RMN C233 An Opportunity He Wouldn’t Have Used

With Mei Chao Bing having inadvertently explained himself, Shen Lei’s attitude immediately turned much better. As if the previous accusations had never existed, he roped him into a conversation. “I heard from Ah Guan that Fen’er is also here in the border region for the mission. Aren’t you worried that something might happen to him?”

If it was Luo Lin, he really wouldn’t be able to rest assured unless he kept him at his side the whole time. While Luo Lin’s level wasn’t actually that low and he had reached the core formation stage by now, there just was no way he would want him to be in a situation where he might get hurt.

And the last time he had seen Yun Bei Fen, the boy had had a much lower level. In fact, remembering that white-faced little child, he actually wondered who the heck had agreed to send him here. Wasn’t that basically like sending him on a suicide mission?

Mei Chao Bing gave a wry smile at that. “To be honest, I am indeed worried. Yun Bei Fen has reached foundation establishment but he doesn’t know that many skills. He’s only slowly learning some attacks and defense skills but even those are of the simplest kinds. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if he got into a dangerous situation.

“But in any case, this can’t be rushed, and this kind of thing can also only be learned by gaining experience. It wouldn’t do to keep them in the sect any longer. Otherwise, his cultivation level won’t be worth much in the future. He needs the experience and I realize that.”

Shen Lei nodded. “Well, this seems to be turning into quite the serious task though. I’m not too sure if this is really a suitable place for him to learn.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded as well and looked at the arrays around them. “Originally, the task wasn’t supposed to be like this so I didn’t worry much. By now, I know that I thought too simply at the beginning. Since this is the border region, I should’ve expected that there might be some unforeseen circumstances. But in any case, it’s too late now. And I honestly don’t think that Yun Bei Fen would really be willing to go back.”

Shen Lei gave a hum, not that surprised. “Well, thinking back now, he has always idolized you. It’s no wonder that he would be a bit clingier now that you are actually engaged. Ah, this really shows that resistance is key.” He rubbed his chin and there was a smile on his lips as if he was thinking of some especially fond memories.

Mei Chao Bing raised his brows but he didn’t dare to ask. Most likely, there were some secrets involved in how Shen Lei and Yun Bei Fen’s third senior martial brother had gotten together. This really wasn’t something that he wanted to know. His little bunny’s idea of how to woo somebody was already astonishing enough.

Just thinking back to that first real encounter they had had where Yun Bei Fen just suddenly went to hug and kiss him … Yes, he could imagine that at least some of that should have been learned from his senior martial brothers considering how old he had been when he came to the sect. That certainly wasn’t something that had also been passed down from his elders back at home.

Shen Lei noticed his gaze but didn’t say anything. His relationship with his fairy was his matter. He didn’t care what others thought or said about it. As long as they were happy, that was the only thing that counted. That wouldn’t change even if the person having thoughts about it was somebody close to them. Between a couple, there was nobody else whose opinion mattered.

Mei Chao Bing didn’t intend to say anything else either and just changed the subject. Since it seemed that not all the disciples had returned yet, it was a good opportunity to use the time and ask a few questions. “Senior martial brother Shen, say, do you know about Fen’er’s second senior martial brother? Since his first senior martial brother is here and you said that his third senior martial brother is at the sect, I was wondering what he was doing.”

Shen Lei gave a huff at that. “That guy will definitely still be in the sect, pretending to be in closed-door cultivation. In fact, he’s probably just up to some mischief somewhere. Let me give you a piece of advice.” Shen Lei reached out and grabbed his shoulder again, looking serious. “In the future, if you need to rely on somebody to take care of your lover, then you definitely shouldn’t use him. Going to your fiance’s first senior martial brother or me as your brother-in-law is one thing. We will definitely be able to help you. But he? Don’t even think about it in your dreams!”

Mei Chao Bing smiled faintly. It seemed that the relationship between Elder Baili’s second disciple and Shen Lei wasn’t that good. He really couldn’t help but wonder what exactly had happened to cause that.

Ah, when thinking about it, he couldn’t help but feel a little vexed. From what he knew, Yun Bei Fen had already seen him for the first time on the day when he entered the Teng Yong Sect. And after that, they had had several almost run-ins over the years. They never really spoken but he had often seen Yun Bei Fen for a moment before that silly little bunny would go into hiding again.

Back then, he had thought that he was just a cute junior and that it wasn’t that strange that he was afraid considering that his Master was quite frightening. Who would’ve thought that Yun Bei Fen actually didn’t care about that and was just shy in the face of love? If he had known before …

Mei Chao Bing couldn’t help but sigh. Well, to be honest, he wouldn’t have used the opportunity even if he had known. Considering that there were eight years between them, it really wasn’t that easy to fall in love. By the time his Master betrayed the sect, Yun Bei Fen had at least been a youth, old enough that he wouldn’t feel strange about his developing feelings. But at the beginning …

If he fell in love with somebody eight years his junior, who was definitely still a child, he also wouldn’t know what to say. Eight years weren’t much in the life of a cultivator but they were quite a lot when you were still as young as them.

Even now that he was twenty-eight, he sometimes felt that he was a bit wrong for getting together with Yun Bei Fen considering how he had led such a sheltered life and not gained much experience outside. Even though his age made him an adult, his experiences didn’t really, right? He should probably give him a few more years for that.

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