RMN C234 Two Single-Minded Men

Shen Lei looked at him and raised his brows. “Is that so surprising?” From what he knew, Yan Hong Min had the reputation in the Teng Yong Sect that he was used to making mischief. He actually felt that it was a little surprising that there would be somebody who would not expect this kind of advice. Or maybe he was just sad that his little fiance was stuck with this kind of useless senior martial brother? Ah, that could also be.

Mei Chao Bing gave a faint smile when he heard Shen Lei’s question. “Senior martial brother Shen is thinking too much. About senior martial brother Yang, I’ve also heard some things. It is just that I can’t help but be a little envious of you. From what I know, you’ve been together with senior martial brother Luo for quite some time. You probably know the four of them quite well by now.”

Shen Lei looked at him, his expression turning even more surprised. There was a faint shimmer of appreciation in his eyes. Clearly, Mei Chao Bing loved Yun Bei Fen quite a lot if he was able to get jealous of something simple like this.

Shen Lei patted his shoulder again and turned away, crossing his arms in front of his chest. To be honest, hearing that that little bunny already had a fiance, he had been unable not to worry a bit even though this worry was less than that about his lover being stolen away.

But in any case, the Yun Bei Fen he knew was quite young. It was strange to think that he was about to get married. And he also couldn’t help but wonder if maybe somebody would have ulterior motives in getting close to him. After all, while Elder Baili only had four disciples, the first three all had their own specialties that they were good at. And Elder Baili was also not to underestimate.

Yun Bei Fen … he might not be strong but getting together with him might allow his partner to benefit from his relationship with these people. That definitely wouldn’t be a loss considering that he was also quite pretty. He might not be able to compete with Luo Lin in terms of sex appeal but he was the kind of naive, little beauty that could also stir a man’s heart. No matter how you looked at it, this kind of relationship wouldn’t be a loss.

But in any case, it seemed that Mei Chao Bing really cared about him. That was good. He definitely wouldn’t want to see the child get hurt. His good mood immediately improved further. Thus, he couldn’t help but feel that as the older person, he should give Mei Chao Bing some advice.

Thinking about it for a moment, he turned back to him, a bright smile on his lips. “Ah, you are thinking too much, junior martial brother Mei. It is not about the amount of time that you spend with somebody but about the quality of the time you get together. So if you feel that you’ve missed out so far because you don’t know much about him and his life before meeting you, then you just have to make up for it. When you see him the next time, tell him about your worries and let him tell you some stories. When Yun Bei Fen is concerned, I’m sure that he will have quite a few to tell.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded, grateful that Shen Lei was treating him like this. “That sounds as if the life of Elder Baili’s disciples is quite interesting.”

Shen Lei gave a hum but his thoughts were clearly straying from Yun Bei Fen and the others and focusing on his own lover’s life.

Mei Chao Bing lightly rubbed his brows, feeling that he suddenly understood just why Shen Lei had behaved like that before. Clearly, this was one lovesick man. Even when not being around his lover, his thoughts would constantly circle around him. So most likely, there had been some kind of misunderstanding in that department before.

Well, he wouldn’t make a fuss about it. It was nice that they had managed to make up and he had even been able to talk to him like this. It would be especially nice if things could go on like this. Being on good terms with Yun Bei Fen’s senior martial brothers and their lovers … that was something that he deeply wished for.

Speaking of which … Mei Chao Bing couldn’t help but lean closer to Shen Lei and lower his voice. “Say, senior martial brother Shen, I don’t want to be intrusive but what about senior martial brother Zhi? Does he have somebody?” To be honest, he had never heard of that but it had also been several years already since he had started to spend most of his time in closed-door cultivation so as to not aggravate the situation outside. Thus, he hadn’t really heard about anything going on in the sect, especially not the private life of any of the disciples. Whether Zhi Guan had found somebody … well, he wouldn’t know.

Shen Lei looked at him and raised his brows before glancing over at Zhi Guan. “That guy?” He helplessly shook his head and then motioned over to the sword that Zhi Guan was holding in his hand. “As far as Ah Guan is concerned, you can be sure that the only partner he will ever have is that sword at his side. The kind of person that would be able to steal away his heart … I’m afraid they would have to be the same kind of sword maniac as him. Where would you find somebody like that?”

Mei Chao Bing smiled faintly. That was probably true. From what he had heard before entering closed-door cultivation and from what he had observed on his own missions with Zhi Guan, this guy never put down his sword if he didn’t absolutely have to. And if he talked, nine out of ten sentences would contain terms like sword, sword arts, mastering the sword, brotherhood, life-and-death fight, experiences with your sword, sword practice, and the like. Just as Shen Lei seemed to only think about his lover, Zhi Guan only thought about his sword. Yes, that kind of person probably wouldn’t have it easy to find a lover.

Mei Chao Bing would’ve liked to ask more but at that time, the last disciples finally arrived, bringing their conversation to a sudden stop.

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