very well. The things that people normally discussed on their first dates … There was no reason for them to speak about it. No, the elephant in the room was really how their relationship was supposed to be in the future. They were already at that stage even if it had happened without ever being planned.

He cleared his throat and propped his elbows up on the table, interlaced his fingers, and rested his chin on top of his hands. “Let’s say I said yes to that … How would you imagine it to be?”

Ao Jing pushed away his bowl and also leaned forward, crossing his arms on the table. “Well, I think it’s not just a question of how I imagine things to be. It’s something we will have to decide together. Looking at how things currently are …

“My internship is going to be over soon. I’ve mentioned before that the company would like to keep me afterward so I would stay there for now. You still have to finish your courses though and then there’s your own internship to do.

“Speaking in terms of our relationship, we can’t do anything about the time when you have courses but for your internship, it would be good if you did one close-by so we would be able to see each other. I mean at least that would be my preference, especially for the first time.

“But if it wasn’t possible or if you said that there was a company on the other side of the country that you definitely want to do your internship at or even work at in the future, then I would also understand. We have lived our lives separately until now and there will be things that won’t work out immediately. I think that we would just need to find a compromise in these cases.”

Shangguan Yu nodded. “To be honest, I’m not that passionate about any company so I’m rather flexible when it comes to where I’ll apply. I would like it if it was a big accompany though. I just feel like I would probably learn the most there. Especially since they are likely more used to having interns compared to smaller businesses.”

Ao Jing nodded. “At the very least, I think the company I work at is pretty good with that. They seem to have experience.”

“Do you think I should apply there?”

Ao Jing gave a wry smile. “Well … I’m not out to either my coworkers or my superiors. I also don’t think it would necessarily be a good idea. If we didn’t happen to be in the same department, it probably wouldn’t be a problem but if we are … I’m not sure if that would work out. I guess it’s pretty obvious that we don’t just know each other but are pretty close.”

Shangguan Yu nodded and rubbed his neck, wondering what to do. Working at the same place would have given them the most time together. It sounded a bit like a dream. But, well, they would be working at that time anyway so maybe it didn’t matter. So just staying close by should be enough. “Ah, when I looked online for your photo, I noticed that there are quite a few companies in your city. I could just go to your competitor.” He grinned and Ao Jing couldn’t help but laugh as well.

“Well, they don’t know so it shouldn’t be a problem. Anyway, I think there are quite a few that would be suitable for your degree.”

“Then I guess I’ll go for that.”

The two of them smiled at each other, feeling that the original question had definitely been answered.

Ao Jing couldn’t help but wonder if it would be too much asking Shangguan Yu if he wanted to move in with him at that time but he finally didn’t have the guts to bring it up. “Well, for the time being, you’re still occupied with your courses so we won’t be able to see each other much.

“Speaking of which … Would you mind if we saw each other more often while you’re still on break?” This would probably be the only time they had with each other where they could easily see the other in real life. After that, Shangguan Yu would have to return to his university which was quite a bit further away so it would be back to just being in the game.

Actually, he already felt sad just thinking about it. While they hadn’t spent much time together like this, it felt nice. And the longer it went on, the better it actually felt. He didn’t want to have to miss that in the future.

Shangguan Yu wasn’t worried yet. “Of course. Although I can’t promise that I’ll always be able to pick out a good spot. This one here was just thanks to my sister and husband. They actually went to scout it out yesterday. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t have known if it was as good as the reviews said.”

Ao Jing chuckled again at that. “Sounds as if they were pretty involved.” Hopefully, they would also be happy when they met one day.

A little behind them, Yu Lan shifted down in his seat. Yes, he really couldn’t deny that they were very involved in his brother-in-law’s dating life. Anyway, they just wanted to make sure that he ended up in good hands. That couldn’t be wrong, could it? Though, it was a little embarrassing to actually follow him here and then have to hear something like this. Thankfully, these two had no idea that he was here.

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