Announcement: Revision of OMF Volume 4

I’ve uploaded the final revised chapter of volume 3, Wandering Cultivator, over here now. In the meantime, I have already been working on the revision of volume 4. I am about 60 chapters in which is almost the end of the first part. Thus, I’m likely going to upload those chapters soon as well.

Before that, I want to once again make a post in which I go over the changes I plan to make to this volume similarly to how I did with volume 3 here and here. Since the revision is – for the most part – still in the planning stage, I won’t be able to include exact chapter numbers though and will just give a general run-down.

One word before I start: The further we get into the series, the less changes there will be. I stopped leaving any planned things out by the time we reached the original volume 4, Secret Realm Prisoner, so that there isn’t as much content to add. While there were still some things left out in volume 3, Demonic Sect Spy, there aren’t as many as in volume 2. Most changes are now done to keep up with changes to the previous volumes (like added storylines, newly introduced characters) or to elaborate on points I felt to fall a bit flat.

Now, onto my plans for the volume “Demonic Sect Spy”, the original 3rd volume and 4th volume in the revision:

  • Added content with Hong Bao.
    • Truth be told, Hong Bao has been one of my favorite characters to write. I can see why she would be annoying for readers but I was genuinely shocked just how much hate she drew when I was writing volume 1. Thus, I skimped a lot on her scenes in this volume in the original version which unfortunately made Jing Yi’s investigation of the Hei Dian Sect look like a ‘gone in and done’ deal which also screwed up a subsequent storyline I had planned (and thus cut as well).
    • For the revision, I will re-include more scenes with Hong Bao. She is one of the vital characters of this volume and also one of the characters that re-appears throughout the series and actually helps Qiu Ling and Jing Yi quite a bit (while screwing others over, I admit). She might still be unlikeable but we need her, so I’ll bring her back in style. (The same will likely be true for future volumes.)
  • Continued storyline concerning the demonic sect that was discovered in the last two volumes.
    • Yuchi Bing Xia discovered traces of a demonic sect and sent out disciples to investigate who … returned with pretty much no clues. The discovery of this sect was planned for the original version of “Demonic Sect Spy” since this sect is related to the Hei Dian Sect but was cut for the most part (see previous point) with only some remnants managing to get in. This sect will play a big role for the story of Xin Lan and Xiang Yu later on though so I will be adding it back in (at least partly).
  • Added parts about alchemy.
    • Even in the original version, Jing Yi enters the alchemy division of the Hei Dian Sect for his investigation. You see him engage in that for about two chapters and then it stops. Well, in the revised version, while you likely won’t get a crash course on the alchemy (actually: refinement as it is called in the later volumes but I was a dumbass and forgot that I wanted to change that when I reached the revision of this volume) of the OMF universe, there will at least be a bit more content regarding Jing Yi’s growth in that direction and maybe we’ll take a glimpse at some basic principles.
    • I think that while this change is not as important as the others, it has three benefits: For one, it adds to Jing Yi’s character growth (since he gains some sort of strength which he wants to use for Qiu Ling’s benefit) and also sets him apart from Jing He because while Jing He is knowledgable about plants, he is not a refiner. Second, alchemy/refinement plays a role several times in the series (the first time when the Amethyst Lightning Pill is prepared and later on refined and then also when Ma Zhi Wu/Mao Xun needs to be healed) and with Jinde, Nian Hong Fang, and Zheng Yin, we also have some prominent refiners among the cast. Thus, it makes sense to give this an at least slightly bigger venue. Third, as I mentioned previously, Jing Yi’s investigation fell flat. I want to change that in the revision which him being more involved in the alchemy division will help with.
  • Expansion on Jing Yi’s investigation of the Hei Dian Sect.
    • As I mentioned (several times …) before, I want to expand on Jing Yi’s actual task in this volume: Investigating the missing disciples Hong Bao and Hong Ai and the secret plot of the evil side over at the Hei Dian Sect. This change is the one that will tie the others together: Jing Yi’s investigation will likely focus on (some silly) conversations with Hong Bao, as well as his studies in the alchemy division, and will finally lead (closer) to the secret demonic sect. I hope that with this change, not only will the volume seem more rounded, but it’ll help with Jing Yi’s continued growth and the discovery of some underlying secrets of the story.

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