SML V3C4 Show Off the Man of His Dreams

Hearing Mo Fang recount how the two of them had gotten together, and had then been surprised by Mo Fang’s own father just now when they came to their shift, the others couldn’t help but feel apologetic toward him.

“Ah, Boss Mo must’ve heard when Sis Zhi talked to us. In the future, this kind of vital information should only be sent in the group chat. Otherwise, we’ll really get you into trouble.”

The others nodded. The story of how Zhi Bao Yu telling them how Mo Fang had stayed over at Li Ming’s place after they went drinking the other night and then got into trouble with his father subsequently had already been spread around by none other than Zhi Bao Yu again so everyone already felt a little apologetic toward this couple. Now, the same thing had happened again.

They really hadn’t been aware enough of what was going on around them. How had they not seen their boss around? Actually, not even considering Mo Fang’s situation, they had actually might have gotten themselves into trouble as well. After all, instead of working, they had all gathered around to gossip. If Boss Mo saw things like that all the time, wouldn’t he feel like they weren’t doing their jobs? They’d also get into trouble then! If he could be like this to his son and even throw him out over getting a new boyfriend, then what were they supposed to do? Soon enough, they might need to get a new job. Who wanted to do that?

Mo Fang saw everyone being suffering with him and couldn’t help but try and reassure them a bit. “You shouldn’t worry about it. In any case, it’s a different matter whether you are just working for him or if you are his family. With me, he has always been a little harsher than with everyone else. If I do or say something wrong, that’s not just a bad work ethic, that’s also disappointing all my ancestors. Naturally, he won’t take kindly to that. Being gay is bad enough. I’m already amazed that he was able to accept that.”

The others immediately chimed in, praising Mister Mo for being open-minded and progressive. In any case, who knew if he wasn’t standing around the corner listening in? If there was something to praise, they’d better praise well!

Mo Fang glanced at them and felt like they were a bunch of traitors. Hadn’t they still been cursing his father as a tyrant just now? How come they were suddenly singing his praises? Well, no matter what, it was alright. As long as he was able to stay with his awesome boyfriend, he wouldn’t mind anything.

“Well, I guess that is also true. Now, let’s not make any more trouble. We should better all get back to work. Bro Li also promised that he would take care of the matter with my father so I guess I won’t have to be the one to stand his anger this time. Ah, he’s really such a considerate boyfriend!”

One of the others pursed her lips at him. “You’re really abusing us single dogs here, ah! Don’t show off your boyfriend too much. Now, you still owe us the details of how the two of you got together. Don’t think you’d get away with that bare-bones version from before. You’d better start talking now!”

Mo Fang smiled but shook his head. “How could I do that right now? In any case, we are still all at work. If my father catches me, I’d really be in deep trouble. We should really get back to work first or you might also all get into trouble.”

The others knew that he was right but they still complained, feeling that it was unfair to first whet their appetite and then leave them hanging.

Mo Fang smiled faintly, but still went back to his counter. “Don’t worry about it. After our shift is over, I can tell all of you. In any case, at that time, Bro Li will probably go and talk with my father. So I’ll have some time until he comes back.”

One of the other few men that were working in the same shift as them immediately shook himself. “Mo Fang! You’re really rubbing your happiness in our faces now, aren’t you? Didn’t you just arrive with him? How come you are already thinking of going back home together? This is really too much!”

The others nodded and agreed loudly, making Mo Fang’s smile brighten further.

“Aiya, you are making it difficult for me. What am I supposed to do? I’m young and in love, and I just got together with the man of my dreams. Of course, I want to show him off everywhere and tell everyone about how great he is. I’m sure you’d do the same if you were in my shoes. Just wait until you get a girlfriend! I’m pretty sure that by then, you won’t remember what you said today.”

After saying this, one of the female coworkers immediately jumped out. “He definitely won’t. You don’t know since you weren’t here yet but I’m sure the others will still remember: Three months ago when he was dating that chick from the mall on the other side of the street, he’d also show her off every day! And he was much worse about it than Mo Fang, showing us pictures all the time, flooding the group chat, talking about nothing but her … I still hear my ears ring even now when I think of it.”

The others started to agree, making the other man lowered his head. Meanwhile, Mo Fang just happily got back to work. It wasn’t that he was that interested in the job, but at the very least, he needed to do decently on it. Otherwise, he would just get back into trouble with his father. And then, Li Ming would probably also get into trouble because he had made him go astray or something. He didn’t doubt that his father would come up with this kind of ridiculous theory. He just was like that.

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