RMN C235 Suddenly Vanished

Back in the camp of the Teng Yong Sect, Yun Bei Fen had already woken up. The first thing he did upon opening his eyes was turning around to take a look at Mei Chao Bing. As a result, the little bunny was faced with an empty spot behind him. He blinked his eyes, clearly confused about what was going on. Why wasn’t Mei Chao Bing there? Hadn’t they gone to rest together? Why had he suddenly vanished?

Not quite sure what he should think of this, Yun Bei Fen rolled to the side, and stared at the ground to make sure that Mei Chao Bing hadn’t fallen out of bed. He only managed to see Da Hei and Xiao Hui though. The two of them had curled up on the ground as if they also didn’t know what was going on and had slept through everything. The midnight wolf lazily raised his head but immediately turned away when Yun Bei Fen looked at him. He didn’t seem to care at all about what his Master’s lover thought.

Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips. Maybe Mei Chao Bing had woken up before him and didn’t want to disturb him. Then he would probably have gone out to train. Thinking of that, he immediately swung his legs over the edge of the bed and hurriedly rushed out to go and see Mei Chao Bing. When he opened the door, he found the courtyard empty though.

Stopping in his tracks again, Yun Bei Fen looked around in a daze. Just what was going on? Where was Mei Chao Bing? Staring blankly for a moment, Yun Bei Fen finally ran back inside and picked up Xiao Hui. He definitely couldn’t let his spiritual beast stay in here all by itself. Well, there was still Da Hei but he figured that it would be better to take him along. In any case, Da He could also come with them.

Thinking of that, Yun Bei Fen crouched down and then poked the midnight wolf that had already turned away again as if it couldn’t be bothered to even look at him. “Da Hei, we’re going to look for Mei Chao Bing. What about you? Do you want to come with me?”

Naturally, Da Hei had no interest in that at all considering that he was perfectly clear on just where Mei Chao Bing had gone. Thus, he just huffed and turned even further away, wishing that the youth would finally leave him alone.

Yun Bei Fen stared at him for a moment and then lightly pursed his lips but still got up and left.

Da Hei continued to lie on the ground but after a moment, the midnight wolf gave a sigh and got up after all. Ah, even if he didn’t like it, Mei Chao Bing had still told him to take care of this youth. It might be a waste of his energy but it was still better to at least do a little. If something happened, he really didn’t want to get into trouble with Mei Chao Bing.

By the time Da Hei left the room, Yun Bei Fen actually hadn’t gotten far. He was first making sure that he hadn’t just overlooked Mei Chao Bing so he looked through the whole courtyard again. Then, he went toward his Master’s study, looking around the house.

When he arrived in front of the door to Baili Chao’s study but still hadn’t seen Mei Chao Bing, his brows were already tightly furrowed. Something must’ve happened for Mei Chao Bing to suddenly vanish like this. This definitely wasn’t good! He hurried to knock on the door and then rushed inside, running over to his Master. “Master!” Yun Bei Fen looked at him with big eyes, clearly troubled.

Baili Chao gave him a wry look. Just look at this disciple of his! When Mei Chao Bing suddenly vanished, he was actually this worried. If it was him, Yun Bei Fen might just shrug his shoulders and not care at all. He really didn’t have any illusions about that.

Who had which place in his little disciple’s heart … he knew it all too well. The first place was clearly Mei Chao Bing. The places after that … he was pretty sure that everything related to Mei Chao Bing would take those. Then it was probably his senior martial brothers and only then would this little bunny remember to let his Master make an appearance.

Ah, being a Master really wasn’t easy. Especially not with a disciple like Yun Bei Fen. On the other hand, in this kind of situation, his peculiarity really made it easy to know how to calm the little one down. Other Masters might need to think long and hard to find a way to console their crying disciples. “If you are looking for Mei Chao Bing, then don’t bother about it. He’s already left with the other disciples to go and investigate an important clue.”

Yun Bei Fen stared at his Master as if he had been struck by lightning. “Mei Chao Bing left?” And he hadn’t even told him?

Elder Baili almost wanted to laugh out loud when he saw his disciple’s expression that indicated that the world was about to end. No wonder that Mei Chao Bing had asked him to clearly explain to Yun Bei Fen. He probably knew that his fiance would worry himself to death if he woke up and wasn’t able to find him. These two … they were clearly quite familiar with each other even though they had gotten together for real not too long ago. Baili Chao sighed when he realized this and motioned at the chair opposite him. “Sit down. I’ll tell you about it.”

Yun Bei Fen naturally didn’t need to be asked twice. He immediately planted his butt on the chair, tightly holding onto Xiao Hui, while he stared at his Master with apprehension. Just what would he find out? Hopefully, it wasn’t anything bad.

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