OMF V8C71 Quite Likely

Elder Suo didn’t lose any further words and just opened up the bag, taking out what was inside and distributing it on the table next to them so the disciples could also take a look.

After deliberating for a while, one of the girls spoke up. “That spiritual plant looks like something that is only found in the demon realm.”

Elder Suo nodded. “Yes, a mist lily. There are actually only a few spots in the demon realm where it grows. To the demons, it is pretty much worthless but to humans, it is a different matter altogether.”

Yuchi Bing Xia slightly furrowed his brows. From what they had found out from their own quick investigation, Qiguan Cheng Da had never been on any mission in the demon realm. If this flower could not be found in the mortal realm, then unless he had taken it from somebody else, it had been given to him by somebody who was part of the demon race. And all things considered, this was the likeliest explanation.

Elder Suo turned to Shen An De, motioning at the flower. “Maybe Grandmaster Shen knows a little more about this?”

“Well, I agree for the most part. It is quite valuable for humans because it can be made into several pills and potions. A skilled refiner would be happy to get their hands on this. For the demons, it is indeed mostly worthless but it can still be used for some amusement so they will regularly collect them. Thus, it isn’t that easy to find one as a human. Even if this guy went into the demon realm, the chance to encounter one in the wild is really quite low.”

Elder Suo nodded. “We have indeed had trouble to find these. So it was because of that. Unfortunately, they can’t really be cultivated in the mortal realms. This kind of spiritual plant needs way too much spiritual energy for that and I think there are some requirements on the soil. It truly is a pity.”

Shen An De glanced at her, pondered for a moment, and finally couldn’t help but clear his throat. It wouldn’t hurt him to help out a bit and since his sister-in-law was part of their sect, he still felt that it was better to do them a favor. “You could try to contact somebody of the dragon race. From what I know, while the mist lily isn’t found there naturally, it would at least be possible to cultivate it there. They might be willing to strike a deal with you considering that the current dragon king’s beloved is currently human.”

Elder Suo raised her brows, not having expected that. But then again, she also remembered how a few of the dragons had turned up at the trial back then, so she didn’t find it that strange anymore. “Thank you, Grandmaster Shen. I will go discuss this with our Sect Master. Maybe that would indeed be a way to go about it.”

Shen An De merely nodded but didn’t say anything else. In any case, this matter didn’t have too much to do with him. It was just a suggestion that they could follow or not. He felt that he had already done more than enough.

Elder Suo turned back to examine the possessions of Qiguan Cheng Da and was able to point out a few more that were related to the demons and the demon realm. In conclusion … “Naturally, it can’t be said for sure but it is very likely that this disciple from your sect was involved with the demons. If it was just the mirror or just one of the other things, it wouldn’t count for much. But the number of things that are related to the demons are just too many.

“Even if you looked at the possessions of one of our disciples who regularly go to the demon realm for missions, you wouldn’t necessarily find as many. Especially not of such high quality. So I will maintain that he likely had relations with the demons and even with one that is of a high rank. I’m not sure if we can say for sure that he was affiliated with the demon king but at least it should be somebody who is quite close to the throne. As for everything else, I’m afraid I can’t help with that. But the dragon’s words seem to be credible. So Sect Master Yuchi probably doesn’t need to worry about that.”

Yuchi Bing Xia nodded and then cupped his fists, bowing. “Thank you very much, Elder Suo. The Yun Zou Sect is indebted to the Ye Zhong Order.”

Elder Suo hurriedly waved. “No need to be so formal, Sect Master Yuchi. In any case, the Ye Zhong Order is a demon-hunting sect. Dealing with matters that pertain to the demons is what we are there for. Speaking of which … you mentioned that one of the people of your sect might be in danger. Would you be willing to discuss this with us? There might be something that we can do.”

Yuchi Bing Xia already wanted to nod but glancing at Shen An De and his wife, he wasn’t too sure if it would be alright to say out loud. In any case, this guy was a half-demon himself from what he knew. And he was also the Grandmaster of a sect of the opposite faction. He wasn’t willing to trust him to this degree.

Shen An De realized that his presence here was a hindrance so he cleared his throat and put his arm around his wife’s waist. “Well, I came to help with this matter, and now, it seems to be taken care of. My wife and I should probably leave then. As for my sister-in-law, I’ll leave her to you. But if you don’t mind, I’d like her to send us off.”

Yuchi Bing Xia naturally didn’t have a problem with that but Hong Bao was a disciple of the Ye Zhong Order. Thus, he could only turn to Elder Suo.

The woman smiled wryly and then motioned for Hong Bao to leave. In any case, to be related to a half-demon, this was also quite strange for a demon hunter. But sometimes, fate just was like this. Who was she to judge?

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